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Ziggler loses MITB angle? (long read)

Before you read, if this is to long I feel like the last two paragraphs really sum this all up. Your thoughts please?

Eventually I think that it's more important to try, and possibly turn Ziggler "face". Right now he is a heel, so he can do still do the heel things that can come back to haunt him later on. Ziggler should first start something with another heel, and it should be with a heel Diva like Eve Torres. The two should start to "date", and this makes Vickie a little bit jealous. However, Vickie is only acting jealous, as this would all be part of the master plan. Give it a month, or so with these two. Eve begins to tell Dolph she thinks it's his time, and that together as champions they could be a success story.

Over the weeks Vickie tells Dolph that she thinks he needs to propose to Eve. Dolph is shocked, and thought Vickie was jealous the whole time, but that he was already a step ahead of her, and bought a ring anyhow. She tells him she is a "Guerrero", and her husband was a "legend", and she tells Dolph no disrespect and all. Dolph feels honored, and follows up by telling Vickie that this is like a blessing from his "grandmother". Vickie laughs it off, and tells Dolph that since this is business, and she lined him up for a match that should put him at the top of the card. Vickie tells Dolph she just needs him to sign here. He does so willingly without reading, and he shows more concern to the huge diamond he spent on her. Dolph looks at his phone, and gets a text from Eve. He goes to locker room, but she isn't there, and then hears what sounds like the voice of Eve shout "Get off of me, help!". He runs to see where she is, and he is suddenly knocked to the floor.

Scene changes, and we see Eve being forced in to a car speeding off in the distance. Back to Dolph, and we see someone standing over him. It's Alberto Del Rio, and then we hear the voice of Vickie walking towards Del Rio. She tells him the match has been made. Dolph signed the contract earlier to put his MITB contract on the line vs Del Rio. They leave the briefcase with an unconscious Ziggler, and walk away laughing. The following week live on Raw Del Rio explains that Ziggler didn't read the fine print above the dotted line Vickie has asked him to sign. Alberto explains that Ziggler should have read the fine print, and so since he didn't he will lose two things he loves most. His MITB, and Eve will forever be gone. Del Rio states that should Ziggler win then obviously he keeps what is nearest to him.

However Del Rio says that Ziggler has no chance of winning because Del Rio is "Destined" to become World Heavyweight Champion. Del Rio explains that his "Empire" is growing, and that Vickie is just the beginning. Del Rio tells Ziggler that he signed a contract that could leave him with nothing. Ziggler addresses Del Rio, and tells him he wants to see Eve in person once they have their match. Del Rio tells him no, and out comes AJ. She then tells Del Rio she will have the contract shredded if Eve is not in the building prior to their match, and at ring side. Del Rio agrees, and tells Ziggler he would love to see Eve watch in agony her lovely Dolph lose to him.

Their match is for the MITB contract, and apparently Eve as well. They have their match, and it ends in controversy. Ultimately Eve turns on Ziggler, and joins, Vickie, Ricardo, and Del Rio in the ring hand to hand celebrating screwing over Dolph Ziggler "The Dumbest Blond in America". They could work off that heat of how stupid, or dumb Ziggler is for falling in to this brilliant trap that Del Rio planned. They air the footage live on Raw the following week after the win. We come to find that Wade Barrett had a part in all of this as well. We see Eve, and Ricardo faking the abduction of Eve. Camera shows Eve just standing their dressed to kill with Ricardo on his cell phone.

She screams her "lines". Eve, and Ricardo are running over to a parked car. It's the same one we see with her being "forced" in to. We come to find that this was a ruse, and that Eve was actually going out to wine, and dine with none other than Wade Barrett. Eve, and Barrett had been dating for some time now, and she explains that Dolph just all of sudden started coming on to her. Obviously a lie on her part, but that's her role as a heel. Wade says that in other words you don't mess with another man's possessions. Del Rio is shown then hosting the dinner, and he hands Barrett a check. Other guests there would be Antonio Cesaro who brings the wine, William Regal who would propose the toast, and possibly Rhodes Scholars to "roast" Ziggler, and his stupidity. Each person would go around the table, and make a comment, or joke about how stupid Ziggler is.

This in turn humiliates Ziggler, and could easily set him up for a "face" turn. We don't see from him for weeks. The main focus is to really push hard on him from the "heel" side so that fans can really feel bad for him, and in turn get behind him, and certainly turn him "face". Over the course of time that Ziggler is gone Del Rio cashes in his MITB title, and of course Wade helps him win the title over Sheamus. While this has all happened vignettes would air showing Del Rio, Eve, Vickie, Ricardo, Barrett, and some other heel talents partying, all at the expense of Del Rio. Again making fun of Ziggler. However, at some point Ziggler gets the best of all of them.

