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Re: How to make Raw better??

Ohh look more cena heel posts
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Re: How to make Raw better??

Just have D Bry wrestle 60 minute iron man matches with a different wrestler on the roster for one of the three hours
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Re: How to make Raw better??

O/P, your ideas are shit!

The WWE needs to give the audience/fans better pay offs.

It's just that simple.

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Re: How to make Raw better??

Lil Jimmy is real?

Start the show off with something simple, but something that the fans are aware of. How about R-Truth telling the WWE Universe that lil Jimmy is here live at Raw, and he is going to introduce him to the WWE fans live tonight. Granted most people don't care for R-Truth, and I think this is something that may get some people to keep watching. Obviously, the commentators, and others backstage will all think R-Truth is crazy. As a matter of fact we all think R-Truth is crazy especially since this lil Jimmy thing started. R-Truth catches up with an old friend, The Miz. Miz tells him to let it go, it's getting old, and that he is his friend, and that if he needs someone to talk to The Miz is here.

R-Truth looks pissed. He can't believe that The Miz doesn't believe him. R-Truth tells Miz to book him as his guest tonight because lil Jimmy is going to debut on the most must see show on Raw, MizTv. The Miz looks shocked, and tells him fine he will see those two out there later tonight. At some point later in the night on MizTv R-Truth comes out by himself. Miz immediately wants to know where lil Jimmy is. Truth tells him that he gets his own introduction. Music hits, and those that are familiar with Big E Langston's theme from NXT, that's what starts playing. Out comes Big E. Langston.

What happens is that R-Truth how he knows Big E. Langston. He says they grew up together, and that his nickname when they were kids was lil Jimmy. R-Truth says that he ain't little anymore. Hands the mic to Big E. Langston. He tells us that his real name is James E Langston, but everyone just calls him "Big E". He explains that R-Truth was his closest friend, and kept him from being bullied everyday at school. He says that R-Truth is an inspiration as well, saying that he helped him get to the WWE, which was a dream of his when he was younger. Big E says he watched Raw, and saw how the people thought Truth was crazy making lil Jimmy up, and says that he thinks we all owe R-Truth an apology.

R-Truth looks to the crowd, and begins to speaking to The Miz. He tells Miz that for months now he has been ridiculed, made fun of, and disrespected. R-Truth says that Big E. Langston is here to put an end to all that nonsense. The Miz looks confused, and is nailed by a devastating blow from Big E. Both R-Truth, and Langston begin pummeling The Miz. R-Truth has Langston put The Miz through a table, and destroys his whole set. They stand in the ring proud of what they have done, and walk off taunting fans. This is something that could possibly make some noise, but more importantly it's a story that makes sense. This gives R-Truth a shot in the arm to run with something that he started with this whole lil Jimmy thing.
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Re: How to make Raw better??

Barrett uses Voodoo

I have brought this up before, and so I will bring it up again. I think that the WWE should really take this Kofi Kingston vs Barrett feud to the next level. They just can't have matches with no substance. Right now that's all that they have done. There is nothing the WWE can do about Kingston just not having "it". However, Barrett does have "it", and I think he needs to prove to the wrestling world that he is not only potential to be a great "heel", but is cerebral, and will go to great lengths to prove his dominance. Incorporating "voodoo" may seem silly to you, but at least there is history of it in the WWE.

I think Wade should come down during Kofi's match, and interfere causing him to lose. Attack him, and then cut one of his dreads off. That alone is disrespectful, but little do we know what Wade is really up to. Barrett in a promo segment at the TLC PPV informs Kofi that he has no chance of walking out of TLC with the Intercontinental title. In essence Wade wins after Kofi some how manages to roll his ankle during the match which Wade is able to capitalize on. The following night on Raw Barrett is standing in the middle of the ring holding his new Intercontinental title. He tells the WWE fans that there is more to the eye here, and he is going to reveal that tonight.

Wade tells the fans that he has no regrets about what he had to do in order to obtain that title off of Kingston. Wade says that he wanted to spice things up a little bit, and decided to seek the help of a former WWE superstar. His name is Papa Shango. Barrett turns our attention to the big screen. We can see that Barrett is going deep in to what seems to be the swamps of Louisiana. Barrett explains to us that where he is going no man ever goes. Wade says that he is no normal man, and that it takes a man of great courage to do what he is going to do.

Barrett holds up the dread lock that he cut from Kofi's head, and tells the fans that this will all make sense once he arrives at his destination. Once arrived, Barrett slowly walks to the entrance of an old straw home. Obviously this is all staged. He walks in, and we are presented with former WWE superstar Papa Shango, who is nearly in a trance state. He hands Papa Shango the hair, and a ritual is performed live on Raw. It doesn't take long, and Shango does his thing with his laughs, and uttering of voodoo magic. Screen goes black, and that's all we get. Back in the ring, Wade informs us that Kofi has been cursed.

Barrett says that the only way Kofi will ever wear another title again is if Wade Barrett drops the curse. Wade says he has no reason to ever do that, and out comes Kingston. He tells Wade that this is all a bunch of nonsense, and that he rolled his ankle during the match, and that voodoo isn't real. Barrett laughs, and tells Kingston he can believe that all he wants, but he knows that it's real because it has roots in Ghana. Kingston says that yes it does, but it's considered taboo, and no one cares for voodoo anymore. Kofi tells Barrett that when he is healthy he will use his re-match clause, and obtain his title back from him.

There are a ton of things they can do with this to. With the Royal Rumble right around the corner. I could see Wade telling Kofi that if he helps him win the Rumble he will not only hand him over the Intercontinental title, but he will have the cursed dropped forever. Everyone has been questioning Kofi turning heel, but I think he could still remain "face". He would initially tell Barrett no, but then as the weeks progressed this "curse" begins to manifest itself in to Kingston's everyday life. He tells friends, tweets, and touts that he has had some interesting things happen to say the least. Perhaps he starts vomiting during matches? Thus having to forfeit. Will Kofi give in to Wade, or look to solve this curse on his own?
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Re: How to make Raw better??

and :heyman and an evil Mr Helmsley character as the heel boss :hhh
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Re: How to make Raw better??

Going back to two hours and keeping the Smackdown guys off of RAW would fix most of the issues. These two factors are really the main cause in the decline of the product. People are restless and impatient by nature. Its extremely difficult to sit in front of the TV for three hours watching one program. This really only works for sporting events. You have very very few 3 hour long movies and TV shows are 30-60 minutes.

Its actually really good news that the third hour draws the fewest viewers. The fact that the third hour draws the least amount viewers tells you how bored and restless the audience becomes. Vince and HHH can't ignore this much longer. I think the show will go back to two hours. But the three hour RAW is an investment and because of contractual reasons and pride reasons, the 3 hour RAWs will continue for a while.

Think about what the supershow has done to Smackdown. Imagine if Brock Lesnar, Eddie Guerrero,Rey and Kurt Angle were appearing on RAW and Smackdown in those years. They'd be playing second fiddle to HHH, HBK and Evolution. And at the same time those guys who pushed the RAW midcard guys down even further.
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Re: How to make Raw better??

I stopped watching WWE for months. But I've been watching the past few weeks and it's about as good as I've seen it in years. It's not perfect, but it's just a good entertaining show now. So the best thing they can do is keep it up, and actually continue on with the good feuds and eventually finish them off properly.

The wrestling and mic work have both gone way up. That's at least a good starting point.
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