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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

Originally Posted by Headliner View Post
So basically you guys are puppets. If Lawler's ok with it, you're ok with it. If he's not, you're not. Instead of having your own opinion on what's right or wrong?

Wrestling fans.
Eh, there's a difference between thinking something is wrong or over the line, and actually getting bent out of shape about it.

Rape victim scenario isn't comparable. In that situation there's a second party that committed a terrible crime which shouldn't be taken lightly by anyone.

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Lightbulb Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

I know this is already a crazy polarizing topic already, but I'm really on the fence about this.

On one hand, I think it's almost funny how appalled plenty of smarks on the board are about how "tasteless" the WWE could be. If you've been a fan for more than a few years, then you've seen worse stuff than this (like the exploitation of Eddie's death in the Batista/Rey feud, Vince ridiculing JR's Bell's Palsy, the long list of offensive Attitude Era material).Yet, you're still watching Raw, so the bottom line is, how bad can it be if you don't stop watching for good?

How many smarks who hated the segment and changed the channel this week won't tune back in next week?
Honestly, I think almost everyone who "hated" the segment will be back next week...that's the way it goes. It's in the IWC's nature to bitch about things, but keep watching on the slim hope that next week's episode won't suck.

Also, there's the logical conclusion that Lawler had to have approved pushing his near-death experience into the angle -- because he seems like the type of person who would protest rather loudly about the incident being exploited if he hadn't approved it. In fact, I'm guessing Lawler approval is what gave everyone involved, especially Punk, some comfort with doing the angle. I know plenty of people think Punk can be a moody jerk, but I don't think he'd go along with it unless Jerry gave them the OK.

Now, on the other hand, I would have preferred for the WWE not to have gone there with this segment mainly on the "too soon" and "leave it be" basis.

Fans watching the night of the incident basically thought they'd just watched Lawler die f'n live and plenty of fans were (expectantly) openly distraught about it. For the WWE to integrate the incident into the angle, it's as if they're mocking fans who actually went through some emotional trauma watching the incident unfold. Not to mention for fans who have had to unfortunately endure a the loss of a relative of friend from a heart attack, getting through the segment while knowing the severity of what happened to Lawler might have been too much to take.

Wrestling fans can be cynical, but some fans actually want some situations like this one with King to be sacred and above being pushed as a storyline; that's why people are upset.

Still, I'm really curious as to why Vince would even take it this far . It was such a blatantly non-PG segment, maybe all the jokes about Vince not giving a f**k anymore due to Linda's senate loss again is true. I have to say, I don't normally give a damn about ratings, but I'm sure a bunch of parents and traumatized marks probably changed the channel once it was clear how morbid Punk was getting.

Objectively, the biggest problem with the segment was that Punk and Heyman were heeling it up to the nth degree, but Punk was still getting cheers against Cena during the main event. I know he likes being a heel, and he is better as a heel, but it's getting ridiculous how hard it is for him to just be straight up hated by the audience now.

And it's even worse when he's in the ring with Cena because he has the inverse problem of always getting booed no matter how much he panders. With a better crowd, that segment could have been even more epic, but instead it was just good instead of great...still kinda wished it hadn't happened though. Having Punk yell at Foley should have been enough heat for the segment.
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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

Originally Posted by jonoaries View Post
I suppose this question hasn't been asked yet and I'm wondering what everyone thinks but how does that segment sell Survivor Series?

Whether you liked it or not did it do its job of making you want to plop down $50 to see the show Sunday?

I personally say no. To be honest the heat Punk built up was wasted on a meaningless job. Does WWE not know how to draw and retain heat anymore?

Dolph gains heat but gets slapped down by a broad and punched out by Cena AND his team lost the tag match.

There are only 4 matches scheduled, with all the time this segment took it did nothing for Survivor Series....so why not wait to have this next week? Let Jerry have his day back in peace namsayin?

And if it doesn't sell PPVs what really was the point? Punk isn't wrestling Foley or Lawler Sunday and they were the main opposition in the segment.

So not only was it in bad taste, it made no sense to even have it take place. My opinion on it hasn't changed though, still funny.
Well kinda. The point is to make Punk so hated that people will pay to see his ass get kicked and to have his lengthy title reign ended to shut him up. That's generally how heels can try to sell a PPV.
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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

It was awesome & hilarious im sure lawler isn't even offended he's alive and well no big deal.

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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

u all are fuckin hipocrites..... man I swear some of u people take wreslting to serious. I mean we all knows its fake basically a soap opera etc (only morons think its real) but thats besides the point. u people cry about wanting edgy shit. this was a pretty edgy thing imho for pg wwe. I actually personally liked this segment thought it was funny. decent promo by punk and heyman.

all of u complaining/crying about how this shit is messed up blablalbla. please...... grow up people. you all realize jerry lawler is fine now and if he didn't want to do this he wouldn't of????????????? He was willing and agreed to do this segment or obviously they would not of done it. Hell jerry lawler is even cracking jokes about his heart attack. so basically like the guy a few pages ago said if jerry is fine with it who gives a rats fucking ass.

things like jr being mocked by vince a few months back was messed up... but this aint fucking bad. this was actually good entertainment imho. all u whiners need to loosen up and rememeber that it is fucking fake and jerry lawler himself WOULD NOT OF DONE IT IF HE DIDNT WANT TO.... jeeze.... be glad we got something edgy and cool like this for once.

oh and p.s. this wonderful segment would not of taken place had linda mcmahon won the senate or if this was a few weeks/months prior to the seneate race to election day lol
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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

why did they film the stuff happening backstage? that just felt weird.

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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

I'm not upset about it because as has been said Lawler gave his approval for it. I just don't understand what was remotely funny about it, not because I was offended but because I don't see the humor in heart attacks. It's like those people who joke about stuff like rape and certain health conditions and act like it's hilarious, I just never found it funny. I like material that actually resembles being somewhat clever.

Then again I think part of it is any segment Punk is in getting overrated around here. I'm not a hater of Punk by any means and sometimes he can cut some amazing promos, but it's just truth that even his average and not so impressive promos tend to get massively blown out of proportion around here.

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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

I'd bet money Lawler would laugh himself into another heart attack if he saw all the mark's butthurt reactions to that segment.

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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

Originally Posted by TKOK! View Post
why did they film the stuff happening backstage? that just felt weird.
You know why.

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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

Judging by a minorities reaction I can safely say that was probably one of the best heel promos ever. It did its intended job perfectly...
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