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Re: Sin Cara sucks

To sum Sin Cara up - He has a botch in him. Every match he wrestles you are just waiting for something to go wrong and 90% of the time it does.

Top 5 (At the moment):

1. Seth Rollins
2. AJ
3. Sami Zayn
4. Luke Harper
5. Strowman/The Miz
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Re: Sin Cara sucks

I like Sin Cara, also I hope he will NOT be the next Rey cause I would like him to be unique in his career.

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Re: Sin Cara sucks

Originally Posted by HEELKris View Post
It pisses me off how people say Sin Cara is the next Rey Mysterio. What the hell is wrong with you? Let me tell you something, Rey Mysterio is one of the most popular superstars in history. Sin Cara is the next Rey Mysterio because they're both mexican and wear masks? Hahaha. There will never be a new Rey Mysterio
I can't imagine Sin Cara as a World Champion... He doesn't even speak English lol. The whole ''silent superstar'' is pathetic and ''silent champion'' thing would be even worse. What else? Oh yeah, he botches a lot. He's known for botching his moves. And don't tell me he's a great wrestler just because he managed to wrestle two or three matches without botching. People will always remember him as Sin Botcha. Why does WWE think we give a shit about him? Why are they still making him win against better superstars like Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow? I know I sound butthurt but Sin Cara is absolutely terrible in every sense of the word.
Also, he was suspended for steroids. What a loser.

Sin Cara is NOT the next Rey Mysterio, he SUCKS. Bigger failure than Tensai, yet WWE continues to shove him down our throats. Just fire him
the only failure here is your lack of perspective outside of how wwe ususally portrays its wrestlers, despicable
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Re: Sin Cara sucks

This topic only brought my rage back to the surface on the subject of Hunico's mistreatment at the hands of the WWE.

Sin Cara hasn't even been a botch machine since his last return, BUT he's still below average. It doesn't help that he seems incapable of working with more than a handful of people on the entire roster. Aside from that, all he does is point and make Mysterio look slow and broken down (which is sort of amusing in a way).
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Re: Sin Cara sucks

He is ok in my opinion but unique would be the last word I would use to describe him.

number one fan
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Re: Sin Cara sucks

Originally Posted by Ever Wolf View Post
He may be just as shit but he would just be like Hunico. Just another unused superstar on the roster.

Sin Cara is a money maker due to his mask, it's that simple.
This makes sense. At least they are making some profit on Cara. Poor Hunico, although superior, is unused.

As for Cara, botches or no botches, Cara for the most part just doesn't interest me. I'm always open-minded when matches his matches, like any other ones, but it's just not "it". Too bad. :/

Hopefully they do a feud between him and McIntyre, maybe that will work. Their cohesion is amazing.

Otherwise, yes, his lack of mic skills makes everything much, much harder.

Originally Posted by Elstro1988 View Post
Really, really enjoyed this week's Superstars. Honestly, the fans who are too snobbish to watch it, dismissing it as 'Jobberstars' really miss out.
Originally Posted by -Extra- View Post
This post really makes you too smart for a '12er, doesn't it? Your new join date is 2008.
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Re: Sin Cara sucks

i dont get it why poor hunico? He was botching so bad they had to restart a match when he had sin cara mask on..
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Re: Sin Cara sucks

He's clearly a talented guy with potential to be a huge money machine for WWE, but his style of wrestling has proven problematic, and he looks weirdly uncomfortable in a wrestling ring. At a certain point, you have to stop putting that down to teething problems.

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Re: Sin Cara sucks

He can't fuckin talk and that's why he'll never ever be in the main event. Rey Mysterio (as much as i don't like him) has a charisma, he can talk, he can wrestle. I don't care how good was Mistico back in days. U're only as good as your latest performance and Sin Cara was only interested in his debut days.

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Re: Sin Cara sucks

Troll harder.

Originally Posted by HEELKris View Post
Why do you watch WWE then? Go back to watching your little mexican wrestling shows where you can see your favorite lucha libre spot monkeys while I watch REAL wrestling

Originally Posted by kimino View Post
Since when NJPW and CMLL are considered indies?
Any wrestling without the WWE initials is considered minor league by WWE fans.

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