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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

Superb edition of RAW for these guys. Total domination for the majority leading to the eventual even upped brawl to end the night.

WWE rule for putting Black & Danielson back together. I'm jumping ahead here - I smell a singles match down the line.

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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

I like everything they've been doing.

I just die a little bit inside every week Ambrose doesn't get mic time.

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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

Still not blown away by what they've done, it's still reminiscent Husky Harris and Michael Mcguilfucky except it's last a bit longer but the conclusion will be the same.

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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

So since guys are going to start to align against the Shield I think we'll see a new member next week or the week after

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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

Every single time they come out, the same thought goes through my head: Why don't a few guys just go stomp these fuckers out and call it a day? It makes no sense that they're beating people down week after week and nobody steps up to destroy them.

No wrestlers are tired of that shit yet? Really? They Jumped Team Hell No, Ryback, and Orton so far. So now it's 4 on 3, with 4 elite wrestlers vs 3 scrubs. Why exactly don't they just run out and beat the shit out of these guys when they come out?

Ruins it for me. Newbies should never come in and dominate legit wrestlers from day 1 imo.

Originally Posted by truk83 View Post
Sorry, but The Shield is already predictable, and boring. Each week they come out like the NWO in all black, attack "face" stars, and then leave through the crowd. Where is security? I'm tired of this rehashed bullshit. This creative team needs to grow a pair of creative balls.
Yeah, but the difference is, the NWO was made up of already-established stars. When you bring in a bunch of rooks to do it, it just comes off as annoying as fuck, not impressive.

But I agree anyway, it's fuckin stupid that security and other wrestlers allow it to go EVERY SINGLE TIME. They've jumped multiple people, yet no one bands together despite being able to crush them easily if they did.

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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

What's with all the rip offs? First we got RyBerg, now we've got Dean "The Big Bossman" Ambrose.

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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

It's wrestling and almost no one ever acts smart, especially not faces. There's always run ins etc in wrestling, and it's not legal, yet no officials ever take steps to prevent it (save for perhaps a stipulation during one match), security only exists when the plot needs it and wrestlers don't band together to make run ins obsolete. The faces don't go to take measures against the other kinds of constant cheating that's going on either. Most of the drama in wrestling are based entirely on this kind of stupidity.

The difference here, compared to normal stables, is that The Shield might actually be a little hard to find as they aren't part of the roster. And three faces have actually attacked them together already on the third show The Shield has appeared on.
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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

I don't think they should have an actual match until next year...

On TLC they should just keep interfering to advance the angle.

And yes a 4th member will come sooner than later.

Also... the fact that they don't strike until the face has WON the match its interesting. They don't interfere until the match is over.

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No one, for the first time in my life there is no one in the main roster I give two shits about.

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They are technically contracted by WWE, even in the storyline so I don't see why security would hold them back. You can focus on all the similarities to the nWo or Nexus because it's the easy way to critisize them as a whole. It's pointless to complain about something so redundant. The bottom line is it that the idea is succeeding in creating 3 potential top guys seperate from the way the Sandow's, Cesaro's, and Ryback's were introduced.

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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by I Came To Play View Post
What's with all the rip offs? First we got RyBerg, now we've got Dean "The Big Bossman" Ambrose.
So wearing flak jackets are all it takes to be a "rip off" of Bossman? Despite the fact that he's absolutely nothing like him otherwise?
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