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Re: What are your storyline ideas that would improve WWE?

Punk vs Triple H - this should have been the modern day Austin/McMahon, it should be an 'ongoing' feud always in the background and in fact theirs nothing wrong with turning the tables on it with 'The Boss' being the face and Punk being the 'Heel' you could always flip flop it IMO and it would work but with both always being at each others throats.

Does John Cena still have it? - Should have been an ongoing storyline for the 'Wrestling Calender year' with all his feuds keeping this theme and calls for 'embracing the hate' and so on with a 'will he wont' turn type deal.

Ryback's Rise - They've done this well, only thing I would have changed was not having him get his hands on Punk so much.

Midcard Faction for Dolph or Miz - helps get one of them over.

Unification Feuds/PPV - this is 1 or even 2 months worth of storyline that would be interesting, all the Champions unify.

I think that's atleast somethings they could have and should have had.

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Re: What are your storyline ideas that would improve WWE?

have cena turn heel, then half the fans would love him again aha

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Re: What are your storyline ideas that would improve WWE?

1. Bring in some of those indy guys in FCW to join a stable with Punk, Bryan, and Cesaro to try to take over the WWE and start a "Revolution" against the WWE made guys.

CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Antonio Cesaro, Kassuis Ohno, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose feud with John Cena, Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, The Miz(face turn), Rey Mysterio, Mick Foley, and The Rock making appearances.

2. Turn Randy Orton heel and give him the World title, turn Ziggler face to feud with him over it.

3. Give Alberto Del Rio the Intercontinental title and have him use his money that he supposedly has in order to pay people off to win matches, coming out in expensive cars is not enough of a gimmick. He needs to buy his way to his destiny, so you can build him up this way until people care enough about him for him to go after main titles.

4. Give AJ Lee the Diva's championship and focus the diva's division around her. AJ Lee and Eve are the only divas the fans actually care about.

5. Make a new Nation of Domination type stable, with Mark Henry, Primetime Players, R-Truth, and a heel Theodore Long.

6. Give Swagger back the eagle suit.

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a ryback led group of the 3 man band baby! give heath slater the us champ

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Re: What are your storyline ideas that would improve WWE?

Unify the World Heavyweight and WWE Championships. CM Punk is the new unified Champion declaring himself The Best in the World. Since the World Heavyweight Championship no longer exists, the SmackDown Money in the Bank can now go towards the WWE Championship. Dolph Ziggler turns face by cashing in the briefcase and challenging Punk to a match for the WWE Championship. Ziggler wins the title in a hard fought match.

John Cena wins the Intercontinental Championship. He successfully defends it for a few months, boosting its prestige back to pre-Attitude level before dropping the belt to Daniel Bryan.
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Cmpunk fueds with vince as cm punk says hes on a crusade to make wwe "less child friendly" saying hes not pg! And demands vince makes wwe back to pg13 or else.
HHH has his thoughts in the ring with punk. Hayman says to hhh about how good ecw and the attitude era was
Leads to a match cm punk vs hhh in last man standing if punk wins then goes pg13 if hhh wins cm punk will never be champ again

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Re: What are your storyline ideas that would improve WWE?

  • Alberto Del Rio/JBL money alliance. ADR paying off camera men and fans to interfere on his behalf and hiring PTP (millions of dollars) as his hencemen.
  • Leo Kruger arrives to feud with Justin Gabriel. He knows a secret... (that Gabriel is really a woman, only joking!
  • Kofi Kingston/The Miz double turn.
  • Return of the Hall of Pain - with Henry targetting The Ryback, who is given a slightly different look upon return.
  • Dolph Ziggler (still a heel) and AJ (still a face) romance.
  • The MITB briefcase/contract is stolen.
  • Michael McGillicutty repacked as comedy character Joe Average.
  • R-Truth suffers amnesia; he believes he is the president of the USA.
  • Carlito returns to manage Primo and Epico.
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Re: What are your storyline ideas that would improve WWE?

Originally Posted by Eclairal View Post
Make Cena a dictator who destroy everything who isn't PG
already been done

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Re: What are your storyline ideas that would improve WWE?

Get sandow the fuck away from the bland cody rhodes before it ruins any momentum/heat that he had and get him the ic belt or even one of the two main belts, mark henry comes back to wreak havoc on all of wwe, taking the hall of pain to a new level and holding the whc for half a year at least. Id have john cena go on a swagger like run of defeats jobbing to the likes of the 3mbbaaaaaaaaby. And last but not least id have r truth back on his heel turn coz that shit was funny and in this pg world truth throwing juice over that dad was actually quite good and got him alot of heat. You're welcome!!!


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