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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: I hate WWE right now.

There seems to be a lot of people saying they think the Heel CM Punk is better than the Face when he turned and I have to totally disagree. I think this Heel Punk is very boring as he doesn't do anything exciting... just comes out and spouts crap with Heyman. I do thik CM Punk is actually better at being a Heel but just not this version. This version sucks. I think this could change if he eventually becomes the leader of the Shield or after his encounter with the Rock. But I got back interested in wrestling because of Face Punk.
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Re: I hate WWE right now.

Originally Posted by Berzerker's Beard View Post
Imagine watching pre-season sports year round. That's the WWE.
Yeah, same thing I said.

When you think about it, what has WWE ever really done? I know that's a preposterous statement as they're the most successful pro-wrestling company in history, publicly-traded & have made mega-millions. Obviously they have done a lot, been successful & changed the entire landscape of professional wrestling, not just in the United States but in the world.

Let's simplify it though:

In the 80's, Vince McMahon purged all of the talent from the territories, killing the territories in the process, then hit it big because cable TV took off. He was motivated. He had a goal & a direction. He wanted to be the only game in town, so to speak. His talent, all the best talent in the country, catapulted him to the forefront. Guys like Piper, Savage & Hogan. He was not content with just being a smoke-filled armory charging $5-$10 to see 'rasslin'. Because of Vince McMahon, pro-wrestling went mainstream. Wrestlers were on Johnny Carson, in movies, on the cover of Sports Illustrated, on cereal boxes, in commercials, they had toys, clothes, posters everything WWF branded. Wrestlemania 3, 90k people, the pinnacle of wrestling.

Then, there was a lull. I would say The Ultimate Warrior winning the WWF Title at Wrestlemania 6 is when things started to change. Hogan would get it back from Slaughter the next year but it wasn't really the same. By Wrestlemania 8, wrestling wasn't cool anymore. 1992-1996ish was bleh. That includes Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels & Diesel.

In the (late) 90's, Vince was fighting to stay in business. After the steroid trials & terrible drawing years, he was getting pummeled by WCW by the stars, Hulk Hogan, Razor Ramon & Diesel, that he created. He had to switch up his direction in order to compete as he was being passed by time. His product was dated & out-of-touch with society's wants. There was a fire under Vince's ass due to the Monday Night Wars but, again, it was the talent, Austin, Rock & Foley, that bailed him out. Not to mention all the mistakes that Nitro made & some luck & favorable circumstances going in the favor of WWF.

Since then, though? There is not another cable TV boom coming. There is not competition to light that fire. There is not the talent to make the general public stand up & pay attention. Since 2002ish they have been coasting. Vince doesn't seem to have that passion anymore. What more does he have to achieve? He beat out the territories. He beat out WCW. He's 67-years-old & doesn't have anything to prove anymore. He's been doing this for what, 30 years full-speed since acquiring WWF & 10 years of announcing & shit before that. So like 40 years? I think he's out-of-touch with modern times & that his creative fire is exhausted but he's too ego-driven & thick-headed to actually let a creative team take full reigns of his "baby" so he still has final say. Which just leads to a shoddy creative process.

There's not another WCW just waiting to rekindle the creative fire. TNA is never going to be competition. There is not another Hulk Hogan or Stone Cold in our lifetimes. A new André the Giant is not being born with pro-wrestling aspirations.

Bobby Heenan summed it up in his 2001 shoot. From the 2:18 mark in this video:

To paraphrase:
Originally Posted by Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
It's over, the business is over, wrestling is over. The magic is over. We've now taught the fans how we do tricks. Everyone knows it's not real. It's all entertainment & they don't know how to entertain anymore. There's people in the business now that aren't from the business. They retarded their own product.
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Re: I hate WWE right now.

It is getting rough to watch but theres always TNA and Chikara Pro, Japan, IWC and many others, Im a guy that just has love for the business so i will always support it but that is not one in the same with ALWAYS supporting WWE.

As for the Kane thing I have been saying for a while that they need to switch him back to the "big red machine" and have him just be a dominator chokeslammin guys left and right to build him up again.

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