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Re: How should Randy Orton turn heel? (your storyline ideas etc)

He's so over that he'll struggle to have an immediate turn unless it's against someone crazy over, it could easily backfire and just lead to him getting cheered more unless they do it right. It's pretty difficult to turn someone heel without turning them into blatant cowards, which has been done to death. Probably how they will if/when they do.
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Re: How should Randy Orton turn heel? (your storyline ideas etc)

At wrestlemania 29 in the world heavyweight championship match

turn heel in the process of winning the title

must be a face champion and I think it will be

preferably against sheamus

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Re: How should Randy Orton turn heel? (your storyline ideas etc)

By attacking Jeff Hardy.

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Re: How should Randy Orton turn heel? (your storyline ideas etc)

I don't think that Randy Orton will ever be able to turn heel again. He's been around for so long that the fans just admire him for showing up. During his last heel turn, he was constantly cheered.

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Re: How should Randy Orton turn heel? (your storyline ideas etc)

I think the most obvious choice would be starting a feud with The Miz. Why? Simple, The Miz is the reason Orton has been give the backseat. Wasn't it The Miz who took the movie role The Marine 3 from Randy Orton? It was Miz who defeated John Cena two years ago at WM. Shouldn't that have been saved for Randy Orton? In order for all of this to work, Randy's look has to change, and so does everything else about him. Change the look of the attire, give him a new theme song, and allow him to speak his mind about the "State of the WWE" since his spot was taken by some one hit wonder named The Miz.

Orton just can't turn heel either. It's going to take several things to really get fans to just hate him. I like the idea of randomly hitting the RKO on AJ, and may I add breaking her neck would really set that tone well. Follow that up with a lengthy promo in which he is out of character, and speaking like a normal human being. Orton explains during the promo that he should have been the one to take on Brock Lesnar, and that he should have been the one to defend his generation vs The Rock's Generation. Orton insist that Cena blew it, and is not the true leader of this wrestling era. Randy calls CM Punk the most irrelevant champion since The Miz, and says that there is a reason he did not get his ice cream bars.

Randy explains that Cena is ultimately the root to the WWE's problems, but there are other roots that will need pulled out as well. He says that The Miz is everything short of what a professional wrestler is supposed to be. Orton says that unlike Cena, Miz, or even CM Punk he grew up with the business from the inside, and has always been here. Randy explains that he is the business, and that he is not some reality tv star. Orton says he didn't start off as a some oiled up body builder(referencing Cena), and that he didn't wrestle in backyards like CM Punk did. Orton says that professional wrestling was, and is in his blood.

Randy says he has not a single ounce of respect for anyone in the WWE with the exception of the "suits" since they are still smart enough to keep him around, and thus not allowing him to leave, and turn other companies to gold. Randy says he is a mainstay because he isn't like an old Hogan who didn't want to pass the torch, he says he isn't an old Bret Hart because he didn't want to pass the torch, and he says that he isn't an old HHH who thought he could defeat his close friend Brock Lesnar. Randy says he is in the prime of his career, and that he is the "hidden gem" of this company whether the fans, or anyone else for that matter realizes it, or not.

Let him rip into the infamous "CM Punk" pipe bomb shoot on Raw, and talk about how CM Punk didn't think of any of those things, but in fact Heyman probably told him what to say. Allow Orton to bash Cena for losing to The Rock at WM last year, and thus ruining the legacy that he wanted to build for future generations. Let Orton bash The Miz for being the most worthless talent on the roster that made it to the main event of WM. Randy says that the mere fact that The Miz was in the main event of WM vs John Cena is enough proof that professional wrestling is dying. Randy has to be that guy to just say it all. Orton should be the one who comes out, and says that morale is down because the show sucks.

Randy says ever since guys like The Miz started crying about not getting their time the WWE has slowly been dying while living legends like himself had to take the backseat because "competition" had to change. This is when the Miz comes out to rip in to Randy Orton. Depending on how serious the WWE wants this to get I would allow The Miz to really come down hard on Orton. Possibly remind Orton of the "hazing" that went on backstage by none other than a "Wrestling God" while Randy who is this supposed "leader" of the backstage was no where to be found. Miz tells Randy, that he was on his own, and he carried himself to the top, and he also reminds Orton that he has been with the company since 2003, and that's nearly a decade now.

Randy would try to paint The Miz as this rookie, but forgets that The Miz has been with the company for nearly 10 years now. That's no spring chicken, and this helps establish their feud. Orton thinks that the Miz is just some flash in the pan, while The Miz begs to differ. Miz reminds Orton that Randy only has 3 years on him in the WWE, and that when you tally in all of Randy's suspensions who knows, maybe The Miz does have more time in the ring than Randy has. It's a really huge blow to Orton's character, as it paints him as this non role model type, and that's exactly what the WWE wants to do since he would be turning heel. That's how you turn Orton heel, start a solid feud, and possibly help establish The Miz even further.
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Re: How should Randy Orton turn heel? (your storyline ideas etc)

Originally Posted by B. [R] View Post
All of this would still be technically in character for the current Randy Orton.

Thats true I suppose.But Sheamus could confront Orton telling him he doesn't agree with his attitude,Orton tries to brush him off but a match gets booked between the two. The match ends up being a epic struggle with Orton trying everything to put Sheamus away,hitting the RKO once or twice and not being able to do it,eventually he'll snap and punt Sheamus in the head putting him out of action.Putting the third top face out of action with a malicious finisher would definitely signify a Heel turn.Then Orton could enter the rumble and almost wins it but Sheamus returns as a surprise entrant and eliminates Orton and himself,leading afromentioned built up grudge match between them at WM29.I think that would've been the best thing to do,since now that ADR seems to be feuding with Big Show,and with Wade Barrett feuding with Kofi and The Miz being a face now,both of whom were two of Ortons biggest rivals,there really is nothing much for either Sheamus or Orton to do imo untill after wrestlemania so having them two feud only makes sense imo. However we clearly won't be getting that,looks like its going to be Orton/Sheamus/Ryback vs The Shield at RR.

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Re: How should Randy Orton turn heel? (your storyline ideas etc)

Have him pull a Del Rio and just turn heel with no explanation.
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Re: How should Randy Orton turn heel? (your storyline ideas etc)

I wouldn't turn him heel because he'd be a top guy. He's not a top guy as a babyface, if he goes heel he will be, so I don't do it. How about that answer?

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Re: How should Randy Orton turn heel? (your storyline ideas etc)

There's not enough faces as there is, at least credible ones.

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Re: How should Randy Orton turn heel? (your storyline ideas etc)

Randy's heel turn I would have it happen at the 2013 Royal Rumble Match during the 2013 Royal Rumble Match with Orton making it to the final 4

Final 4= Ryback, Cena, Orton, Sheamus

* Randy Orton gets eliminated by Sheamus and Orton afterwards snaps by going on an RKO rampage by coming back into the ring after being eliminated by Sheamus and he then low-blows Sheamus by kicking him below the belt line so hard that he plants Sheamus with an RKO and he then spits on Sheamus' downed body

* Cena tries to see just what is going on with Orton by turning him around and Orton plants Cena with an RKO too for his trouble

* Then Orton is face to face with Ryback and Orton looks like he is going to attack Ryback but decides against it by living to fight another day by walking away leaving the ring with a sick smile on his face admiring his handi-work
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