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Re: What does Vince see in Ryback that he can't see in Mason Ryan

Originally Posted by Ziggler Mark View Post

are you serious?!?!? Ryback got over on his OWN? Oh my...is this what the fans believe? Ryback was forcefully shoved down our throats. You want an example of a guy who got himself over? CM Punk, Mick Foley, Stone Cold, The Rock. But RYBACK isnt a guy who "got himself over"
I completely agree. They were forcing us to like him. There isn't much of a difference between Ryback and Mason Ryan.

Thank you Edge.

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Re: What does Vince see in Ryback that he can't see in Mason Ryan

the back of Ryback's head

seriously I could watch her do that all day..:bosh2

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Re: What does Vince see in Ryback that he can't see in Mason Ryan

I like Ryback. He just shuts up and does all the work. Fuck promos man.
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Re: What does Vince see in Ryback that he can't see in Mason Ryan

Ryback has more charisma and intensity. MAson Ryan is bland.


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Re: What does Vince see in Ryback that he can't see in Mason Ryan

Ryback is light years ahead of Ryan in the ring.

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Re: What does Vince see in Ryback that he can't see in Mason Ryan

Its just arbitrary, the WWE machine decided to pick one roided up juicehead to get behind, and that happened to be Skip Sheffield. It could've been anyone.

Also please stop saying Ryback "got himself over".. no he didn't. he had the WWE machine behind him 100% when he re-debuted as Roidback, and got forced down your throat every week and booked like he's invincible until now some of you accepted him.
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Re: What does Vince see in Ryback that he can't see in Mason Ryan

You guys are seriously lacking in brain cells if you think one catch phrase is the only difference between the two guys and why Ryback got over and Mason didn't.

Ryback has a better look. Mason Ryan is strong like Ryback, but his face is less intimidating, as is his hairstyle (though his hair looks better now than it did before). You could tell this during the nexus angle, when every Nexus member was in the ring together, "Skip Sheffield" literally jumped out of the pack with his look. I remember thinking right away, "damn, this guy looks like he's going to be on the show for years to come", just based on his face, the look in his eyes, and the fact that he was a body builder. And I didn't even like the nexus, but Ryback (Skip at the time), absolutely stood out then, and still does now.

Ryback didn't dangerously botch his moves multiple times. Yes he botched a couple lifts, but it didn't result in nearly breaking someone's neck like Mason did. . .twice. Remember Ziggler yelling at Mason Ryan mid-match for almost breaking his neck? He's green as fuck in the ring. Actually green, not, "omg this guy is green" troll comments like many uninformed clowns on here say about Ryback.

Ryback is american, Mason isn't. Not to seem nationalist at all, but WWE probably feels like they have enough international talent being pushed right now. There's a fuckload. Barret, Sheamus, Del Rio, Mysterio, Sin Cara, Cesaro, Santino (and 8 others, but they are either jobbers or don't appear on tv much, and 2 who are billed as foreign but aren't {Kofi, Tensai}). So that's 15 (17) international guys on the roster, and half of them are being pushed pretty hard right now.

Ryback has a lot more charisma. Mason Ryan has a cardboard personality. Ryback is also more intimidating based on his actions, not just his body type.

He's better in the ring, with a larger, safer moveset that is more exciting.

And finally, yes, he does have a better gimmick and catch phrases. But no, he isn't squashing people any less. Mason Ryan was too. So was Brodus Clay, Tensai, Zeke Jackson, Great Khali, Titus O'Neil, and every other powerhouse guy in recent WWE history.

There's a lot of reasons why Ryback is better, and is liked more by Vince and company. He's better in just about every category imo.

Maybe Mason Ryan will get another shot (he's still with the company after all), but I doubt it will be similar to the push Ryback is now getting. . .because he's just not as good.
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Re: What does Vince see in Ryback that he can't see in Mason Ryan

Ryback has a better look, is better in the ring (and more experienced), and gotten himself over via squash matches.

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Re: What does Vince see in Ryback that he can't see in Mason Ryan


The reason why we don't get fresh ideas and promotions rising in American Pro Wrestling is because the majority of the community is happy with the same old shit and will reject any chance of change. There is a risk in doing new things, 9 times out of 10, it leads to 50+ pages of bitching and moaning. While business gets turned into a dictatorship and more and more out of touch. Support the indies, support New Pro Wrestling.
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Re: What does Vince see in Ryback that he can't see in Mason Ryan

Yet again the IWC are morons. Believe it or not people have different opinions to you. A large percentage of people on this forum really like Ryback, and an even bigger percentage of fans at the live shows really like Ryback apart from maybe... 3 or four people in the crowd who insist on showing how retarded they are by chanting "Goldberg" just because he's a big, bald guy that wins matches.... Clever!

"He was forced down our throats, we were MADE to like him!!!" This is the most idiotic statement I've read in a long time. And you people complain that some people don't get enough TV time. Ryback got 5 minutes a week to put on a squash match without ANY mic time at all for months and you call that force feeding? Please, turn off the computer and come out of the basement, he hasn't had any more tv time than Hell No, Cena, Punk, Rhodes Scholars, or even people like Kingston.
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