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The Man
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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

lol at some of the reactions in here. As soon as something like this happens you always have a bunch of clowns running around shouting about how "EDGY" and shit it was, and how it's like the Attitude Era. Is it really? Let's think of some of the segments that might've been around the same level as making fun of someone for almost dying during the AE.

Big Boss Man hanging
Katie Vick
Al Snow's dog chilli
Big Show's dad's funeral crashing
Oaklahoma (in WCW)
Hawk's drug issues and "suicide"

I'm sure there were others but let's check out those. Because the average wrestling fan looks back on these storylines so fondly right?

...Of course not, everyone looks back on those as being trash/stupid/black marks on the company and utterly tasteless, along with the Eddie's death storyline, Kurt wanting to rape Sharmell, Torrie Wilson's dad dying or something, Cole telling King his mom was in hell and all the other crap like that.

The Attitude Era wasn't loved for being "trashy" and "tastleness" and swearing offensive bullshit that only 10 year olds find entertaining, it was loved for the stars (Stone Cold, Rock, Taker, Kane, etc), the booking (every single guy, even Dean Malenko and Crash Holly, got a storyline), the characters (every guy on the roster had a distinct character, even the mid carders! Imagine that) and for being fresh and exciting. Not the horseshit I listed above.

Yes I'm sure King gave the o.k. which makes it somewhat better and it certainly isn't the biggest deal to me but it was still uncomfortable for some people, still tasteless, and still stupidly pointless as Punk got absolutely no heat.
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Best there ever will be..
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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

Sweet, delicious tears.
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BulletProof Love
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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

Originally Posted by The Great Below View Post
Trashy TV is still big today. Just look at how successful Jersey Shore and all those teen mom shows are.
I wouldn't consider teen mom trashy TV. Jersey Shore is. But that's a different kind of trash TV.

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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

Originally Posted by Headliner View Post
I just don't see how that's must see TV. It's trash. Society is different now. Trashy TV was cool in the late 90's because society as a whole was rebellious and trashy. While he most likely got backlash back then, it's nothing compared to the backlash he gets now because society as a whole has changed. Everyone is sensitive to real tragedies and issues, and wants a certain level of respect to those situations.
uh no, I mean as much as people want to partay in "morality", society it's pretty much as much if not more trashy than it was back in the day, just take a look what's on MTV on any given day and you can see a good look at society as a whole when those shows get mad ratingz

that and just take a look at honey boo boo, if that doesn't show you how much trash society has become, nothing will

or heck, just take a wall to any frat house, or any low income places or a look at teen pregnancy ratings, youth "average intelligence", and so on, I hate the fact that USA has become this land of "sensitivities" while on the bottom it's nothing but the same old shit with different color, and this applies to every country out there as well, it's just that USA it's the one that really takes a huge step in hiding all of that behind a mask of pure hypocrisy

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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

The fact that people are so offended is the only thing about this that makes me sick.

Obviously King agreed to this. It's not like they broke script and mocked him to hurt him.

How can any of you be offended? Did you suffer the heart attack? Did you have a near-death experience on live TV? I guess all these years of kiddie WWE programming has made you hyper-sensitive. We can't do or say anything that might hurt someone's wittle feewings.

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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

Clam your tits, people. Christ. It was fucking brilliant!

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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

My opinion- I was laughing really hard. If Jerry was still in the hospital, on his death bed, that's another story. But the way the whole segment played out was hilarious.

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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

Originally Posted by dan the marino View Post
and still stupidly pointless as Punk got absolutely no heat.
Can't agree with this enough, people are making it sound like the crowd was throwing garbage in the ring.

Originally Posted by CREDMI View Post
You're fucken damn right, you've rustled my jimmies & I assume everyone else's!!! I tell you what, I'll pay your airfare over to Melbourne, it will only be a one way ticket though, because I will KILL you, you child molesting fuckwit!!!
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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

People need to stop bitching. It's going to give me a heart attack.

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Re: Punk & Heyman mocking King's heart attack

Dont see the big deal. Simply because Lawler didnt have a problem with it. And if he off all people doesnt have a problem with it, why the hell should I?
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