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Originally Posted by BrothersofD3struct View Post
It'll be better than Punk's WWE title reign and Sheamus's WHC reign combined.


Top 10 all time favorites:

Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Undertaker
Shawn Michaels
Chris Jericho
Brock Lesnar
Kurt Angle
CM Punk
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Re: How Shitty is Dolph Ziggler's world title reign gonna be?

Originally Posted by Embracer View Post
I said it many times and i'll say it again. Ziggler needs to seperate from Vicky, and turn face, that's the only original and interesting thing WWE can do with him right now
This. The fact is, Ziggler's mad skillz in the ring would work to put him over way more as a face than a heel. Like John Morrison but superior in every way.

The best idea I can imagine for Ziggler is to have Big Show fight dirty (e.g. a low blow / weapon while the ref's back is turned / he is unconscious) to beat Sheamus then become the champion. As soon as Show wins he is beating the snot out of Sheamus with a chair, the belt, Singapore Cane, whatever.

All of a sudden out of the crowd Ziggler jumps into the ring, sneaks up behind Sheamus, the crowd is suddenly going nuts, he pulls off the Zig-Zag on Show, gives his briefcase to the ref, pins Show and become champion. Show is out cold and Ziggler looms over Sheamus who is groggy/confused. He then grabs Sheamus, helps him up and carries him out of the ring.

BAM! Instance face turn and we have this decade's version of HBK to look forward to. And Big show loses again in ~45 seconds, lol.
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Re: How Shitty is Dolph Ziggler's world title reign gonna be?

I think pretty bad and short.

Sheamus is probably going to feud with him. I mean this is the formula WWE has always used, MITB winner comes down steals the title from the champion, the champion is pissed off and demands a fair fight or 2 or 3 or 4.

And I mean how exactly are they going to book Ziggler being able to retain against the man they've made into Super Sheamus 3 or 4 times? They probably won't.
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Re: How Shitty is Dolph Ziggler's world title reign gonna be?

If I remember right, Ziggler already won (or was handed) the WHC that didn't even last a week when Vickie had banned the spear but Edge used it. In fact, he only won it to setup for Edge to take it from him on the 600th Smackdown. People thought that Christians title reign was bad... Zigglers was worse.

Two years later and they are still using Ziggler the same way. When Ziggler does cash in for the title and IF he does win it, what are the chances of having Sheamus boot his Zigglers head in and win it in only a couple minutes on the first Smackdown that they can have the rematch? WWE has totally failed on building credibility on Ziggler.

Oh and I agree, get him away from Vickie. They have teased of Ziggler going on his own several times but never stuck with it. DO IT.

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Re: How Shitty is Dolph Ziggler's world title reign gonna be?

He'll cash it in and lose it in about a month. Might as well have him lose his cash in v Sheamus, at which point Ziggler snaps and fires Vickie and insults her, Dolph turns face and says he now wants to win the title the proper way, by earning it. Ziggler wins the Rumble, or the Elimination Chamber, and goes into WM as the babyface challenger against a heel champion (Del Rio, Barrett, whoever...) That would be a more meaningful way of putting the strap on him.
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Originally Posted by SarcasmoBlaster View Post
Going on recent heel reigns:

He will win the title only after Sheamus has been totally destroyed by someone else (thereby making it look like he cannot even win with the MITB advantage on his own)

He will be a chicken-shit heel who in no way is Sheamus' kayfabe equal

He will pose no threat to Sheamus at all

If he does retain, he will do so in a way that does nothing to put him over, such as winning by DQ after Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick after the move is "banned" or something similarly stupid (re: Ziggler's fist WHC "win")

His feud with Sheamus will not develop or strengthen either man's character

Because of all this, surprise, he will not be very over as champion. WWE will then determine he doesn't have "it" and bump him down to jobber status.

Repeat with new up-and-coming heel
Only in wwe will they go through such great lengths for such unproductivity and wasted resources.

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Re: How Shitty is Dolph Ziggler's world title reign gonna be?

It's going to be a transitional reign which is a shame because the guy is such a great talent.

Courtesy of yours truly
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Re: How Shitty is Dolph Ziggler's world title reign gonna be?

Sheamus beats Big Show at HIAC, then Ziggler comes down into the ring and while Big Show isn't looking Ziggler attacks big show with a chair or a lead pipe or something. He then cashes in his MITB after also attacking Sheamus with a lead pipe, pinning Sheamus for the WHC.

When Sheamus and Ziggler eventually have a rematch, Sheamus should go for the brouge kick witch Ziggler dodges and then Sheamus knocks out the referee. While the ref is down and out, Wade Barrett enters the ring and joins Ziggler in beating up Sheamus which results in Ziggler retaining the WHC title. With Sheamus wanting revenge on both Wade and Ziggler, a 3-way hardcore match is then setup for surivor series with Sheamus, Barrett and Ziggler which will then lead to Barrett becoming the WHC because Vicki costs Ziggler the title and then the possibility of a Sheamus/Barrett feud with Ziggler recreating himself as a face and Vicki out of the picture, he can build himself up and try have a shot at the WHC at WM.
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