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Re: Who would you have Paul Heyman be the manager of next?

Rhodes Scholars would be pretty cool.

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Re: Who would you have Paul Heyman be the manager of next?

Heel Ryback.

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Re: Who would you have Paul Heyman be the manager of next?

I don't think Ryback is a good choice for Ryback's own sake, even though he seemingly needs someone to speak for him. He's already ridiculed for being the one WWE tries to make into the new Goldberg and if they make Heyman his spokesman he will look like an attempt at a new Lesnar.
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Re: Who would you have Paul Heyman be the manager of next?

Would love for him to help out the mid card, because he doesn't rub me as one card kind of deal. Heyman can make anything look spectacular. With that said I would want him to have something similar to The Dangerous Alliance. Except this time around it's with the sons of wrestling legends. It should be a stable that is led by Cody Rhodes, and financially backed by Teddy DiBiase Jr, and finally Hennig along with Jake Carter as the tag team. Cody would be the leader, and his right hand man would be Teddy DiBiase who would take on a more modern approach to the "Millionaire" role.

Heyman exposes the fact Carter, and McGuillicutty are sons of legends as well. However, Vince McMahon, and his cronies that it would be best for them to legally change their names. Heyman says it's politics, and that their fathers were never favorites of Vince McMahon. Heyman says it's no conspiracy of how much of a joke Vince turned Cody's father in to. Heyman then points to the monitor, and shows the footage of a for World Champion Dusty Rhodes in his role during the 90's.....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmscGWE8YvA

He then talks about how The Million Dollar man was responsible for literally bringing in millions of dollars to the WWE when he literally went out, and found Mr. McMahon two of the most well known names in WWE history, and he is talking about The Undertaker, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Heyman points to the Raw big screen, and asks fans who don't believe him to pay attention carefully.


Heyman goes on to say that Teddy's father was also responsible for this man as well, and turn everyone's attention to the big screen once more. We know that Steve Austin debuted as The Ringmaster, but when you hear his debut promo he is talking like Stone Cold. Teddy DiBiase went out, and found the biggest star of the last 30 yrs.


Heyman says that Joe Hennig also known as the son of Curt Hennig aka Mr. Perfect will forever be under Vince's scrutiny because perhaps for what his father did. Heyman says that even though many have forgotten, he says Vince holds this against all members of the Hennig including Joe. Heyman says Vince told him he wouldn't hire him under his father's name. Heyman politely ask the fans to watch the big screen once more.


Finally Heyman moves on to Jake Carter, and he says that Vince most recently embarrassed one of the most well known legends of our time. Heyman says that over the years Big Van Vader, otherwise known as Leon White built a name for himself all over the wrestling world. Paul says that Vader has wrestled main event matches practically his whole career up until 06/11/2012. Heyman once again points to the big screen, and asks the fans to watch how a legend is humiliated.


In ending what Heyman's main point with all these men is that Vince McMahon has done everything he can to hold them back the same way he did with their fathers. He says that the proof is in the pudding. Heyman says that these men deserve more, and he is here to make sure that happens. Heyman says that without them wrestling dies, and so, and so forth.
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Re: Who would you have Paul Heyman be the manager of next?

To be fair, anything other than adding Brock Lesnar appearing on television weekly with CM Punk & Paul Heyman currently would water it down in my eyes. Or;

HHH returns, as does Lesnar, on the first Raw of 2013 setting up a Royal Rumble rematch. HHH is being beaten down in the ring by Punk, Heyman and Lesnar when Stephanie can't sit and watch anymore and comes to the ring. She is surrounded by all 3 of them until AJ comes out and rushes to the ring and gets in Heymans face to stop this. Mid-argument AJ gets a glazed look over her eyes, tilts her head, smiles and turns round and slaps Stephanie. Stephanie is on the floor clutching her face and covering HHH; AJ gets on the microphone laughs and says that she quits as GM. She then turns around and skips to the opposite corner of the ring where she stands beside a laughing Heyman, who in turn is stood beside Punk and behind Brock Lesnar. You have the visual of HHH & Stephanie lying in the ring looking across at Heyman, Punk, Lesnar & AJ.

This could lead to, eventually, Steph VS AJ at Wrestlemania if you like.

Punk beats Rock at Royal Rumble, Lesnar beats HHH too. Lesnar is defeated by Undertaker at Wrestlemania but helps CM Punk retain the title against whoever. However, Punk hits Lesnar with a chair by mistake in the melee, Lesnar teases attacking Punk but Heyman calms them down. Following weeks Lesnar VS Punk is teased but held off until Summerslam where a full-fledged face Brock Lesnar takes on Punk for the Title.

You could say add people like Ziggler, Ambrose or a tag team but that just waters it down. You have Paul Heyman as the manager/mouthpiece of the Champion and the Monster Lensar, why would he want anyone else? That's why I see AJ Lee as the only logical choice. A diva could fit in without it taking the shine off his other two 'clients'.
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Re: Who would you have Paul Heyman be the manager of next?

Heel GSP

I do have one question for anyone who might feel that Dwayne Johnson "owes" the business. Is it just him, or is it anyone who moved on to other things? Should Luna Vachon get heat for running a towing company instead of working on RAW? Should Maven be critiqued on his Home Shopping Network bits instead of wrestling?

Or is it only the ones who go on to highly visible careers in movies that owe something? Why do Johnson (who left after putting people over, doing the traditionally "right thing") and Lesnar (who did not; except for making Eddie a legitimate star) get called sell-outs who "forgot where they came from" when someone who retires to do some regular job get credit (as they should) for moving on and making it without falling into a sea of addiction?
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Re: Who would you have Paul Heyman be the manager of next?

Dolph Ziggler because Vickie is just not a good fit with him. Dolph would be over with the fans and become a big time heel
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Re: Who would you have Paul Heyman be the manager of next?

the only person i can think of ATM that really needs it and would really benefit from it is barrett not that he needs heyman as a mouthpiece cause he is excellent on the mic himself but him working with heyman would help get him alot of heat,cause since his return he is hardly getting any reactions from crowds

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Re: Who would you have Paul Heyman be the manager of next?

Heel Ryback.

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Re: Who would you have Paul Heyman be the manager of next?

I like the idea of using Heyman as some 'mouthpiece for hire'. Maybe some point down the line, Ricardo can turn on Alberto Del Rio thus turning Ricardo face, and ADR has a breakdown. He's getting sick and tired, and he asks for assistance. Cue Paul Heyman.

If not ADR, then Wade Barrett would be a safe bet. Heyman can admire him because of his leadership qualities, and that he's a complete badass. Barrett is pretty solid on the mic but Heyman would just add that extra something.

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