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Kane's Mask

Does anybody think the mask Kane wears as he walks down to the ring is stupid/pointless? He wears the mask to take it off to expose his in-ring mask! Sorry I do like kane but this has kind of been bothering me now and I just don't see the point as to why he wears 2 masks.

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Kane's Mask

He wears that mask for 1 minute during his entrance. How does this bother you is beyond me. I didn't even noticed the mask lately because I skip most of the entrances. If you don't like it, just look away for a minute or two during his entrance.

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Re: Kane's Mask

It's just an accessory to make his entrance seem "cooler". First he had a mask, then he unmasked an had a towel over his head for a while, then nothing, and now a mask again lol.

(Oh, and at one point he had a burlap bag but that didn't end well. )
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Re: Kane's Mask

I personally like it. Sure it's kind of pointless to have a mask over a mask but it looks badass so it doesn't bother me.

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Re: Kane's Mask

I think it's wicked awesome.

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Kane's Mask

You think thats stupid and pointless? Think again:

At least Kane's mask is different and it looks pretty bad ass, it makes me remember Undertaker taking off his hat for some reason.

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Re: Kane's Mask

Somehow, I think maybe that helps him see his way down to the ring? With the smoke, and the red lighting, maybe he can't really see through the mask during his entrance, so uses that mask to make it easier?

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Re: Kane's Mask

The only thing I don't like about Kane's new mask(s) is the way his hair fountains over the top of his head. Would look better slicked back.
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Re: Kane's Mask

I find nothing wrong with Kane wearing a extra mask to the ring. That just makes Kane that much more epic and original. It is just a entrance where and nothing more. I don't know how the hell that could annoy someone.

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Re: Kane's Mask

I liked the "under a mask there is another mask" it was supposed to make you think "under this monster there is another monster"... now that the serious monster gimmick is dead again is becoming pointless but it's far from bothering me.

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