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Re: Here comes another Cena heel turn thread

Originally Posted by LeaderOfM.D.R.S. View Post
-Needs big name faces that can legitimately challenge him (There's not one babyface that could do that)
It's better to have a monster heel than to have a super-face. That way you would actually have a reason to side with the face underdog. And a face win would actually be worth something.

Why do people want to cheer heels? Of course because it's 'cool'. But also because the heels are almost always the underdogs. The only face getting cheerd last year was Santino (during his US-title win and the EC). He got huge pops, just because he was the underdog. Sheamus got more cheers because Show was built as a real threat. Punk doesn't get any heat because he has Ryback AND Cena challenging him; and Ziggler gets cheered because he had to defend his MitB-briefcase twice, everybody knows that's just bullshit and even for a heel it's injustice (it would've made more sense for The Shield to come in during that match than every other match on RAW the next day).


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Re: Here comes another Cena heel turn thread

Originally Posted by SrsLii View Post
I don't understand why people say that. 90 percent of Cena's heat is because he is overpushed and painfully unfunny. That isn't going to change with a heel turn. He won't magically learn to wrestle. He still won't sell. Same old douche Cena. Assuming he will get cheers is asinine.
That's a stupid post because the guy is a great wrestler. And a heel Cena will get cheered. Heel Punk and heel Ziggler get cheered and he's got better mic skills, FAR more charisma, and is almost as good a worker as they are. You can't just ignore all the good matches Cena has had this year, last year, and every year before that and then say he can't wrestle. That's insanely ignorant.

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Re: Here comes another Cena heel turn thread

Originally Posted by itssoeasy23 View Post
Cena WILL NOT turn heel unless they have somebody that can fill in the top face spot.

The reason Stone Cold's heel turn only lasted less than a year was because The Rock wasn't as successful as a top face as they thought he would be. After the Alliance angle was over, Austin turned face again. Not to mention it was probably the biggest mistake the company ever made, because Austin was still a fan favorite when he turned heel. Sure, Cena isn't liked as nearly as much as Austin was, atleast by the older audience. But, turning Cena heel will only result in a flipped situation than what we have now. Instead of the younger audience supporting him while the older audience doesn't like him, it'll be the other way around. What's the use? Also add to the fact that WWE made over 480 million dollars in revenue last year, so the money's not a problem.

They shouldn't turn Cena heel just to do it, they need a reason. Right now, there is no reason. Just like how Austin's heel turn was made with no real reason and it was a big flop. And Cena still had many feuds he can have as a face. Punk again, Barrett again, Randy Orton again, Big Show again, Cesaro, Sandow, Ryback, any member of the Shield, Del Rio again, Daniel Bryan.
1)Older fans have more disposable income plus most older wrestling fans don't have kids. Cena would sell more merch as a heel i guarantee it.

2) the stuff about Rock is complete BS. Rock wasn't there for most of Austin's heel run. The alliance angle killed the companies ratings and ppv business.

3) almost all that revenue had fuck all to do with John Cena.

4) Austins heel turn was born out of a desire to do anything to get that title. Back then titles were sought after because it made you the man. Unlike Cena who goes after titles because he's john Cena.

5) Cena/Rock 2 and a future Taker match offer perfect opportunities to turn him.

6) Nobody wants rehashes of those feuds. Cena is done as a face just accept it.

You have your top guy as a monster heel and build 3 ME bayfaces off the back of that. It's not hard. Vince's mindset is archaic as fuck.


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Re: Here comes another Cena heel turn thread

Originally Posted by itssoeasy23 View Post
You see that I mentioned that Austin's heel turn was a flop. So, what makes you think Cena's might not be a flop to? If they turn him, "just to turn him," it could be a big mistake for the company. Just like how turning Austin was a big mistake for the company and he turned face again 7 months later because The Rock didn't work as a top face. Who's to say that they guy they choose to fill the top face spot won't be a failure? Sure, there's a risks that can be taken in wrestling, but why take it when there's no reason to.

Cena is loved by the younger audience and hated by a large portion of the older audience. If he was to turn heel I guarantee you, we should see the older audience on his side while the kids boo him. Were back to square one.

There's not losing substantial amount of money every year, their ratings are decent, their buyrates are decent, their attendance is good. So, business wise it makes no sense at all to turn Cena heel.

So, give me a logical reason was to why John Cena should turn heel. And don't give me the "he's boring, he's stale, he need's to change." Because to a large portion of the audience (the kids) that's not true. And you mention the feuds I proposed and how they are boring. Well, tell me what feuds he will have as a heel? And no, Tyson Kidd or Zack Ryder don't count.
So because Austin's heel turn was a flop, Cena's will be too? You see, the difference there is, Austin wasn't constantly booed at every arena like Cena is. Oh great, Cena is loved by the young and gullible audience, which means we can't mess with his character now! Which means kids will stop watching, right? Wrong, do I need to repeat myself with how you can just insert any credible face into his spot, and that will be the kids' new hero now? And the younger audience makes a small portion of the audience and income the WWE gets, despite what you and Vince think. And lol at their buy rates and attendance being good, you can't even admit that yourself, you have to use half ass words like "decent", guess you're satisfied with mediocrity.

