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Re: Whats your opinion on Antonio Cesaro so far?

I like him much more now when he wrestle guys like Sheamus than in the past when he wrestled Marella etc.
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Re: Whats your opinion on Antonio Cesaro so far?

I cannot understand the gimmick, is it a rugby player is it?

However, he has been outstanding since he split with Aksana. WWE seem to like him, too, as a lot of his spots get repeated and the commentators seem impressed. I would have him on Smackdown growing for a few more months then push him into the main event next Summer.
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Re: Whats your opinion on Antonio Cesaro so far?

Very, very good talent. His matches are really entertaining, and his strength is pretty impressive. His mic skills aren't great, but servicible. He can improve in that department, if he gets a more fleshed-out gimmick. He's got a pretty charismatic aura about him though.

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Re: Whats your opinion on Antonio Cesaro so far?

I don't mind him. I'll admit, he impressed me last week in his match with Sheamus and showed great potential. He's got the size and look WWE goes for, and he's got good wrestling abilities, but he's not that great on the mic and his character is just a generic redundant Anti-American one. WWE have pushed him well so far though, so they must be high on him, and I'd take him over certain guys on the roster, but I'm not a fan of his by any means yet.
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Re: Whats your opinion on Antonio Cesaro so far?

My opinion. Great wrestler saddled with an awful gimmick which doesn't let him get over, people don't give a fuck about him. Change his character and he can be very big, I think he is very talented.

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Re: Whats your opinion on Antonio Cesaro so far?

Lame gimmick, but it will pass in time, he'll evolve into a better one.

That aside, he is a phenomenal talent. One of the top 3 best workers on the roster now, and puts on great matches every week. A future main event guy, I expect.
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Re: Whats your opinion on Antonio Cesaro so far?

He doesn't need a gimmick. He just needs to get comfortable on the mic, speak a bit louder, and be himself. The only outside character I would add would be this. Have Cesaro start talking about himself accomplishing his dream, and winning the United States title. Perhaps winning the United States title means more to a foreign born star, who may see America as the most powerful, and respected nation in the world. However, the people of the United States are a completely different subject matter. Cesaro should admire this great nation, but unfortunately see no hope in it's people.

Cesaro says that he is proud to live in America where he can dominate, and prove to Americans why "immigration" is feared here in the United States. It's because Americans are afraid the immigrants will be better at everything they do. Antonio says that holding the United States title is special because it's the only one on the the planet because there is only one United States of America, and it's home to greatest United States Champion in the history of the WWE. If he can keep some sort of script to that he will go over as a heel more so than he does now.
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Re: Whats your opinion on Antonio Cesaro so far?

Sure his gimmick has been done but which gimmicks haven't? with that said he does the gimmick of anti American better then most and his mic skills impress me. This guy could be big.


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Re: Whats your opinion on Antonio Cesaro so far?

Didn't like him at first but he's grown on me since he got rid of Aksana and stopped the 5 different language shit. He's very good in ring and his promos on Americans are funny. He was great on commentary a few weeks ago "It's not a purse it's a satchel, what would you know about fashion King?"

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Re: Whats your opinion on Antonio Cesaro so far?

WWE is showing that they REALLY weren't lying about being high on him. Constant times in putting him over in strong fashion. His strong performance vs Sheamus was the definite sign. Lost via countout too. They didn't even want to book him to lose to a plenty credible worker. Toss in his great job in the Fatal Four Way from RAW which had him not only win in dominate fashion, but take out the current Intercontinental Champion and upcoming opponent on Main Event, Kofi Kingston. He's on a big role. Has been since he's gotten the championship back in August. He's gotten pinned, what twice since then? All in fluke fashion too. He's going places. My opinion on him as been what it always has been, he's stellar.

I always love seeing Punker. Sandow has been classic. Dolph's push is "" worthy. Although, I'd say Cesaro's push right now might be my overall favorite thing going in the WWE atm.

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