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wow The Miz makes an awesome promo!

ok guys you were right, boring Antonio Cesaro won again by Neutralizing Great Khali. But after the match, The Miz makes a great, inspiring promo to unite All Americans.

The way The Miz closed his speech was flawless. Crowd was with him. And Useless Antonio Cesaro was so impressed, he smiled.

Miz vs Antonio Cesaro at WrestleMania please.

Watch The match and The Promo here:
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Re: wow The Miz makes an awesome promo!

not bad, wouldn't mind seeing them in a match could be a good little feud.

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Re: wow The Miz makes an awesome promo!

Hmm, If Miz takes on Antonio, I don't think he's gonna lose for sure. I mean Miz is going through a proper booking for once in a long time, but if Cesaro goes over, that should do him nothing but favors. Nice promo.

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Re: wow The Miz makes an awesome promo!

Easiest type of face promo that is a guaranteed way to get a good response.
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Re: wow The Miz makes an awesome promo!

"Useless" Cesaro is a better worker than 90% of the roster tho.

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Re: wow The Miz makes an awesome promo!

Well Miz is a great talker, so it's not such a ig surprise.


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Re: wow The Miz makes an awesome promo!

That promo was awesome.

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Re: wow The Miz makes an awesome promo!

I think alot of these midcard heels can benifit from working with Miz simply because he does have another level up when it comes to mic work. You not going to get much when its R-Truth talking about Little Jimmy or Kofi not saying anything of interest at all.
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Re: wow The Miz makes an awesome promo!

link please...?
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Re: wow The Miz makes an awesome promo!

That promo was fucking garbage,The only reason it got a reaction was because it was infront of an American audience and everybody knows when you start being all pro America you will get the "USA" chants.Any American superstar could have done that promo to Cesaro and gotten the same reaction from the American crowd.

Though Miz's promo wasn't even good it made me actually cringe.Euro trash? Really? How is Miz any different from the heel "Antonio Cesaro" insulting an entire nation by calling him "Euro trash" how the hell did Miz get away with that whilst being face? Also ALLOT and I mean ALLOT of countries like burgers,apple pie,watching sports in their living rooms "ever country fucking does that" and "sleeping in our own beds" What the actual fuck? You saying non american nations don't have people sleeping in their own beds? What is this fucking dogshit?

"There is no group of people tougher and more resilient than the people of the United States Of America-The Miz"

Just as I expected from a face Miz,Horrible pandering to the crowd and with him being Miz its just even more annoying than usual.I could make a better promo defending America whilst being high and I'm not even American.

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