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Re: How would you repackage Ted DiBiase?

I don't know that people care enough to see him in the ring. You have to give him a non-wrestling role first, so that people will grow to hate him, and thus want to see him get his ass kicked in the ring. First, and foremost I don't think he should stay away from the rich gimmick. As a matter of fact he should first have in which he is suddenly hurt. Carried out, and taken out of the arena in an ambulance. Have the injury seem legit, and work it as much as you can. DiBiase's have a history of injuries in their family. Once Teddy returns, it's with a whole new out look on life.

He says that he is now forced to retire from professional wrestling, and he says not one fan ever asked once if he thought he would ever come back. Teddy claims that he doesn't have to wrestle, and that his life is that of one who does not have to work. DiBiase claims that he only worked in this business to please his father, and it wound up breaking his neck. Have Teddy say that he sued his father, and won in court. Teddy Jr says that he was able to take everything away from his father like candy from a baby. Now he says that his father is homeless, and makes less money than Virgil.

In order to keep tradition of his father. Teddy would purchase NXT, and then fire Dusty Rhodes as GM. He says that his father may have been responsible for bringing in The Undertaker, and Austin. However, he plans to offer more than his father ever could to this business, and that's providing a whole roster of talent for the future. The whole point is to place Teddy on the same path as his father, but greater. He keeps the Millionaire lifestyle, and takes credit for offering the WWE the best talent in the world with NXT. A non-wrestling role in NXT as it's CEO would be great. I could see him finding another GM, perhaps himself.
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Re: How would you repackage Ted DiBiase?

HA...I wouldn't. Well, only as mid-card jobber fodder.
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Re: How would you repackage Ted DiBiase?

Idk if its been said but I'd have his dsd "disown" him so he wont be rich. That'll change his look, entrance music and everything about him. Have him be more ruthless and become a mercenary, taking out ppl for money. A beard would help him plenty lol.

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Re: How would you repackage Ted DiBiase?

Throw him with Alberto Del Rio, as an easily excitable yet smug sidekick. He and ADR could pay off people to help them achievement success / win matches. With his / their slogan being "Money Talks."
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Re: How would you repackage Ted DiBiase?

I would fire his boring ass. He's the most useless person on the roster
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Re: How would you repackage Ted DiBiase?

At this point I'd turn him heel and either throw him into a tag team with Michael McGillicutty or have him hire Tensai as his bodyguard (and possibly changing Tensai's gimmick back to Albert or A-Train in the process).
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Re: How would you repackage Ted DiBiase?

Man, this guy went from legacy, to Million Dollar Kid, to Posse guy. I am sure WWE initially thought he would be the breakout star from legacy, but the gimmicks are not working. At this stage perhaps they need to turn him heel, and perhaps try a new gimmick once again. The rich gimmicks are getting kinda old IMO, or it's probably because WWE doesn't seem to know how to do rich gimmicks. How about make a story where Dibiase becomes broke and make him the complete opposite of what he was, he would be the shows homeless guy. I personally don't care at all about Dibiase, but he is still apparently in WWE so they might as well try something with him lol.

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Re: How would you repackage Ted DiBiase?

In a cheap little cardboard box with the note "return to sender" on top.
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Re: How would you repackage Ted DiBiase?

Give him a Patrick Bateman gimmick.

Originally Posted by wowjames View Post
x78 is a one note gimmick don't engage him.
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Re: How would you repackage Ted DiBiase?

how about this: have him by the first guy that runs in to every time some one like the shield attacks. Have him get beat mercilessly at every run in. Have him come in the ring with a cast on his arm and start beating heels with it. This way you get him over with the crowd, You don't have to put in matches right away. and then you have a group of ready made opponents afte the second week or so.

He has had several injuries the last year or so, that is why he hasn;t been on TV.
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