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Please keep Jerry Lawler off TV

Ok seriously I know that according to the dirt sheets Lawler will return to announcing at some point.

But after hearing JBL and JR out there. It would be so awful and such a step backwards for WWE to bring back Jerry Lawler. Finally we have people out there who a shit on what is going on.

That main event on Raw with CM Punk and 67 year old Vince McMahon was so much better because of JBL and JR who by the way are no where near there best anymore.
I don"t care if Lawler had a heart attack the fact is he sucks at commentary and I don't want him back ever again.
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Re: Please Jerry Lawler off tv

too soon dude

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Re: Please keep Jerry Lawler off TV

the truth hurts. jbl and jr are amazing and the king blows. i honestly forgot what good color commentary even was thanks to the king and all the years of crap he's delivered.
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Re: Please keep Jerry Lawler off TV

I have to agree. Yes, it is a horrible tragedy that King had to fight through a heart attack, but that doesn't change the fact that he's a shitty commentator.

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Re: Please keep Jerry Lawler off TV

He's in tremendous shape for his age, and we can all love his commentary work from the Ruthless Agression Era but in this day and age it's just not doing much for me anymore. If he could stay retired and work like WM once a year, that would be perfect.

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Re: Please keep Jerry Lawler off TV

Great... More Cena and Orton cornhole sucking on the way.

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Re: Please keep Jerry Lawler off TV

I don't think it is too soon. We all respect how the guy fought through a heart attack, and we all respect his desire to get back working, in the business he loves.

However, most of us can see a big improvement in the commentary since Lawler was taken ill (understatement!). He should come back, he should get the reception he deserves, he should then work backstage, or do some road work or at the very least take a minor commentary role as a trio with Cole and JR.

JR must not be allowed to leave again.

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Re: Please keep Jerry Lawler off TV

Agree 100%

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Re: Please keep Jerry Lawler off TV

I personally think that JR and Bradshaw have come really good, the excitement and passion seems to have returned from years past. Winding the clock back to when JR called Taker vs Hunter at WM 27. That was really shocking, I couldn't really even believe that JR was sitting at the table with the boringness that he usually prides himself on, whether that was due to the WWE toning him down courtesy of the PG, or just how he was that night, but it was very poor. Send it back to this day an age.. Vince vs CM Punk;, when Rybacks music hit an the crowd gave that pop and the hellacious clothesline he delivered, you could clearly hear the old JR back with screaming and pure excitement which was fantastic to see also Bradshaw was right there with enthusiasm. By god I love commentary that way and I hope it stays like that for a while to come. So as much as we all respect you Lawler, you have served the industry so well in your years. DON'T COME BACK! PLEASE!

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Re: Please keep Jerry Lawler off TV

JBL at least puts some work into finding out about the background of the wrestlers now, Jerry doesn't he just seems to go with the flow like Cole who has a list of buzz words.

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