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What are your storyline ideas that would improve WWE?

What are your ideas for storylines that would improve the product?
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Re: What are your storyline ideas that would improve WWE?

as I wrote in another thread. Miz face change, he comes from the future and are here for saving AJ from the terminator from the future Ryback who are sent back to kill her before she gives birth to fruity pebbles jr.
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Re: What are your storyline ideas that would improve WWE?

Something involving a return of a pushed Finlay together or against Sheamus would be nice (as long as Hornwoggle wouldn't stick his nose in it)

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Re: What are your storyline ideas that would improve WWE?

Isn't the Be-the-Booker section pretty much dedicated to this?

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Re: What are your storyline ideas that would improve WWE?

Make Cena a dictator who destroy everything who isn't PG
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Re: What are your storyline ideas that would improve WWE?

They would never do/say some of the things I'm going to mention, but here it goes:

R-Truth heel turn:

R-Truth fails to win the US title, so he challenges Joey for the IC title. After losing clean, he loses his temper, but he doesn't turn on him. He asks for a rematch, he loses clean again. Truth snaps and beats the hell out of him, smoking another cigarette in the process (gotta calm his nerves ya'll).

Truth grabs the mic and cuts this promo:
This past year, I have been a damn corporate sell out. Vince McMahon tells me that he wants to put Lil Jimmy on a shirt, and in order for that to happen, I have to be a good R-Truth. I have to be kid friendly. I have to tap dance and kiss ass. The truth is, my continuous call out of Lil Jimmy and the conspiracies in this company against me was too controversial because Linda McMahon was running for office. So I was forced to change my behavior or else I would be terminated from the company. A company that can't give me a raise, but can pour 90 million dollars into a failed election. Guess what Linda, guess what Vince? I voted Democrat. That's right, I voted against you. And as far as I'm concerned, the entire McMahon family can kiss my ass.

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Re: What are your storyline ideas that would improve WWE?

1. Del Rio versus Ricardo Rodriguez and Memo Montenegro : fratricidal feud for honor and redemption.

If WWE creatives were at least a little creative, they would use the fact that Alberto Del Rio, Ricardo Rodriguez and Memo Montenegro are related.

I can easily imagine one story about family's legacy, honor, brotherhood, treason, greed, dishonor, fear of failure, masks and their symbolics in lucha and finally redemption.

Turn the light on and imagine (of course the dialogue would have more spanish words on TV)

Del Rio is beating Ricardo in the ring for one cheating failure during one match. The poor guy is crying and betting his master to stop surprisingly calling him hermano (brother).

We suddendly hear Del Rio's music but with somebody else's pictures on the screen. One unknown man goes down the ramp and up into the ring. He took a microphone and speaks to Alberto ...

My brother, I thought you would change. I thought you would finally become one honorable man and stop deceiving our family. Stop this senseless beating and this senseless joke of your life.

Del Rio stops to beat Ricardo and looks at him surprised, almost afraid and in shock while Ricardo hides behind the new comer. The new comer looks at Ricardo and asks him to stop worrying.

Don't worry Ricardo your second brother is here.

He turns to Alberto

Alberto you are a shame for the family. You were supposed to protect and to help our younger brother and I see that you turned him into your own chihuaha ...

Del Rio tries to answer in spanish, he speaks quickly we can't understand anything. The new comer suddendly takes a lucha mask out of his pocket and holds it to him before to speak.

Older brother do you remember this mask ? Do you remember your own family ? Do you remember your honor ? You were La Escencia De La Excelencia. As good as our uncle, El Grande Mil Máscaras, and now you are just one angry dog hungry about wealth.


You were a member of our familly, you were a Rodriguez and you chose to change your name. You gave up your mask and you gave up your name. You are a shame for your blood and for all luchardores del Mexico.


I was sent here by our uncle, you lost your name and you lost your money. You are now disinherited and deprived from the family wealth.

Del Rio is confused and seems to begin to cry. He can't articulate a word and falls on his knees. The new comer throws down the mask in front of him and goes out of the ring with Ricardo, but stops at the entrance of the ramp and turns again to one crying Alberto left alone in the ring

Remember who you were my brother. You were a technicos, a good guy, one honest man.

The unknown wrestler and Ricardo leave the arena and begin one tag team career while Del Rio disappears in obscurity.

Five weeks later : we see Alberto Del Rio coming into the ring after one long absence. He holds a mask in his hand and begins to speak about his familly, his dreams about wrestling and about honor. He tells us that he wishes to avenge his honor and goes with his two brothers in one fratricidal feud.


This feud will last approximately twenty weeks full of great matches and finishes in one happy end when Del Rio's decides to save his brothers from another wrestler and to wear his mask again. The Rodriguez are now well established on WWE.

Alberto Rodriguez : tweener individual masked wrestler
Guillermo and Ricardo : tag team (unmasked or not)

We can even use a story prologue with one mysterious masked Chimaera randomly attacking luchadores (Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio, Hunico, Epico and even Del Rio) showing that RR sought recognition from Del Rio and introducing this character.

It's possible to use Hunico and Epico and to create one new tag team if they act as hitmen for Del Rio. At the end of the story (redemption), one short feud between them and the Rodriguez family would be awesome to finish the story.

