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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Alden Heathcliffe View Post
I'm sure you're hoping they all met at an orgy.
Oh, the shade of it all.

Ainsi sera, groigne qui groigne.

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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Alden Heathcliffe View Post
I mean, the lame answer would be that they met training and they could say Rollins and Ambrose crossed paths in developmental
Actually, Ambrose and Rollins teaming up already makes sense. Dean Ambrose announced in his debut promo in FCW that the only reason he came there was to see who was the better man between the two of them. They had a hellacious feud, coming to a number of drawn matches and climaxing in FCW's first ever 30 minute match - it had an entire show devoted to it.

After that, Seth went on to become the first ever NXT champion, and Ambrose was, well, Ambrose still angsty about not being called up, etc etc. They were already the two most ambitious and upward moving stars in developmental, who knew each other intimately well and already had huge respect for each other.

Two greatest enemies teaming up to take WWE by storm is such a believable (and awesome) storyline, and it is all there, in the subtext. We can only guess that Reigns was brought in by a combination of Ambrose and Rollins (probably mainly Ambrose), won over by his oratry.

There is also an argument to say that The Shield was CM Punk's making. He cut a promo with Rollins when he was NXT champ, telling him he needed that killing instinct/cutting edge to break the glass ceiling (this was early in Punk's heel championship run). He also gave a similar, but unbroadcast promo at a FCW house show after his match with Ambrose there (this time as a face champ), praising Ambrose and calling him the future. Punk seems to be the guy who put the fire up these two (and, outside of kayfabe, had a BIG hand in them getting hired), which partly explains why they have never felt the need to attack him.

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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

The Shield of Justice will never die. I like the idea of these three guys never fully breaking up. But less like the 4Horsemen and more like DX where they're always unofficial tag team partners that can be relied on when needed but for the most part, aren't needed.
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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

So what are their motivations again? They seem directionless now just randomly beating mid card faces.

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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

they should be done with Orton (really involved since December), Sheamus (since January), Ryback (since November and if he still involved he has to get his revenge), and Big Show (100 % filler started out of nowhere because that big loser didn't have anything to do) after Mania.

After they should either:

-disband and go solo
-use free bird rule and go after the Titles
-start a feud with Punk (not helping him)

Rock/Cena vs The Shield at Extreme Rules would be signing their death warrant. Sure Cena lost to them but if he teamed up with Dwayne its all over for them with 3 caskets with their name on it ready for them.
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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

So they're being stuck with the jobbers at WM, eh? Too bad, I think that Punk should become the leader so that they can pick up steam.

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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

This leader talk...

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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

I like that they have no leader. I used to want them to have one, but that was because I convinced myself they wouldn't get past Elimination Chamber and Ryback would be squashing all three even before that so I thought by having a leader reveal story we could drag the angle out.

But now I don't even think it's needed.

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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

i don't get why they are just stuck in limbo. they are simply having them rinse and repeat now all over again for mania. they've beaten ryback/orton/sheamus. vince is stupidly promoting ryback's addition like they haven't already defeated him in a match and beaten the shit out of him numerous times. he really does think the fans are complete morons that don't remember anything that happened more than 2-3 weeks ago.
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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

Bless this man for wearing a Cesaro shirt.

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