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Re: AJ/Vickie/Cena Storyline

Originally Posted by Gandhi View Post
Who will AJ Lee kiss next?
not you
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Re: AJ/Vickie/Cena Storyline

Originally Posted by Phenomenal One View Post
what a fucking bitch.. how many guys she has kissed since joining?? hooker like and another proof that divas in WWE would do anything on and off screen to keep their job.

I shouldn't even need to explain why.

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Re: AJ/Vickie/Cena Storyline

The only silver lining in this storyline is Ziggler.

AJ still can't act and is still annoying.

Vickie is still annoying and needs to go away.

Cena, I don't know what the fuck he's thinking these days ; he pretty much proved Vickie right in a way ; and he even hurt HIMSELF AND IT'S SOMEHOW ZIGGLER'S FAULT.

This needs to end and it needs to end in a good way for Ziggler but we all know that's not gonna happen ; it'll end with AJ and Cena working together to beat big ol' bad Mr.Ziggles and all can be right again ; then Cena can take AJ on more dates in his wrestling gear.

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Re: AJ/Vickie/Cena Storyline

I can get past the fact that the storyline make no sense. I can get past the fact that Cena is gonna pin Ziggler very soon. I can't get past how much mic time this story has given to Vickie she's one of the worst actors in the WWE and sounds like a drunk child. It's excruciating.
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Re: AJ/Vickie/Cena Storyline

These segments make me laugh a lot. They're terrible and it passing the suggestion process is beyond me, but damn, I enjoy it like I enjoy watching The Shockmaster debut or Robocop saving Sting. It's stupid and weird, and it's what wrestling storytelling has been like for decades.

The crowd's reactions, especially the smark-ish crowd in Birmingham, you can tell they're just having fun with it because it's just typical WWE nonsense. Going "OHHHHHHHH" when they show an incriminating video must be a laugh when you're there live.
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Re: AJ/Vickie/Cena Storyline


I'm still at a loss to what they're hoping to accomplish here. Only thing I can think is mixing AJ's fanbase of little girls with Cena's fanbase of little boys to create a super fanbase of all the children under the age of 9.

So we can have you can't see me, skip offs during commercial breaks.
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Re: AJ/Vickie/Cena Storyline

This has been a very good story so far and I've enjoyed all the segments that they had so far. It a more mature raunchy story that I really enjoy.

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Re: AJ/Vickie/Cena Storyline

If this ends with AJ Lee being with Ziggler, I am going to break something. # 1 I hate the guy. Also Because when he wins the WHC and she is with him, its going to end exactly like Bryan/AJ Lee. People will say no, but odds are 100% Ziggler gets tired of AJ Lee and than treats her like crap, and will blame her once he loses the WHC. Only way they would work is if Ziggler turns face, and I am serious. Turning AJ Lee heel won't accomplish anything, but another Bryan relationship that will end up in disaster. Also another Cena/Eve rehash with Cena trashing the diva all over the place and looking like a saint. And Kaitlyn & Layla will be all alone in the baby-face department in the division, because they never use Natalya (shame), Fox turns more than a freaking flip-flopper (she sucks anyways), Naomi is stuck in bullshit, Aksana is heel (sexy one in that), Rosa rarely wrestles & a heel, Tamina returned as heel, Vickie is the main woman heel, & Eve is the main diva heel.

Really the smart way to go if they want to put AJ Lee with Dolph Ziggler (hope they don't in the end) is turn the show-off face. WWE can find a way to do it in the current storyline, regardless of Cena being involved, they just have to be creative.

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When John kissed AJ, was there consent given before-hand?

I'm sure many fans of Cena's swooned over it and wanted to be in her place and all that, but looking at it impartially, it seemed a tad creepy.

Cena pretty much just said "I hope you don't mind" and did it. Did anyone pick up on any cues from AJ that she wanted to be kissed? Could something like that be considered sexual assault (if it weren't scripted)?

I mean yeah, after the fact, AJ jumped him and did it twice as hard, but that's different because by initiating the kiss he gave nonverbal consent.

Obviously there is some double standards to being upset only about this situation. The way AJ jumped onto Kane and kissed him in the past was much more aggressive and she clearly did not get consent from him beforehand.

If we look at the power of the people involved though, it's a bit different. It's harder to perceive Kane as a victim because he's older, stronger, an established part of the roster. AJ is young, weak and still getting her career started.

Had she still been the GM it would be different if Cena kissed her because she could use her authority to punish him for it, but as a (low-ranking, in terms of ring record) diva, she doesn't really have any authority to see him punished for it.

Maybe this is bickering over scraps, because WWE obviously has many cases of assault that happen which would be prosecuted IRL, but usually (because in PG, sex is worse than violence) cases of sexual assault are less frequently done, and they tend to be subtle and with female aggressors.

People would not want to look at Cena as an aggressor here, but it's the most assertive I've seen a male superstar be with a female one in a long time, especially considering the current power imbalance.
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Re: When John kissed AJ, was there consent given before-hand?

Definitely scripted and pre-planned. Almost everything is these days.
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