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Re: AJ/Cena/Vickie Storyline

Please just end this storyline...

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Re: AJ/Cena/Vickie Storyline

Originally Posted by Emotion Blur View Post
This makes me wonder...Has there ever been a MITB Holder who got to a championship match without cashing in? Then if they lose the match (and don't win the championship), they can just turn the briefcase in for an on-the-spot re-match?
Don't think so. Daniel Bryan got a #1 Contender's match last year against Mark Henry but lost that match and obviously didn't cash-in afterwards. It is something the WWE hasn't done yet, but something I could see happening at some point in the future. Perhaps even with Ziggler.

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the thing I hate most about the "scandal" storyline ...

What hasn’t really been addressed is why AJ having an “affair” with a wrestler would cause her to resign from her position as GM. What I don’t get is that, hey, remember when AJ got her job? Vince McMahon appointed her as the General Manager Of Raw in the middle of her wedding to a WWE Superstar. What gave him the idea to PUT her in that position? HER RELATIONSHIPS WITH THREE DIFFERENT SUPERSTARS AT ONCE.

So here’s the rundown: If you are married to Edge, commit adultery by making out with Big Show or be a “cougar” for a much younger guy and do some kind of weird sexual blackmail thing to give people opportunities, that’s fine.
If you marry your abusive ex-boyfriend because he told you he loved you, dress up like a superstar because you want him to sleep with you or make out with the fire-murdering monster who has storyline killed one of his exes, that’s also fine.
Have dinner with John Cena once? YOU ARE FIRED!!!

That says less about how WWE treats women, and more about how much of a man-boner Vince McMahon has for John Cena.

TNA is growing BIG and standing strong ! best wishes for them in the future !!

wwe has become so much better with a lot of my favourite wrestlers featured in it everyday ! but .. most of them are still misused ... but I still try to enjoy it as much as I can ...

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Re: the thing I hate most about the "scandal" storyline ...

The "creatives" surely are on crack!

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: the thing I hate most about the "scandal" storyline ...

This has come up several times.

My belief on why they are doing it is that when presented the Claire Lynch story-line, Vince said "We can do it better"; just like he did with the 'previously on' thing. So they dropped all continuity and everything to do this story-line with basically the same people as TNA did, the person in charge and the top face.

Plus, WWE has never been known for their continuity, they don't care about past.
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Re: the thing I hate most about the "scandal" storyline ...

you're putting logic into a wwe storyline, this where you're going wrong.

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Re: the thing I hate most about the "scandal" storyline ...

Pretty much spot on. Just doesn't make sense. If they are wanting to pair Cena and Aj together then just do it and end this storyline, though, I'm not really for putting them together. Face couples aren't as exciting as heel couples.
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Re: the thing I hate most about the "scandal" storyline ...

If vickie wanted to get aj fired...she succeeded....now what the rest of this shit is about makes no sense.

Yes I know vickie is a heel, but she accomplished her goal, there's no need to continue with the dumb segments unless its aj trying to clear her name.
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Re: the thing I hate most about the "scandal" storyline ...

Here's the deal. It was made pretty explicitly clear in the "It is what it is" conversation between Mr. McMahon and Cena that nobody in the Board of Directors actually believed AJ & John had an affair. AJ being fired was a result of her being incompetent as GM, the affair was the 'excuse.'

After the firing, one is supposed to guess that Vickie only persists because she is a small-minded and petty character. Not because it has anything to do with good governance of the WWE's flagship program.

I'm guessing it will end up with Vickie being proven just as destructive as AJ, and also removed.
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AJ should just call Vickie a BITCH!/Vickie has wasted potential

Instead of twisting it around like saying a witch but something that rhymes with it. Imagine the crowd reaction when someone finally calls Vickie a "bitch" stop being so PG about it and just let someone say it and it will get a huge reaction.

Whether you like it or not Vickie is a great character that is being wasted with no one getting a babyface rub from her (Only heels seem to be getting the rub) trust me WWE could use this character like Jericho got massively over using Stephanie McMahon as his punchline. This is an example of when PG/WWE limits get in the way of something. PG/Fat jokes won't cut it and the crowd don't even react to them anymore.
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