Uh how about you give me your logical fuckin reason for keeping Cena face? I already gave my reasons in my previous post, it's not about turning him just to turn him. I already mentioned that they need new stars and more depth, you can't do that with just one guy running the show like a fuckin king. Build new faces with a monster heel, even the so called "king of burials" aka Triple H with his mighty "shovel" was able to build new stars with his heel run. And how is Cena being boring and stale not a good reason? Jesus Christ, you really are satisfied with mediocrity aren't you?

Wow, you are really trying hard to keep Cena face with naming jobbers like Tyson Kidd and Zack Ryder? Well feuds you can have with Cena are:

Shaemus (it hasn't happened with him as a face)
Ryback (that would be Vince's wet dream)
Randy Orton (if he remains face)
The Rock (the only time they should have Cena go over face Rock)
CM Punk (only IF you turn Punk face)
Dolph Ziggler (only if her turns face as well)
Undertaker (would be a great way to give him heat. I would even agree with Cena killing the streak)

These face vs heel feuds for Cena are something we haven't seen before. And lastly, after Roman Reigns is built up, he can be a bad ass face eventually and take on Cena. Roman Reigns' future looks promising, and the IWC isn't the only ones sold on him. Triple H is pretty sold on him, and being the Rock's cousin doesn't hurt either.

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Re: Here comes another Cena heel turn thread

Smarks and IWC is part of the problem. No doubt smark crouwds are live as fuck but it ruins any chance of anyone to be taken seriously as a Face or Heel when they boo the face and cheer for the heel. So its obvious that Cena would get cheered as a heel and would prob end up being this boards favorite wrestler.

This brand split garbage needs to end or make Raw & Smackdown rivals again. Having 2 champions is pointless right now without a rivalry. How could you build up a strong face threat to a heel Cena when half of the faces are on a show no one cares about. 1 possible way to get Sheamus into the superFace category is to have a unification match between either the Rock or Punk w/ him going over. But what are really the chances of that happening... slim/none right?

Until the entire nature of the WWE changes from smarks/IWC to how the company does its storylines, it'll be the same old same. Cena will be stale until there is some character change, and a heel turn isn't the answer for reasons above.
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Re: Here comes another Cena heel turn thread

Originally Posted by heelguy95 View Post
You don't need to be new here in order to have the common fucking sense that this topic has already been brought up in a million threads and expanded so much that you could wrap it around earth a gillion times. So why couldn't you let out emotions some where other than here? People have already agreed a millions times, do you want them to agree for the millionth and one time just to satisfy your little emotional breakdown? Your thread has been destroyed, just like the past 999,999 threads, you're welcome.
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Re: Here comes another Cena heel turn thread

It WILL happen. Hell...Hulk Hogan turned.
Hogan turned when both the crowd and merchandise turned. Cena has long since lost the crowd, but he's still a cash cow merchandise-wise. Hogan is the first to admit - he and Bischoff had no recourse.
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Re: Here comes another Cena heel turn thread

Cena wins the 2013 RR as the #1 entrant

Rock beats Punk for the WWE Title at RR

at mania Cena beats Rock for the belt with AJ Lee's help and both Cena and AJ turn heel

It will make the montreal screwjob look like a joke!

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Originally Posted by Avon Barksdale View Post
Who the fuck wants to see him face the same guys again? Cesaro? Sandow? Del Rio? Wow, you must be into boring feuds. lol lets not pretend like Cena is a super draw now, I don't see him breaking attendance records (don't bring up wrestlemania, that was The Rock's drawing power), ppv buys, and boosting the ratings. Wow he sales toys and shirts to kids, those damn things always sell, just insert Shaemus (cant stand him either) and you'd get the same results, kids are stupid and gullible.

Cena is the tallest of midgets right now, that doesn't in any way make him a "top draw", he's just their only draw right now.
This is what I meant about inserting any other face in that role. It can be done if they force it onto kids.

Originally Posted by Lee_oh_Lee View Post
Everyone has freedom to post whatever they want if you don't like it, go read somewhere else


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Re: Here comes another Cena heel turn thread

I know alot of you may hate this, but I feel that the only way Cena can turn heel and have the majority of the fanbase boo him is to end the streak.

Cena turning heel on anyone else but The Undertaker will not work in my opinion. If Cena does face Rock at Mania 29 through dirty tactics he is going to be cheered by at least 50 percent of the fanbase because he did not really take anything from the smarks. Cena takes away the streak, that is something entirely different. That is something the smarks hold dear. Get what I'm saying?

If Cena turns heel on anyone else, the kids might turn with him (which would be pretty cool to see actually. Kids giving smarks a taste of their own medicine would be awesome).

Have Cena defeat Taker at Mania 30, leave for at least three weeks, come back on an episode of Raw to cut an epic heel promo before challenging the current champion at the next pay per view. Heel Cena should not wrestle more than twice a month, the pay per views and one Raw match. The other three Raws will consist of him cutting promos building up his pay per view match. Cena should have a list of people he wants to go through during his reign of terror. The first man will be HHH, since it was at Mania 22 where Cena really started to get booed by those who still disrespect him.
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