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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

Never seen so much pantywad butthurt from a vocal minority before. Yes, continue to try to trumpet a moral superiority ideal, but in the end it's just PC oversensitivity continuing to castrate you.

Edit: Also, how low a self-esteem do some of you have? The constant "what would your friends/significant other think?!" is retarded. Who cares what anyone else thinks?
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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

It's an entertainment show and they are playing characters. If you got offended then you need to stop watching TV.

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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

I found it funny, and it's not like it bothered jerry lawler in real life otherwise they wouldn't have gone with it

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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

I think if it had been just the promo it would have been fine... but tack on the bullshit recap with apparently real footage of the event and it colours the whole thing in a negative light. I can honestly say that I was more pissed off at the seemingly creepy ass nature of apparently not only shooting the footage when King might not be resuscitated, but then going in and making a wrestling vignette recap out.... that soured my whole mood to it and just really came off as "fuck you" manipulative.

So by the time Punk came out to further twist the events to manipulate the audience, it fell horribly flat and probably did more to alienate the crowd than really make them hate him or really like anyone else involved. It all came off as cheap and lazily manipulative. In a world where kayfabe isn't looked at as real anymore... this kind of shit only serves to take you out of the moment and go ... "really........?". So poor taste or not.. it was just a stupid segment altogether.

Thanks for the wonderful memories Ultimate Warrior... happy you got to be recognised as the legend you are before you went. Rest in peace
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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

I thought it was fine until they had Heyman mock having a heart attack, thats kinda going over the line considering how scary it was seeing what happened to Lawler live on TV. It also wasn't funny or entertaining past that point, the crowd just kinda went silent halfway through it because it was so over-the-top tasteless.

That said, Lawler is old school in the business and is willing to pretty much use anything towards a storyline, he used his own mother's death in his feud with Cole. Its not like WWE is mocking him and bullying him here, surely he co-signed on the segment before doing it.

I do think its a bit soon though, how healthy can lawler really be this soon after the heart attack? He had major surgery too, what if something else happens to him on-air again? WWE would never hear the end of it if they mocked a guy's heart attack only to have him die for real in a 2nd incident.
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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

King probably gave his ok and is it not surprising they would milk this for a storyline and in their minds ratings. King probably would want that even if he died, these guys think the show must go on no matter what and love the idea they will still effect the show.

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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

WWE is not stupid. They wouldn't have done this promo if they didn't get Jerry Lawler's permission. They are obviously building up CM Punk as a massive heel, and this is one way of doing it. Knowing Lawler, he approved of it.
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post #258 of 833 (permalink) Old 11-13-2012, 03:56 AM
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It seems to be a new thing for heels to just be plain offensive. First Kid Kash says he could break Owen Hart's neck and now this? Something about it seems wrong.
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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

How come you hypocrites not find it funny when vince mcmahon mocked jim ross's bell palsy?
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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

I loved it, absolutely loved it. And I'll admit, I did smirk and laugh a little bit at some parts. Not because I don't like Lawler, though because don't get me wrong, I love him and I'm really glad he made it out of that heart attack and is still alive, but we all knew in the back of our minds that they would put CM Punk out there and do a segment related to Lawler. And honestly, I wasn't shocked at all that they did this. + If Lawler really didn't want to go through with this segment, he would've went up to the writers or Vince and said "Hey, I don't think this is a good idea and there might be tons of backlash on this, maybe we can do something else.."

And the WWE did an absolutely awesome job with this whole segment because they knew for a fact that it would piss people off and offend several people that were watching last night. Just like when Jericho poured beer on Punk for the first time and mentioned his sister/mother/father, Jericho hitting Shawn's wife, Michael Cole bringing up Lawler's dead mother, and more. They get to you and that's what it's supposed to do.

And it makes it even a BIGGER deal when Punk finally loses the title or loses a match in general now because everybody and their mothers know that when Punk loses the title to The Rock, you are gonna hear a bigger pop then the pop he got after he pinned John Cena at Wrestlemania 28 because not only is he winning the WWE championship, but he's defeating a man who is the biggest heel in the WWE today who also made fun of a beloved legend's heart attack. Do ANY of you realize how much of a big deal it's gonna be when Punk loses that damn title? It's gonna be a huge deal and you're gonna hear a loud pop. And I am so excited.

Things like this just makes the guy whoever finally beats Punk for the title an even bigger deal and more loved and shit like that.

So there's my rant on this whole thing.

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