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Re: AJ/Vickie/Cena Storyline

The most hilarious thing of this entire story is seeing the AJ/Cena fan girls fight with the AJ/Punk fangirls on social media.

Long drawn out, multiple hour fights, on who and why had better kisses.

So I guess Vince wins again.
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Re: AJ/Vickie/Cena Storyline

Originally Posted by Evilerk View Post
Cena knows 50 no's and a yes ..means yes

apparently AJ has become the Trish of our day..dating every guy she sees
Sad how WWE treats people the fans like. Guys like AJ, obviously her tonguing as much of the roster as possible for flimsy (OOC obvs and IC dolph said why) reasons at best. Sad, but such is how the wheel turns.

WWE is filled with 'Good Ol' Boys' in power positions. It is just how it is, and I will keep calling WWE, Pro Wrestling in USA, as well as some of it's fans out on this because it is bollox. I do notice an apparent effort being made to mitigate this somewhat, but time will ultimately tell.

Originally Posted by max314 View Post
I'm sick of anything that's been around longer than two weeks.
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Re: AJ/Vickie/Cena Storyline

The Vicke/AJ angle is terrible and needs to end. Let Dolph/Cena carry it on.

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Re: AJ/Vickie/Cena Storyline

Waiting on this horrible storyline to end so that AJ and Dolph can move on to much better things (AJ/Eve feud and Ziggler's WHC title run).

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Re: AJ/Vickie/Cena Storyline

The #SWERVE will be when AJ kisses Vickie.
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Re: AJ/Vickie/Cena Storyline

I'm still waiting for AJ to either wrestle or gtfo. All these storylines about who she is messing with is getting tiring. Hopefully, they just focus on Dolph/Cena and AJ wrestles or does ANYTHING besides talk, have an authority role, or be involved in some stupid "scandal" angle.

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Re: AJ/Vickie/Cena Storyline

I'm fine with this storyline if all of this leads to Dolph Ziggler getting major main event push and Ric Flair becoming new RAW GM.
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Re: AJ/Vickie/Cena Storyline

Ziggler is making this passable and it's getting him mic time which is helping immensely, can't complain.
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Re: AJ/Vickie/Cena Storyline

So the mixed tag team match sounds to me like a way to end the relationship storyline which I'm ok with. I don't see cena and aj "dating" likewise, I don't see aj turning on cena at all for dolph. So once that match happens the relationship scandal stuff is over and Cena and dolph can continue on in a real feud
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Re: AJ/Vickie/Cena Storyline

people will get over this story-line once Cena wins the Rumble/Elimination Chamber (EC most likely) and than goes to WM 29 to have a re-match with The Rock and win the WWE Championship, erasing his demons of his defeat of last year to The Great One and finally winning championship for almost nearly 2 years.

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