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Re: AJ/Vickie/Cena Storyline

This whole story is a hot mess and it all seems very rushed. Kissing John Cena must be like kissing a big wet bucket of clay.

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Re: AJ/Vickie/Cena Storyline

Cena started dating A.J. post divorce and post A.J. being fired from her manager duties. We've got a single guys in his early 30s dating a single woman in her mid 20s.

This is a scandal somehow?

To add insult to injury, the person leading the witch hunt has made her entire career out of inappropriate sexual relations with employees while put in a manager role. It isn't like an All American Asshole like Kurt Angle or some militaristic "family values" obsessed group like Right To Censor is behind it. It isn't like a religious fanatic like Bray Wyatt is feuding. No, you've got the Prime Time Pornstar, The Showoff and Vickie "I've slept with every male heel on Smackdown" Guerrero being the force of the persecution. I know people say that the hypocrisy is a perfect heel move but this angle isn't intelligent nor nuanced enough to go that route. This is just sloppy and logically incoherent filler.

Rumor has it that John Cena hates 3 hour RAW and the SuperShow concept and has smashed the company for going in the wrong direction and this Love Angle is a punishment angle. Well, the only people truly being punished are the fans. Especially paying ones who had to sit through nearly 20 minutes of this at a supposed Big 4 PPV.
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Re: Why on earth are they insisting on going with the whole Cena AJ crap?

Originally Posted by Bob the Jobber View Post
1. Are you suggesting that the #1 guy and face of the company would logically not be in the main event scene? Put aside our dislike for Cena's character.
You can still be in a high caliber feud without it requiring the main event slot each and every single month. The main event can be any of the top guys battling it out. It doesn't need to revolve around one guy-the fact that it does now is the WWE's choice, and part of the reason so few new stars are being created.

Originally Posted by Bob the Jobber View Post
2. And how would that be different than everything up to this point, barring two clean victories over Orton? At least it's now against a #1 guy.
Ziggler needs to win-the guy is gonna be the next WHC. Why would you have him lose and give a victory that will be completely meaningless to the #1 face, when for Ziggler it could mean a whole new level in terms of his career?

Originally Posted by Bob the Jobber View Post
3. Just because you don't like the divas or AJ, does not mean that the WWE don't see her as the top representative of that division and the most over they've had for quite some time. She's the John Cena for the teenage girls. They're pushing their two most over entertainers of each gender into a single storyline trying to capitalize (and like always, trying to get Cena some face rub).
Men will always be the driving force in wrestling. The divas division, entertaining when it was the women's division, is now a complete and utter joke. As you say, she's the John Cena for the teenage girls. The teenage girls who watch are a pretty minute demographic. Why exactly would anyone give a fuck about appealing to them? You can't please everybody, and that's the WWE's biggest problem. They are trying to appeal to every single little possible demographic instead of focusing on one or two things and doing them amazingly. Punk for the marks and adult males, Cena for the women and kids, Hornswoggle and Santino for the really little kids, AJ for the teenage girls, Carstyerio for the Mexicans, PTP/Kofi/Truth for the African Americans, Trips/Taker/Shawn for the nostalgia buffs, Rock for the Hollywood connections, etc. They need to stop devoting so much air time to appeal to such small demographics and just work towards the bigger picture.

Originally Posted by Bob the Jobber View Post
4. Sparring with Cena and Miz is good for him, IMO. Any other mic time would be meaningless compared to this top tier involvement he's getting.
This is a sad time for the WWE, when unless its in the main event, what you do doesn't matter. Ridiculous.

Originally Posted by Bob the Jobber View Post
5. How do you push a Rock storyline when Rock isn't around to push it?
Lots of things. They did all of those best of Raw vignettes for the 1000th episode for months. This is Rock's first title match in over 10 years-start building up showing his past big wins, then his title wins. Bring out legends like Mick and whatnot and have them build up the hype around just how great a competitor Rock is. Have him say "I remember our I Quit match from the '99 Rumble where he split my head open with a dozen chair shots, this man will do absolutely anything to win the title and I've experienced it. In fact, these stitches are living proof that when the title is involved, Rock will stop at nothing." Build up the mystique about just how much Rock amps up his game when its for the title. Do interviews with Rock and Jim Ross where Rock can show his serious side like he did with Austin leading up to WM 17. Have him appear via satellite, if its needed. There are so many ways you can build up Rock's big title match while not having him physically be there in the building in front of the crowd.

Or fuck, maybe they could devote some of the air time for this bullshit story to some of the other talent on the roster? A Cena/Ziggler feud is absolutely fine, but they don't need all the extra crap attached to it right now.

Originally Posted by Bob the Jobber View Post
In an ideal world the WWE title would be the main storyline and the champion would be the #1 guy in the company. This is reality however, Cena is still the #1 guy, the #1 draw and will remain in the main event whether he's involved in a title chase or not. Since this is the reality of the WWE as evidenced by the past year of Cena main eventing PPV after PPV without the title, this is the best possible scenario they could play out regardless of the content of the storyline (which I myself said was lackluster).
As I've already said, they CAN choose to go in another direction, but they are so afraid of taking even one egg out of the Cena basket that they will bank on him and him alone. That's the WWE's fault. Just have a Cena/Ziggler feud-what's the point of attaching all the rest of this crap to it when ultimately it will mean absolutely nothing and be forgotten within a week of it ending?

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Re: AJ/Vickie/Cena Storyline

What can we expect from the Cena/AJ love angle tonight on Raw???
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Re: AJ/Vickie/Cena Storyline

Originally Posted by Kelly Kelly fan View Post
What can we expect from the Cena/AJ love angle tonight on Raw???
Hopefully Ziggler owning Cena again while AJ looks on in shock.
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Re: Obvious storyline is obvious

Originally Posted by Stall_19 View Post
I don't understand how people connect Dolph/AJ? Seems like an odd combination.
What did it for me was that segment where Ziggler came up to AJ, wrapped his arm around her, and said something like "C'mon AJ...we all know what you like to do around here" or...something like that. She looked up at him all nervous like she had some guilty secret she's hiding and he just keeps that smug smirk on his face. Not to mention AJ has been more emotionally involved around Dolph so it wouldn't surprise me if there was an actual connection with those characters.

Originally Posted by Nostalgia View Post
Hopefully Ziggler owning Cena again while AJ looks on in shock.

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Re: AJ/Vickie/Cena Storyline

Hopefully the storyline ends tonight.
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Re: AJ/Vickie/Cena Storyline

I predict this storyline will come to an end when AJ hands a doctor's note to Vince. It's from her gynecologist and he has diagnosed her with extreme vaginal chafing

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Re: AJ/Vickie/Cena Storyline

Ziggler is like a 5th grade boy in this situation. In which he berates and scolds a girl when in secret he actually has a crush on her. I think it's been made pretty clear from the promo he cut last Monday and the one on Smackdown. I think we're in for a swerve unless Vince changes his mind at the last minute which is entirely possible of course.
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Re: AJ/Vickie/Cena Storyline

Originally Posted by skyman101 View Post
Hopefully the storyline ends tonight.
I doubt it. It will most likely come to a head at TLC.
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