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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

Well, Sheamus, Boreton, and the Big Slow are sort of a comedown in the world from bedevilling the #1 face. But getting a Wrestlemania moment (which I am sure they'll turn into a highlight) this early on is a coup, for sure! I can't wait 5 weeks!

Also, I would like to commend their penchant for close-standing and intimate glances.

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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

This is just ridiculous turning big show face after all the effort wwe took to create a monster heel they have really lost their marbles
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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

the big show beatdown was terrrrible, good thing that didn't air.

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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by DJ2334 View Post
Really hope they win at mania and it sets up an Orton heel turn some way or another.
But if Orton turns heel.... Jawn Ceeeena won't turn heel
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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

Its going to be Show/Sheamus/Orton vs The Shield almost for certain now. Have Show remain Heel though,have it so that Booker T forces him to team with Sheamus and Orton to take on the Shield,much to his disdain. Then at WM,have Show get taken out during the match,then have Orton turn on Sheamus by RKOing him and leaving the ring leaving him to fend against The Shield by himself,only to get beat down some more and pinned.That could set up Orton/Sheamus and Show can take some time off due to an "injury",best case scenerio.

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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

Mind Boggling why they didnt show the Big Show beat down
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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by WallofShame View Post
Probably because Shield are going over at WM and Ryback literally can't afford to lose. He has lost every meaningful match he has been in and must win his first mania. Probably why they are giving him Henry. Match will be hilarious when Ryback cant shellshock Henry
Yep if he has trouble giving it to Tensai and Heyman he'll 100% botch it on Henry or have to lift him up like a samoan drop which will make his finisher even more dumb and lackluster. Ryback will be exposed at mania in front of New Yorkers who won't let him forget it and will, likely, be in Henry's corner . If he has to finish him with the clothesline, his entire gimmick will be derailed and it's almost certain he won't be able to.

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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

I hope shield stay away from Ryback for a while because Ryback needs a win to start looking credible again and I don't want it at the expense of the shield.

Also if Ryback is going in a match against Mark Henry and they try to make it look like Ryback is the stong one of the two it'll be laughable.
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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

Damn that Shield promo was fucking gold. Rollins really nailed it this week, keeps improving each and every week. Ambrose was fantastic as normal, some of those facial expressions were brilliant. Reigns did what he needed to be, short, powerful and effective. Definitely a highlight of Raw this week.

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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Dan Rodmon View Post
Mind Boggling why they didnt show the Big Show beat down
Not mind boggling at all. If you hadn't noticed, WWE is trying really hard to create a strong digital presence. they want to be important and by putting "exclusives" on it, they force fans to visit the website and generate traffic.

Despite what Rock316AE would have you believe, TV ratings are not the number one priority for the WWE. This segment was perfect to put online because it didn't need a Cole running dialogue

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