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Re: Is Ziggler just glorified jobber of WWE?

I'd love to see Dolph win more, but regardless, he goes out there and he entertains me in promos and matches. That, to me, is what wrestling is about. He does his job very well, in my opinion. If others don't like him or think he's a glorified jobber, why should I care? He's entertaining. Why are we all bickering because the WWE has failed miserably at booking him for so long? That's not Dolph's fault. Guarantee that if he got Cena treatment, we'd all look at Dolph very differently. But that's not the case-Dolph career has been full of stupid booking decisions. So why is it a surprise that some people have trouble buying him as a main eventer?

Pro wrestling is very simple-it ALL comes down to booking. You can be Dean Malenko in ring, but if you get a Jinder Mahal push, you are going nowhere. Conversely, guys like Khali, Hogan and Andre, all terrible workers (and fuck off anyone bringing up Hogan's work in Japan, it wasn't that great), have been successful because the Fed got behind them and gave them serious pushes and posed them as stars. Its all in the presentation. Again, why are we arguing over a subject like this? Is Ziggler just a glorified jobber? Who cares, the Fed has their own agenda and will do with him what they want. What I care about is if he entertains me, and he does. It'd be nice to see him get the success I feel he deserves, but that's all subjective.

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Re: Is Ziggler just glorified jobber of WWE?

It's not all booking, if you put a Ferrari motor on a Lada, it won't suit. Take Del Rio for example, he drives supercars and received an unbelievable push to the main event, except that he is just a good coupé, so the mayonnaise didn't take...
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Re: Is Ziggler just glorified jobber of WWE?

Zigglers the shit,just like what he said in an interview,if he were 6 foot 5 he'd defianantlly be the face of the franchise. Cant wait till he gets that much deserved world title run

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Re: Is Ziggler just glorified jobber of WWE?

I'm a fan of his but most of my memories consist of him jobbing 80% of the time. But after TLC he's be going on a huge winning streak.

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Re: Is Ziggler just glorified jobber of WWE?

He was jobber of the year until he beat....damn..oh yeah, til he beat Jericho on Raw. Then he pretty much balanced out, hell, some might say he's been given a "Push". He's doing okay if you ask me
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Re: Is Ziggler just glorified jobber of WWE?

Yeah, I don't get what people are saying when the write "when he gets pushed..."

This IS Ziggler's push and we have been in the midst of this push for almost 6 months. He'll win the title, have it for 2 months max, drop it, and be back to being a midcard guy with the occasional world title match when they need him.
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Re: Is Ziggler just glorified jobber of WWE?

I like Ziggler alot. I think he is very talented and he sells amazingly. He is good all round wrestler and has put on some good matches thus far. He is ok on the mic though and thats his problem. Has he really improved on the mic or is he just getting more time that causes that illusion? I cant see him doing really stellar promos simply because he is not that charismatic. On the mic he just does not really get you pumped like SCSA, Rock, Macho Man, Flair did. Even Cena and Punk are way more entertaining on the mic. He is one of my favs ATM but i cant see him being the face of the company ahead of Cena, Punk and Orton when he gets back in the main event scene. I wouldnt call him a jobber though but i dont think WWE will put the same faith in him that they placed in Punk.
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Re: Is Ziggler just glorified jobber of WWE?

Dolph should be a face. He'd be an epic face in peril. He sells like no one else, that's what necessary for that role. His offense is also better suited for faces. Its not aggressive, you don't get the idea that Dolph is beating a man's ass. I'm a fan though but the E is trying to force a face to play heel. He's coming around but it seems like he'd be successful by now if he'd turned face during his "new" Dolph Ziggler run.
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Re: Is Ziggler just glorified jobber of WWE?

ziggler = next michaels

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Re: Is Ziggler just glorified jobber of WWE?

So much Ziggler hate. Absolutely no reason for it.

He DOES have charisma and he IS good on the mic. If you believe otherwise, your a blind hater who wants to feel like he's different.

More importantly, he is definitely the most entertaining person to watch in the ring. Not saying he is the best in the ring, just the most entertaining to watch. Then again, apparently there are quite a few people on this forum who don't like the wrestling aspect of Professional Wrestling, which baffles me.
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