But I am not a WWE creative ...

2. Antonio Cesaro versus Santino : a struggle for recognition versus a former friend and xenophobia.

If you wish to promote him the cheap way as a dominant and vicious hell, you can simply use Santino and Italy.

Let's turn the TV on

Cesaro enters the ring (with a swiss entrance, alphorns are mandatory) and begins a typical "swiss promo" about his greatness and his aim in WWE :

- "My family name is Cesaro and I will, like the great Caius Julius Ceasar, my ancestor, conquer WWE and be proud to tell triumphally Veni, Vidi, Vici. I saw, I went and I won. As you probably know I am not only European, but swiss. Yes Switzerland the best country in Europe. The perfect mix between France, Germany and Italy".

Santino arrives :
- "Oh you are Italian. Santa Madonna di Parma, I am Italian too. We are perhaps relatives ?".

Cesaro :
- I am not Italian (insert italian insult). I am swiss."

Santino :
- But your name is Italian and you speak italian.

Cesaro :
"insults Santino in italian, french, german, english and slowly gets mad".

Santino continues to annoy him about Italy and the link between Italy and Ticino (the italian part of Switzerland) until Cesaro suddendly jumps on him and begins to destroy the poor Santino. A few faces (let's say 8 wrestlers) quickly rush out of the locker room to stop him. Cesaro beat each other cleanly in a row and finish by one handicap situation fighting two wrestlers alone.

At the end, he finishes Santino with both the UFO and the awesome giant swing.

Next week and later

He decides to explain his action (pride, honor, shame of comedian wrestlers insulting pro-wrestling) and challenges any wrestler in the locker room to confront him. Ryback comes out and the match finished as a draw (yes a draw means no winner). Weeks after weeks Cesaro continues to challenge random wrestlers (faces and heels) and to win matches until a new challenger appears. Kassius "The king of KO" Ohno who comes out from the public and asks for one contract to make this arrogant *insult* shut up.

They begin a short feud (4 weeks) until one pivotal point when they have to ally against two jealous wrestlers trying to interfere (Ryback and Damien Sandow). We now have one tag team feud during 10 weeks : Cesaro and Kassius VS Sandow and Ryback with locker room vicious attacks and brainwashing (Sandow is a genius remember that), violence and blood (Ryback).

At the end of the feud we have two face well established wrestlers (Kassius and Cesaro) and two new heels (Ryback and Sandow) ready to begin a solo careers alongside mandatory tag team actions for KOW.

Cesaro should basically be one neutral selfish tweener, Kassius Ohno one face and Sandow, Ryback heels.


- Cesaro : Proud swiss wrestler, considering himself as the "crème de la crème", multilingual and highly intelligent. Fight for himself, for pleasure or for money (money addicted Swiss), selfish but always ready to help his new friend Kassius Ohno. His main motivations are glory and the need to prove that his tiny country isn't rubbish. He often acts as a mercenary for heels or faces (tweener). He is highly serious (Regeln sind Regeln) and can play face (high sense of justice and hates cheaters) or as a heel (selfish).

3. Vince gets old and sells WWE to one chinese-based businessman (secretly Shane). This storyline would need a lot of asian wrestlers and the creation of one WWE sponsored chinese pro-wrestling company. It's probably too costly, but it would help WWE to frankly enter into the chinese market and why not to get new wrestling styles (modern wushu oriented) and many asian prospects.

Hong Kong has already one pro-wrestling federation : http://www.youtube.com/user/HKWFofficalChannel and there are a lot of smaller ones in Mainland China.

Imagine if those guys (not wrestlers) become wrestlers ...

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Re: What are your storyline ideas that would improve WWE?

Some random diva gets called up from NXT to play a devious Punk-like character that provokes Daniel Bryan to break up team Hell No and address the problem that started this whole mess in the first place - AJ. Therefore, setting up an AJ vs. Bryan match that ends in a draw.

(if anybody is interested, I'll post details per request and request only)
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Re: What are your storyline ideas that would improve WWE?

Kane goes totally insane and reveals that putting the mask back on was all a ploy to make him marketable again. He takes his anger out on the entire roster and management, and embraces who he truly is over the course of several months, being driven more insane to the point that all human qualities he ever had are totally gone. Finally, after a long path of destruction only one person stands in his way - The Undertaker. They agree that they will have a match at Wrestlemania, on the condition that no matter what happens, it will be the last match either of them ever competes in. Kane wins, finally having proper revenge on Undertaker after all these years, and they disappear into urban legend.

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Re: What are your storyline ideas that would improve WWE?

Orton turns heel based on the idea that WWE suspended him for violating the wellness policy (again). He starts going on a massive rampage attacking all of the clean cut do gooder babyfaces on the roster, his motivation being about how the WWE used to be a place where rock stars worked, but now the 'E is just a haven for politically correct muppets who do what they're told. Obviously him being a pro-drugs heel would make sense in WWE's current climate. Orton could also work in that whole 'no fucks given' middle finger to the crowd which would obviously lead to some sort of suspension in the angle, highlighting the overt political correctness that he's fighting against. Some new up and coming babyface would finally stop him, leading to a potential new star being created.

If that happened in the 90's he would probably be a face with RTC against him as heels. It's weird how perspectives change with time.
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