Ziggler would show up to one of these "events", and crash the party. It's got to have that impact moment that really puts him over as a credible "face" to get in to. He crashes the party, and takes on all. Busting wine bottles over heads, using chairs, and acting like a man with rage. Then once everyone is in shock, he cuts a promo shouting about being the best in ring performer alive in the WWE today, and he'll earn his shot at the World title unlike any of the losers in this party. He leaves, and then comes back with a fire extinguisher, and sprays everyone in sight. Security, and Police have to arrest him, and take him away.

The following week Raw opens with Ziggler in the middle of the ring with a baseball bat in his hand. He says that as a kid he loved baseball, and that he realized he could have been great at that, but there was something about hearing the fans of professional wrestling. Ziggler says that his whole life all he heard was that Baseball was an American sport that could never be surpassed as America's Game. Dolph says that for him Professional Wrestling was America's Game. He says that his whole life was meant to put him here in this ring, and give it the best he could to each person who sits live in that audience. Dolph says all that came to a screeching halt when he was lied to, manipulated, humiliated, and then beaten out of him all for a briefcase.

He says he doesn't need to climb a ladder to prove he is worth anything more than he already is. Ziggler says he is the "Show Off, and if you don't like it then do it better". He needs to cut a promo that really pushes this whole story of how he was made to look to stupid, and humiliated. That has to be the fuel to his promo. If he can show the edge, or intensity with something like this the fans could really get behind him, and put him over as a top "face" for the shows. Giving him the spotlight, and giving him a role to put himself over will show his character. I have seen threads on here, and myself included commenting on how bland he is. Which right now he is. Partially due to nothing being in writing for him in terms of a story. He is just roaming around with a contract.

Most of you would probably not like to hear that Del Rio is behind any of this, but at the same time he is certainly believable from a character stand point. He has money, power, and has been involved with Sheamus for the World title on many occasions now. Why would this be any different? This shows depth to his character that he would do whatever it takes to get his World Title back from Sheamus. These are things heels do, and from a creative standpoint it makes perfect sense. Del Rio hosting yacht parties, buying gifts for his friends, and showing his worth makes sense as well. Alberto isn't turning "face" any time soon. This "Empire of Excellence" doesn't necessarily have to be a stable, but consists of close friends, and acquaintances of Alberto's. When Del Rio is live on Raw, or taped on Smackdown he would only be seen with Vickie, Eve, and Ricardo while the wrestlers at his parties would just be close friends. You wouldn't turn Del Rio "face" until Ricardo turns on him, and reveals to the world that he is behind the "Empire of Excellence". Thats another story.
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Re: Ziggler loses MITB angle? (long read)

This angle is so fucking good... so much good that theres no way it gonna happen

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Re: Ziggler loses MITB angle? (long read)

That is so awesome. The only things that I would be skeptical about would be that the whole 'humiliated by Eve' thing has been done before (although not to that extent) and was pretty damaging for Ryder, they would have to be careful that humiliating Ziggler didn't ruin his credibility and he still looked strong. Also, I'm pretty sure Del Rio would ruin the whole thing with his stupid accent and shit-eating grin. Apart from that, it's way too good for WWE.

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Re: Ziggler loses MITB angle? (long read)

Read most of it, seems good.

And when something is good, it means WWE won't do anything like it

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Re: Ziggler loses MITB angle? (long read)

Yeah, I think reading the entire thing will do justice. That whole scenario would do wonders for both Rio, Ziggles, and Wade's "open for business" gimmick.

LOL @ the "dumbest blonde in America"

and this line was BOSS

Ziggler says he is the "Show Off, and if you don't like it then do it better"
Nice post, OP. Sure way to make a face right there.

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Re: Ziggler loses MITB angle? (long read)

That would be awesome. You should be a WWE writer, the attention to details and the way you make all of them shine got me really wishing this would really happen.

Great read.

number one fan
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Re: Ziggler loses MITB angle? (long read)

I think OP just penned Ziggler's new phrase. StealingtheshowbetterthananyONE else never really stuck,.

WWE is filled with 'Good Ol' Boys' in power positions. It is just how it is, and I will keep calling WWE, Pro Wrestling in USA, as well as some of it's fans out on this because it is bollox. I do notice an apparent effort being made to mitigate this somewhat, but time will ultimately tell.

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Re: Ziggler loses MITB angle? (long read)

Hmmm, i actually thought that was pretty good. Unfortunately WWE is just to lazy to do things like this anymore.

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Re: Ziggler loses MITB angle? (long read)

After watching CM Punk's DVD, it gave me a good idea of how the creative team works. Punk said that once they had given him the WHC, they had essentially said to him they didn't know what to do with him. I feel that is what is happening with Ziggler, the option to give him the title is there, they just don't know who he should feud with.

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Re: Ziggler loses MITB angle? (long read)

awesome read
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