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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

Have his dad buy him the MITB breifcase off Dolph Ziggler.
Have The rock beat punk and then have end of the match Punk goes to shake rocks hand and GTS's the rock

ted dibiase jr walks out cashes in and becomes world champion. have him hold the title for over a year by always getting counted out dq'd etc...

Instantly most hated man in pro wrestling

That is probably the only way to get anyone to give a shit about Ted diabase jr because the guy is boring and as bland as fuck.

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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

He should be repackaged as a spoilt brat who lost millions and now becomes a janitor. He slowly gains his wealth back through deception:

1. Conning 3MB with empty promises to get a recording contract
2. Brokering a plastic surgery for Tamina but eventually she realizes she is cheated
3. Convincing Fandango to dance at Albert Hall but in the end DiBiase steals Fandango's down payment money

With the money he gets, he bribes Vickie for the IC title. In the meantime he keeps on conning people. And the money he gets is for bribing Vickie and the board of directors in his favor (for making title defense as a triple threat or fatal four way). He will do that until he wins the WWE title, through corruption.
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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

Yeah, give him a bankrupt gimmick!
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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

I'd play on his status as a supposed millionaire playboys son, and have him as a super obnoxious Scott Disick style asshole. He'd talk down to people horrendously. He'd form a group called the Millionaire's Club, where he, ADR and JBL build an entourage of staff and hengers on around them. He could reintroduce the Million Dollar title or attempt to buy the championship, like his Dad. Basically, all he has going for him is his heritage.
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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

I would just 'package' him.

Seriously, he's long forgotten by the fans. He's just another Alex Riley. There's no room in the roster for him anyway, in a non-jobber, promising position that is.

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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

What with this thread he started to wrestle again? I don't even remember the last time I watched him xD

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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

Repackage him? I'd release him. They gave him endless chances to get over.. using the Million Dollar Man gimmick, brought his dad into the angle, gave him the Million dollar belt, gave him the hottest bitchin wrestling (Maryse) and even brought Virgil back and nothing worked.

He wouldve been released a while ago if he wasn't 2nd generation wrestler. re-packaging him again is insulting to all the talented guys who never get a fair shot in the first place, this guy gets unlimited shots just because of who his father is. WWE = nepotism.
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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

The only thing I can think of is him feuding with a heel Orton and winning.
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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

Originally Posted by WTF352 View Post
Make him go bankrupt and turn him into a sick and twisted homeless guy.
That actually would be interesting to see.

Thank you Edge.

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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

Have his Dad come out and pretty much cut him off. Says he will continue the funds once he can prove himself. Ted then goes on a tear, winning cleanly all over the place. Start out with guys like Santino but work up towards a Orton or Barrett type win. Finally Ted takes the IC title off of Kofi. Have him be a fan favorite the entire time. His dad will tempt him with different situations like throwing in a chair as the ref is down, etc.

Ted will win the IC title. The next night on RAW, his dad talks about how proud he is and hands him a briefcase with his portion of the DiBiase empire to do what he wants. At that point, Ted just snaps and takes down his Dad. After that, he turns into a JBL type guy. Has the money. Has the lackeys. And goes after Cena because he can't stand how he is. Eventually Ted beats Cena to own his rights. Ted then wins the World Title when he forces Cena to wrestle on his behalf.

Eventually this works into a Cena vs. Ted match. If Ted wins, Cena can't receive a title shot ever again against Ted. If Cena wins, Ted releases him of his services. Cena wins by DQ or Count Out but Ted looks dominate in the match. Cena gets one more shot and can't beat him again. Ted then carries the title for roughly a year before losing it to the hottest star in the business not named Cena.

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