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3hr Raws = success for IWC

Everyone says 3 hours is killing them, but the 2 hour shows would just be a disaster now. 3 hours alows them to give more mid-carders and the tag teams more air time. A two hour Raw right now would break down like this:

- AJ Lee stuff
- Cena
- WWE Championship
- Sheamus and Big Show
- AJ Lee
- Miz TV
- Cena
- WWE Championship
- AJ Lee and Cena

While a 3 hour raw gives a significant chance for a high quality match, including more story lines for the midcard talent
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Re: 3hr raws = success for IWC

I agree. I have liked the show a lot more since it went to 3 hours, though admittedly it makes the bad shows that much more painful.
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Re: 3hr Raws = success for IWC

It would make sense for it to be two hours ; and for Smackdown to stay the fuck on their own show. Seriously, two world champions appearing on one show makes NO SENSE. Either unify the damn belts or strengthen the damn Brand Extension.

The only reason they do so many recaps and AJ/Cena bullshit now is because they NEED to fill up the 3 hours, and since Punk was out, this was the best they came up with unfortunately.

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Re: 3hr Raws = success for IWC

3 hours has given them the opportunity to highlight the US titel on a weekly basis, to re focus on the tag division, and even the diva's matches are somewhat longer. They had some issues getting into the groove first few weeks but I like what they're doing now, and there's still room for improvement as well.

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Re: 3hr Raws = success for IWC

And dont forget about good wrestling matches now with 10-15mins time, didnt saw this that often while raw was two hours. of course it is a pain in the as if the show is terrible, but I like to be enjoyd for three hours instead of two. and with rtwm coming it is good for the mid card to have an extra hour. remembering last years rtwm it was all about cena/rock, hhh/taker and a little bit of y2j/punk. now there is a chance that all the matches get a proper promo time.
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Re: 3hr Raws = success for IWC

Ever since RAW has been going 3 hours weekly, I've only sat through an entire RAW start to finish once or twice not counting the RAW 1000th episode. I've gotten by through going to YouTube the next day and skimming through an entire RAW in about half an hour at most.

I can't be the only one whose made this change.

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Re: 3hr Raws = success for IWC

All the good stuff you can fit in 2 hours, no point in going to 3. Plus it hurts the ratings, which I don't care about but I figure WWE does, so the change makes no sense.
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Re: 3hr Raws = success for IWC

Let's take all these people with different views on wrestling and group them into one category, IWC~!!!!!

Nah, it hasn't really helped my enjoyment. I usually skip a bunch of stuff now other than Punk, Bryan, Kane, Zig, Cesaro, Kidd/Gabriel or tag team stuff. Although I'm starting to enjoy Miz more and more.

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Re: 3hr Raws = success for IWC

I've got no problem with the 3 hours, because as a fan I want more.

The problem I have is with the content of those 3 hours.
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Re: 3hr Raws = success for IWC

They can fit the good stuff into 2 hours . The extra hour is crap anyways .

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