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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

Badass gimmick, I guess, but he doesn't really need much change. He's a great worker, just push him.

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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

I would have him come to the main programming, put in comical efforts to gain attention of the GM after cutting a promo about assuring his dad and the crowd that he will become the world champion within a year and get a chance to prove himself where he fails each time slowly tripping over the edge moving from comedy act to serious one.

Finally after a three four months when people get tired of him, make him come out and cut a promo where he gives up failing to make a name for himself, apologize to his dad who comes out and berates him, possibly disowns him and he goes off tv for another couple of months with the story kept alive by commentary.

After the couple of months, he starts appearing in the crowd with a makeover, no mic, no gimmick, no music with the commentary playing up him taking some mma or going psychotic based on which, he will start destroying opponents shoot/hardcore style all the way up starting with interrupting matches to getting into matches and finally to the title shot exactly after an year when he said he would become the champion.

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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

I wouldn't. I would actually have him start doing the tailgate parties again. Use the parties as a backdrop for backstage segments, with Ted as a mediator between faces and heels, similar to what Miz is doing with MizTV.
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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

Ted Dibiase, Richie Steamboat, Bo Dallas... They are so boring. But for their fathers, they wouldn't be in the WWE today.
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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

@cm reggae I think Ravens character was homeless.
I think the broke millionaire is a good storyline.
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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

Change his theme and start things off by making him the guy who wants to be a self made man. Give him a few low profile wins for a few weeks before having Del Rio snide DiBiase backstage for not wanting to take advantage of his fathers fortune or whatever. Del Rio is still a heel and has a feud of his own with others, but his interactions with DiBiase backstage are more or less passive aggressive <= not intended.

Anyways, Del Rio basically wants DiBiase to prove that he's a self made man, so Del Rio will throw weekly challenges of sorts against DiBiase that are usually going to be handicapped against him (Del Rio becomes his unofficial booker for unexplained reasons, but that should be the norm for the WWE).

Since Del Rio will probably lose whatever feud he is in, he will get frustrated and it might cross over to his mini-feud with DiBiase, before they ultimately fight with DiBiase on top.

Okay so "self made man" isn't really a gimmick and DiBiase is still in the lower/midcard at this point, but this was just a random 2 minute idea on how to put him back on the radar and get the audience behind him a bit. With three hour RAWs, I doubt this would take that much time away, so even though its gonna be a project, its not like he's heavily featured. He can still do his tailgate parties and etc, but after this, he'll probably have to evolve some to progress pass a US title reign.

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Bring him back with his dad managing him as a face and have him go after each title

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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

Honestly, they didn't need to repackage him at like 3 years ago. That night that he stood up to Orton, he had the entire arena chanting for him. ThT wa the perfect opportunity to tuen him face (or at least start buildig up to that). But instead they turned him back into Legacy lackey #2. Wasted opportunity by WWE.

He is actually a guy who doesn't need a gimmick. He would actually fit well into thatcookie cutter clean cut type of guy. They just need to book him correctly.


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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

Is that Ned Titiasey in the Impact Zone? :jesse
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Re: How would you Re Package Ted Dibiase?

turn him into a manager for 3MB
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