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Let's go Ziggler!! Ziggler sucks!!

first thing first, i like sheamus, he's pretty good in the ring and can put solid matches with anyone except del rio and while his promos are often cheesy i like when he start telling old family stories...with that being said i've got the impression that ziggler keeps outpoping him

before his money in the bank match, during their feud, the crowd was rooting for ziggler, after his MitB win during many sheamus matches i heard the crow chanting "We want Ziggler" and during their match, this week on Raw, sheamus was not even a factor crowd went "let's go Ziggler, Ziggler sucks"

so what i want to know is... is ziggler over? or is just sheamus not over enough for a top babyface? or am i hearing things?

(as always i'd like to remind you that i'm italian so probably i've brutaly raped the english language with this post... sorry for that)
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Re: Let's go Ziggler!! Ziggler sucks!!

Ziggler is over with a vocal minority of smarks, and has been getting chants from the smarkier crowds for a few months now. Mind you, when I say "crowds", it's probably something like a couple hundred out of the entire arena, but you get my point.

And your question about Sheamus is pretty bang-on. I don't think he's over enough for a top babyface - not for a guy they've seemingly pushed harder than Cena for the past year.

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Re: Let's go Ziggler!! Ziggler sucks!!

As soon as he turns face he will start getting booed
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Re: Let's go Ziggler!! Ziggler sucks!!

Ziggler is over and Sheamus isn't over enough for a top babyface.
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Re: Let's go Ziggler!! Ziggler sucks!!

Sheamus is awful as a face and is one of the worst guys in WWE on the mic.
Ive noticed recently that Ziggler is getting the biggest pops in WWE almost, mainly because they recognise it is now his time and he is great in the ring and things like that cant go unnoticed. There is only so long before a heel will eventually turn them selves tweener or face. Ziggler is great in the ring and there is only so much time before people will get tired of watching him put on a great match but then lose every time.

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I honestly think the beat wrestlers are the most polarizing wrestlers. When you have a crowd screaming their lungs out just so you'll look in their direction, you've made it. When the crowd is wishing you would get beat to a bloody pulp, you've made it. When you have both groups, your golden!
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Re: Let's go Ziggler!! Ziggler sucks!!

Ziggler is too good for people not to react. He's had the wrestling fan for a long time now, but he's actually starting to not only get reactions from casuals, but many are actually starting to get behind him and not boo him. He's finally been given time to showcase how good he is against top talent, given some wins, and more and more mic work. I really really hope he beast Cena Sunday. We might finally be getting a true new star in the ME scene.

Thanks for the wonderful memories Ultimate Warrior... happy you got to be recognised as the legend you are before you went. Rest in peace
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Re: Let's go Ziggler!! Ziggler sucks!!

Lawler:What are you guys talking about those "Let's Go Ziggler" chants were obviously "Let's Go Sheamus" chants

In all seriousness,Dolph Ziggler's given fans a reason to care about him--his in-ring abiity, his ability to make other wrestlers/matches look good with his impeccable selling and his solid-good mice work has made crowds react. I hope he keeps it up.

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Re: Let's go Ziggler!! Ziggler sucks!!

Ziggler is a future G.O.A.T

Ok maybe not, but the guy is great for the standards of the modern era. Ring, mic skills and has a decent look. As for being over, amongst smarks. Although I did lol when the majority of the crowd were chanting for him over Sheamus that night. Sheamus was getting great pops amongst the "Cena crowd" during 2011, that seems to have declined somewhat.

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you guys are losers, i cant believe you actually watch wrestling

i just sit at home and watch the tickets being sold off the ticketmaster website to see whos drawing

sometimes if the show is in town, i feel extra daring and go to the arena and watch them sell tickets IN PERSON

other day i started jerking off in the ticket both at all that DRAWING and had to be escorted out of the arena
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Re: Let's go Ziggler!! Ziggler sucks!!

This is a good news for Ziggler, getting more and more over all the time.

Although why would anyone cheer Sheamus over him anyway? Sheamus is such a dislikeable character.

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