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John Cena's Legacy: Should the WWE just stop trying?

Just curious. John Cena has been a face of the WWE for several years now, and during those years he has always been receiving that mixed reaction.

No face at their peak, that I know of, have received such a tight mixed reaction as John Cena has. He probably is the first WWE babyface to have such a split reaction too. Bret Hart, Steve Austin or Hogan never had boos as loud as Cena's during the peaks in their career. And even when they did, especially with The Rock, the choice was made that a heel turn would make it more legit when The Rock was starting to be boo'ed around the time he started making movies and turned into "Hollywood Rock" it was because of the mixed reaction he was getting as a face.

With John Cena we know he will never turn heel, at least not in a long, long time. So the WWE are really trying to make us like him. They made him do many things to get as much of a good reaction as possible like side with the audience but always came across as cheap, he chooses the right words in a promo to try and get cheap pops, like "I am enjoying my time here in <insert state here> tonight", or sucking up to other more over faces to make the crowd cheer them looking like he's being cheered himself. Its almost insulting to watch. Now we have John Cena wearing his cancer charity tee-shirt and cap to try and get people liking him. Its coming across like the WWE are desperate to try and make us like him but no matter what they do they fail to achieve it.

With it being nearly 6 years of trying to get the right reaction from the crowd, it doesn't seem to be working, surely something like this is affecting John Cena and the WWE back stage, they must be growing frustrated by the fact that John Cena is the only top babyface in the company to ever get such a reaction. They have spent years building this guy up and he hasn't got the reaction they probably initially desired.

John Cena will eventually go in the Hall of Fame. Will he go in there as the most controversial face the WWE have every had? Or maybe that's what they are intending in the long run now. I would say WWE have accepted it now and are just going with it, but that leads to the fact that the WWE are still rubbing all the good he is, in our faces every week.

What do you think, are the WWE really still trying to make John Cena a top baby face even though he is now past his peak, or are they going with the flow, or do you have another opinion?

Would love to hear from you on this matter.

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Re: John Cena's Legacy: Should the WWE just stop trying?

These days they have figured out how to make money from it so I don't think they're too fussed anymore. In say 2006 they probably were because they were really trying to establish him as the top face but many of the fans weren't having it. Once many of those fans got fed up and left it became much easier, especially when they totally changed his character and began targeting a younger audience.


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Re: John Cena's Legacy: Should the WWE just stop trying?

They should keep on capitalizing on it.
Depending on who Cena faces he can be both the biggest heel in the company and the biggest face , all in one match.
When he faced Punk and Rock we saw that this was evident and it will be when he faces off against Taker next year and possibly Ryback next year.
He might not make heels look strong but he sure as hell can put over a face more so than any other "heel" in the company.

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Re: John Cena's Legacy: Should the WWE just stop trying?

Another anti Cena thread.

Cena doesn't need to change anything for the fans or the company. His gimmick isn't stale, he's been getting great reactions this entire year. I think Vince has done a great job with Cena this year getting him over with the fans. Believe it or not, Cena is next in line to become a legend (if he's not already one). He has accomplished what most wrestlers haven't in a span of 10+ years. It's hilarious how many of you can call Austin and The Rock the greatest of all time, yet they haven't been active wrestlers longer than Cena.
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Re: John Cena's Legacy: Should the WWE just stop trying?

It's a career marred with boos, You Cant Wrestle and Fuck you chants. You cant help it. Shame though, he's a tremendous talent but this is what happens when you over-push a superstar like that. I hope they wise up with Sheamus coz he's heading in the same path.
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Re: John Cena's Legacy: Should the WWE just stop trying?

I know i'll be hit with accusations that im overeacting but the guys ruining his legacy with each passing year.

All he does at this point is harm the guys he works with.


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Re: John Cena's Legacy: Should the WWE just stop trying?

The WWE enjoy the reaction,Wither its boos or cheers getting a reaction from the crowd is all what they give a shit about.
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Re: John Cena's Legacy: Should the WWE just stop trying?

To their credit, they have pretty much made the people that boo pretty much stop caring*. I was heavily anti-Cena following Extreme Rules earlier this year but even I wouldn't boo if I'd attend a show.

I think he needs to turn heel at some point to cement his legacy, though. He's already a legend and could retire now and still be a first ballot Hall of Famer but he still has enough in him to be part of more great, memorable moments.

* = Don't know about the past few months but around May time, Cena was almost getting 100% cheers.

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Re: John Cena's Legacy: Should the WWE just stop trying?

Originally Posted by Gandhi View Post
The WWE enjoy the reaction,Wither its boos or cheers getting a reaction from the crowd is all what they give a shit about.
Nah, that's just how they try and spin it. In reality though, it eats them alive that they can't get the fans to like John Cena. They tried everything in their power to brainwash the fans without success, and eventually it just got to a point where they decided they would just pretend that its apart of Cena's character to be booed by half the audience, "most controversial WWE superstar of all time" blah blah blah. There is nothing controversial about John Cena, he is just a poor mans Rock/Hogan who stands for the decline in the WWE television, where entertainment and appealing to a wide audience takes a back seat to selling some merchandise.

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Re: John Cena's Legacy: Should the WWE just stop trying?

He has potential but only a heel run. His face run has completely run its course. I was a HUGE fan of the Cena/Punk rivalry in 2011 but it just feels completely stale to the point where I haven't watched a RAW since August.

While I do fear that maybe a Cena heel run might suck, there's a huge possibility that it'll be one of the best heel runs ever. But people fail to see that. They just want Cena off the screen when Cena is primarily for an age group that doesn't include you or the rest of the IWC. But here's the facts: People DO pay money to boo Cena. And no, it's not "I paid money to cheer for _______" cause it's not true. That _________ could very well be just some midcarder or has one appearance for 15 minutes or less. Regardless, you came to boo the shit out of Cena. Booing Cena is an IWC pastime; most of it for good reason, but a lot of it just to do it.

Cena does have a legacy, filled with great matches, great feuds and just as much bad shit. He probably has one of the most unique legacies out there.

CM Punk vs. John Cena
Best Rivalry of 2011. Screw Rock vs Cena.

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