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Re: Kofi a "Liberal heel"?

Kind of, OP. He needs to be rebranded as a pot smoking rasta, who comes out to this:

...or this...

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Re: Kofi a "Liberal heel"?

Originally Posted by GOON The Legend View Post
If you want him to be a Liberal heel, just have him claim that he wants to be awarded the same Wrestlemania bonus as John Cena and that he should be given the WWE Championship for no reason at all, but he feels that he is entitled to it nevertheless.
lol. That would get monster heat.

Thank you Edge.

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Re: Kofi a "Liberal heel"?

I think Kofi would do great as a heel, but not with that gimmick. His whole run has been building up to a heel turn where he just goes 'I'm sick and tired of not being taken seriously, everyone stepping over me, etc.'

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Re: Kofi a "Liberal heel"?

Kids really respond to politics...
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Re: Kofi a "Liberal heel"?

No offence and no malice, but your ideas suck. Just saying.
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Re: Kofi a "Liberal heel"?

Kofi should join the CM Punk revolution of demanding respect, they're friends in real life and Kofi could actually be a guy that hasn't gotten the respect he deserves.

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Re: Kofi a "Liberal heel"?

Except slightly over half the country would cheer him for his forward-thinking liberal viewpoint. So, no. Thanks so much for your thinly-veiled attempt to push your political viewpoint, though.
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Re: Kofi a "Liberal heel"?

I think he did that gimmick on the indies, no?
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Re: Kofi a "Liberal heel"?

They wont let Kofi turn heel seeing he is one of the draws for their kids show on Saturday Morning Slam, he is even on the website for morning slam together with Cena and Mysterio.

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Re: Kofi a "Liberal heel"?

You don't know what the words Liberal or Conservative mean like 99% of Americans, so shut up.
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