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Re: Is Ziggler just glorified jobber of WWE?

Some morons just require no reason to start complaining.

Dolph has had a much better build up than the last 4/5 years of MITB winners, be happy. He was the Sole Survivor and beat Orton clean twice in a row, also beating a freshly turned-face Miz in the same week. Then he put up a fight against Cena no one would have ever expected him too, and will probably win against Cena at TLC. Seems like you're the one who's complaining for no reason over here because if anything Ziggler has been improving over the last few weeks when it comes to strong booking. Not everyone requires 'winning' every single match to get over. That is an idiotic idea of a push that people on the IWC have come up with. Drew McIntyre was winning matches for a year after he lost his IC title, where did it get him?

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Re: Is Ziggler just glorified jobber of WWE?

Originally Posted by Ziggler Claus View Post
so much blind marking going on here from both sides of the argument.

Fuck you over-zealous Ziggler marks who get all defensive when someone questions his abilities. And fuck you guys who think Ziggler cant do anything noteworthy.

Bottom line is this. Ziggler is an incredibly talented in-ring performer, who is very good at what he does. As for his "charisma", he isnt on the same level as a guy like HBK or the Rock at all. He does, however, possess the ability to hold his own on the mic.
Except he has already done it on the mic. Where were you the last fucking weeks?

Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler will likely be splitting up for good soon. Despite recent losses, WWE officials remain high on Ziggler as hes the total package of work, charisma and his promos have gone up a level over the last month.
Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter
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Re: Is Ziggler just glorified jobber of WWE?

I don't like Ziggler and I don't mean that in a heel way I mean it in a 'oh this guy again who clearly doesn't have the look or charisma' way.
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Re: Is Ziggler just glorified jobber of WWE?

Originally Posted by Contrarian View Post
Is he? I like him but all he ever does is lose, lose and lose. What's the point of having him as the MITB winner?
you mean the new jericho? jobber to the stars?
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Re: Is Ziggler just glorified jobber of WWE?

No of course he isn't.

Being a 'jobber' is more than just losing matches. It's about being presented as an out-and-out waste of space; an enhancement talent; an easily escapable trap; a non-entity. Tensai is a glorified jobber. Brooklyn Brawler was a glorified jobber. Freddie Joe Floyd was a glorified jobber (look him up). Ziggler is in one of the big current WWE storylines (well, of what storylines there actually ARE so just him being involved in one is a feat) and is facing the main guy at the next PPV.

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Re: Is Ziggler just glorified jobber of WWE?

He's no jobber but I don't think he'll ever be a mainstay in the main event. Ziggler is a great wrestler and is probably the best seller in the WWE right now, but he just doesn't have the mic work or charisma to get over too much... yet, at least. Granted his promos aren't bad and he can hold his own surprisingly well, but they really aren't anything special either.

Based on his booking he seems destined to be one of those mid-upper-mid carders who roam around the card as necessary. Credible enough to help boost others and increase the prestige of a title, but not enough to hang around the big guys for too long at a time. Same goes with Jericho, Christian, Big Show, and Kane. They'll float around the tag division then the mid card and then the main event for filler as needed but they never seem to get a firm footing up there.

Yes, Ziggler is fighting Cena right now but let's be real: an 'injured' Cena just beat him after he cheated last week. They aren't made out to be even remotely on the same level: it is just Cena in a filler feud with a midcarder. The main storyline isn't even about those two so much as it is about Cena/AJ/Vickie. While he may win at TLC it really wouldn't surprise me if he loses just so Cena can cash in the MITB and we can get another Cena/Rock match at the Rumble or shortly after. As of right now I don't see any room for Ziggler to cash in. He sure as hell won't get involved in CM Punk/Ryback/Rock so what does that leave? Cashing in and feuding with Seamus over on Smackdown? I find it more likely Ryback will be fighting for the WHC at WM and in that case it'd make far more sense for him to fight Big Show and not Ziggler. That leaves him to either fail the cash-in or to have a quick 1-week style reign. I'm just not sure I'm seeing it.
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Re: Is Ziggler just glorified jobber of WWE?

Originally Posted by Choke2Death View Post
More like Billy Gunn. A career midcarder but with little to no charisma.
According to you no one has charisma .
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Re: Is Ziggler just glorified jobber of WWE?

Maybe it's just me but it seems like he's winning alot lately, other than against Cena. Didn't he beat Orton, Miz, and Jericho recently
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Re: Is Ziggler just glorified jobber of WWE?

Midcard 4 life and occasional main event filler/jobber.
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Re: Is Ziggler just glorified jobber of WWE?

It's tough to say where Ziggler will go, but I honestly think they're only giving him the MITB-WHC push because they had little other options at the time. He's not a full-fledged jobber, no, but he is the new cocky vanilla midget heel who no one takes seriously, and casuals don't care about. So basically he's like Jericho. Great in the ring, and can cut a good promo, but just doesn't have "IT" to be one of the top players. Ziggler is an upper midcarder. They throw him a bone every once in a while, but even when they do, he rarely if ever looks credible. He has to get a cheap ass roll-up pin on Orton, cheat against Miz, and he will beat Cena, but not clean. And the only reason he has done all of this lately is because he's nearing his WHC run. He's closing in on the title, so they are trying to slap some victories on him for the sake of having SOME credibility. Before the last week or so, he was still jobbing to people. He cannot beat Sheamus to save his life. And in tag matches, he's ALWAYS the guy who gets pinned and loses for the heels. Even Del Rio is protected more. These two have teamed up how many times, only for Ziggler to eat the pin so Del Rio doesn't look bad.

I foresee his WHC run being very much like Daniel Bryan's was last year when he won. He'll be nothing but a paper champion who wins his matches but in the most cheap, fluky, unbelievable way possible, and will likely get destroyed at Wrestlemania if he holds it that long. The Miz was right when he said all Ziggler does is lose. And sadly, that's probably all Ziggler will do, but that's just the way things are anymore if you're a midget heel. From his looks, to his goofy name, to his lame finisher, to his ridiculous bumps, he just doesn't have the air of a main eventer. He screams midcarder louder than he screams "I'm so damn sick!"

Not saying he isn't talented though. He's had a few matches this year that were top notch, but as we all know the meatheads get priority over the ones with actual talent. And even then, I think his overall in-ring abilities far outshine any of his other qualities. He can cut a solid promo, but he's nothing special. And as far as charisma, I'm still not seeing where he's so great. I've seen WWE Download. It's the same as all of those other shitty viral video shows on TV and on the net, except Ziggler is probably even less funny of a host. And that says something, because I hate this type of stuff with a vengeance. I've never found him particularly funny on Twitter either.

That said, I can see why people like even if he's not my cup of tea, and I would rather see him as a top guy than certain others. I'm no Ziggler mark, but I don't really hate him either.

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