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Re: Do you agree with what Paul Heyman said?

Then again i'm new and haven't seen last weeks thread so i don't know just HOW seriously people were taking going to go check it out. Yah the 2 most entertaining parts of the show to me last night was 1. ziggler/cena brawl 2. paul heyman looking like he's crying with pride and joy lmao

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Re: Do you agree with what Paul Heyman said?

paul heyman is always entertaining. what is it about fat balding men, paul heyman, bobby the brain,jim ross, always the most entertaining and convincing.
^try league of legends its fun and free.
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Re: Do you agree with what Paul Heyman said?

Originally Posted by dan the marino View Post
No. People want unexpected and grittier "edginess" such as that little brawl between Ziggler and Cena. Not tasteless garbage like that. See Hawks suicide, Katie Vick, Trish barking, and the of the tactless garbage from that time with disgust, AE or not.
But in AE you had Austin vs Vince but at the same time you had Hawk's suicide. You had the great The Rock vs Triple H feud but at the same time Mae Young giving birth to a hand.
Same here, you have the Cena/Ziggler brawl or Ryback threwing Maddox into the ambulance but at the same time you have Punk and Heyman mocking a heart attack. Every era had great and disgusting moments.

I disagree with you because I think this segments have place in wrestling but I still respect your opinion. Why? Because you have arguments and you don't look like a hypocrite.
It's one thing saying that you dislike this kind of storylines no matter if AE or not, I even have no problem with new fans who watch it for 2-3 years and are now shocked.
But the people who embarrass themselves the most are some "experts" who post BS how Attitude Era was never like that because it was

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Re: Do you agree with what Paul Heyman said?

All of my friends judged me because I was fine with the segment.
Now that Heyman mentioned it, they are fine with it, too!

Also, everybody was complaining when Heyman and Punk did it, but when Titus did it, it was the funniest commentary ever. (Not hatin', love PTP. I was just analyzing the moment.)

"That's how it's gonna be - that's how it's gonna stay."

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Do you agree with what Paul Heyman said?

Originally Posted by Ash Ketchum View Post
Last night on Raw, Paul Heyman said the fans wanted the Attitude Era back, and when the fans got a little bit of attitude they got offended. He also said people chanted ECW were given something a bit Extreme and the fans cried.


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Originally Posted by Bearcatter View Post
I'm watching as much as I ever have, but have decided to spend less time in the actual wrestling forums. I've come to realize the IWC is its own self-fulfilling prophecy. All the bitching and complaining about what was on TV was making me hate what was on TV. When I stopped reading what everyone else was crying about, I started enjoying it more again.
Originally Posted by BRITLAND View Post
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Re: Do you agree with what Paul Heyman said?

While I agree with him and liked the heart attack promo, I understand not everyone will enjoy it. WWE has been sissy for far too long and people have embraced for what it has become.

Also, different people different perceptions, what could be a joke to one can be an insult to other. But people need to realize its a scripted show and Lawler was probably okay with it.

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Re: Do you agree with what Paul Heyman said?

He basically reiterated my thoughts on the matter.

I was baffled to find out that the discussion about it was going on for 5 days after it happened...seriously?

Paul Heyman described it as a "touch of attitude" of which it was, nothing on the level of what the AE was doing, it was tasteless, yes but in my eyes nothing close to many of the tasteless angles that the AE used.

I loved that he called out all the hypocrites, me and my girlfriend were laughing our asses off at that call out...

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Re: Do you agree with what Paul Heyman said?

Although I was not offended by anything they've done recently, I have to agree with Heyman on a general level. The General audience has become sensitive and easily offended. I loved last night episode's and Punk and Heyman's heart attack promo, but this world has become so PC, it's quite sad to see that people can't even enjoy Entertainment without causing a huge fuss
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Heyman is as usual spot on. Even Jerry was joking about it on commentary during Raw.

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Re: Do you agree with what Paul Heyman said?

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
How cute to post a video from the greatest feud between the greatest two superstars from the AE and thinkng you proved something. Stop embarrassing yourself. Yes, AE was about excitement, drama, wrestlers who can actually act, great characters, interesting storylines, adult promos and hardcore wrestling but it was also about mocking religion, racism, homicides, suicides, chopped dicks, BDSM, gang wars, sacrifices, cults, eating animals, mocking Bell's palsy, interviewing a widow 24 hours after the death of her husband, hypersexuality and many other stuff and that made AE unique.
What the fuck are you talking about? I wasn't suggesting that the entire attitude era was like the Rock/Austin video I posted. I used that video as an example of some of the things people missed from the attitude era. i.e good storylines, drama, characters etc... Nowhere did I state that the entire attitude era was like that video.

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
Your very avatar was from a segment where The Rock had a funeral for Stone Cold that looked legit you little hypocrite.
How am I a hypocrite? I never said there was anything morally wrong with the Paul Heyman skit. The only issue I had was that it was dull and not very funny. Please try to READ my posts before you make stupid accusations. As for your comment about The Rock and Austin funeral looking legit. Everyone knew Rock throwing Austin off the bridge wasn't real and The Rock's promo about fitting Austin's roody poo candy ass in the casket was a pretty dead give away that the whole thing was part of the entertainment. Only a fucking moron would actually think the funeral was legit.

Same with ECW Paul Heyman talked about. Crucifixion, woman abuse, encouraging fans to jump from a balcony and killing themselves, playing with fire in front of the fans what even burned some of them.
I never liked ECW and don't give a fuck about it. So this means nothing to me.

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
Attitude Era was spectacular but it was also sick and twisted simply because all other successful TV shows were sick during that time like Jerry Springer, South Park or even in music with Eminem when he first appeared or Marilyn Manson but unlike other people I am not a hypocrite and admit it and that I loved it because of that
Who exactly are you arguing with? Where did I state that none of that was true?

Your response might have been logical if you were actually responding to someone who claimed to like the style of attitude era but then said the Paul Heyman heart attack segment was inappropriate. But considering I never said that.. Fuck off and argue with someone else.
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