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Am I the Only One That Thinks the Product is Good Right Now?

Long post incoming. If you don't want to read it, fine, but don't be a smartass and reply with "TOO LONG, DIDN'T READ LOLZ".

Am I the only one that thinks the product is good at the moment? Personally I think it has been the best in a while (at least since the Summer of Punk).

Let me share a story with you guys.

My roommate is a former wrestling fan who was a regular watcher during the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression eras. One day I was watching Raw (October 2012 I believe) and asked him to join me. At first he denied because he said he would have no idea who anyone was or what was going on, but I convinced him to still give it a shot.

We ended up watching most of the show (on Youtube) and turns out he actually enjoyed it. He is a huge fan of Ryback and is very invested in this Punk/Ryback feud.

The reason I brought that up is because most of you guys watch the show just looking for disappointment. You pick out small portions of the show and later express your distaste. It's as if you only watch WWE so that you can complain after the show is done. I know this because I lurk the discussion threads and very rarely see anything positive being posted.

WWE is headed in the right direction and are providing solid groundwork for the Road to Wrestlemania as well as their long-term future. Let me break it down for you.

- Ryback. I'm not his biggest fan because I know he's a meathead hand picked by Vince, but it's hard not to get into him. "FEED ME MORE" is a great catchphrase and it will move lots of merch in the future. The casuals are invested in him and so am I. For example, last night I was waiting all show for Ryback to come out and destroy CM Punk and The Shield. And when he did I was eager to see what he would do next.

- John Cena is not in the main event. He's in an upper mid-card feud with Dolph Ziggler currently. Even though Ziggler has been pinned twice by Cena, he is still getting a major rub by competing against the WWE's top dog. It's also a breath of fresh air seeing as how Cena is not chasing the title and has not held the belt in over a year.

- Punk's title reign. Today he tied John Cena, tomorrow he will surpass Cena and be in sole position of the 6th longest reign in history. When Punk loses the belt, it will be monumental. The amount of prestige and credibility he has brought back to the title cannot be put into words.

- The Shield. Three new guys who all have a lot of potential. We have not seen these guys in a match yet (at least I haven't, don't follow NXT), but it looks like they all bring something different to the table. Ambrose seems like he's an amazing talker and oozes charisma. This was evident last week in his interview. Rollins has a look that I think will mesh will with casuals when somewhere down the line he turns face. Similar to Jeff Hardy, but a much better wrestler. Reigns is a Batista-esque enforcer who doesn't say much to begin with, but his character will slowly progress later on.

- Mid-card divisions are getting more exposure. Sure, this was expected with the move to 3 hours, but still. It is nice to see Antonio Cesaro bring some credibility to the US title and even Kofi is doing a decent job as IC Champion. Back to Cesaro though, the guy is a beast. He possesses some serious strength and I can see him as WHC by the end of 2013. Also worth noting in this section the Tag Team division. It has lost a bit of steam as opposed to a couple of months ago, but it is still decent. I'm expecting Kane and Bryan to lose the belts soon which will open up an opportunity for a couple of up and comers to get the gold (PTP, developmental guys?).

I can keep going but these are the main points I wanted to address.

In conclusion, the product (in my opinion) is the best it has been in at least a year. There are a lot of things to look forward to on a weekly basis as well as long term. Just because the show does not meet Attitude Era standards does not mean it isn't good. For a transitional period, we are being provided with good programming.


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Re: Am I the Only One That Thinks the Product is Good Right Now?

Well, I don't know if you're the only one (I highly doubt it) but since I can only speak for myself, I certainly disagree with you. I think this is the worst that the WWE product has ever been. The 2.55 rating certainly shows that some people agree with me as they're walking away from the product. I just want something different than what WWE is currently providing me as a wrestling fan.

Also, for the record, I am not holding the current product to the standards of the Attitude Era. if anything, I wasn't a fan of the Attitude Era & highly preferred WCW. Although I will readily admit that during the height of the WWF popularity, they at least had stars. Current WWE does not have any stars.

Originally Posted by Alim View Post
When Punk loses the belt, it will be monumental. The amount of prestige and credibility he has brought back to the title cannot be put into words.
This is a fucking joke. I love C.M. Punk. One of my favorite guys in all of WWE & I followed his career all the way through the Indies but this title reign has not meant dick & when he does lose the best, people won't give two-shits & Punk will just fall down back to the midcard. I have no doubt in my mind that a year-long reign was some sort of clause in his contract or some shit at this point. None of his wins have meant anything & the length wouldn't even be obvious to anyone if Punk himself didn't talk about it to try to get it over. He has not added any prestige or credibility to the title. When he was a babyface title holder, he played second fiddle to John Cena. Now as a heel, he's just another coward that runs his mouth. No one gives a shit.

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Re: Am I the Only One That Thinks the Product is Good Right Now?

To answer the OP's thread title. No. Because no one in the history of ever has ever been the only one to think a certain opinion.

But to answer the general question, I think the product is currently mediocre -- with various things about it ranging from decent to godawful.

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Re: Am I the Only One That Thinks the Product is Good Right Now?

no you are not. But its really hard find them, the product is really in the depths of hell right now and needs a complete overhaul
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Re: Am I the Only One That Thinks the Product is Good Right Now?

I must admit, the current product is very underrated by this forum, but it's not like its 5* entertainment.

Last night's RAW was really good, but the thing is, WWE can't have more than 2 weeks of good programming, they aren't able to give frequent good quality shows for a big period of time, that's why opinions here change twice a month.

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Re: Am I the Only One That Thinks the Product is Good Right Now?

I believe it is on the verge of exploding (in a good way) like a powder keg. I think 2013-15 could be a fantastic time for the WWE.
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Re: Am I the Only One That Thinks the Product is Good Right Now?

I'm enjoying certain aspects of the product atm, namely:

Punk's title reign, Ziggler's push, Ryback's push, Sandow and The Shield.

Some aspects I don't like are:

3 hour RAW's, Smackdown sucking, pointless filler matches, Team Hell no, Del Rio/Orton feud, Sheamus, Big Show, Vickie Guerrero and AJ getting too much TV time...

I've being enjoying most shows and PPV's lately though. So the product gets an ''Ok'' from me atm.

Btw OP, who's that in your sig? Something I've wondered for a while lol.

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Re: Am I the Only One That Thinks the Product is Good Right Now?

Apart from Punk's run in 2011, the current product is better than it has been for years. People on the internet and particularly wrestling fans will complain about everything, you just need to look at the archived posts from the AE IWC to see that. If you watch the show with a positive attitude then it's really easy to enjoy it, the enjoyment is only spoiled when we get idiots like Cena and Lawler insulting people's intelligence and that hasn't been happening too much recently, or at least not on the level it was before. Since Linda lost I've enjoyed every episode of Raw.

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Re: Am I the Only One That Thinks the Product is Good Right Now?

Well this weeks Raw was definitely better than the last two weeks which has been bad, it was pretty good. Overall I think the product is definitely not great right now and is very stale aside from a couple of things. WWE are doing things right but are not able to create buzz or interest in the product mainly because their booking is so last minute and there is no long term investment or planning.

I also think they are going about it the wrong way as in they are trying to create a product ratings orientated and they sit there with their min to min breakdowns and biting their figure nails waiting for the inevitable rating to come in. You can't book shows like that. There needs to be some long term planning and investment for the future for years to come. Not just in the talent like WWE have been trying to do but in the creative process. Ratings in this day and age in wrestling means jack shit because there is no legit competition to compete with. It's just to keep the sponsors happy.

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Re: Am I the Only One That Thinks the Product is Good Right Now?

I'm with you OP. I've been enjoying the hell out of the product. Of course, a couple of the shows have been weak but the good far outweighs the bad.

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