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Re: Wade Barrett should have gotten Del-Rio's push

I think Del Rio could totally be a face. It's not like they don't edit the show for international broadcast to make him one, anyway. Barret, never. They just need to let him be smart again.
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Re: Wade Barrett should have gotten Del-Rio's push

My eyes both were ruined by the WWE.
ADR - they gave him the belt and took it two weeks later, and then the same constant story line. Not to mentions Shaemus making him his bitch in title matches.
Barrett - Not letting him win the WWE title, and making him Cena's bitch.

I don't understand this company at all..

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Re: Wade Barrett should have gotten Del-Rio's push

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
I'm not blind, I HAVE accepted that he'll never accomplish anything. I don't know who you're trying to convince, you obviously don't remember anything I've said on the subject. I'm not like you who thinks fucking Jinder Mahal is the next Triple H.

Also, stop being so bipolar and saying Barrett should be a main eventer one week and then recanting the next. You've done this about 15 times now.

Oh, and yeah, Ryback clearly got his push because of his reputation for in ring perfection. It's not because Vince has always been obsessed with the way he looks or anything.

I've just been catching up on a few shows and trying to get through a book, so I haven't been on as much.
What does Jinder Mahal have to do with this thread?

Barrett isn't good enough to be a main eventer. But if they put him in there with Nexus again, or did a McIntyre/Barrett allliance, I wouldn't be against seeing it.

Originally Posted by NearFall View Post
Yeah, that wrestler needs a push to be relevant to fans, he fucking sucks. I know this board generally lacks a lot of logic but christ.

Bryan was the star of NXT Season 1? Then why didn't he win it? Why wasn't he the leader/orchestrator of the very Nexus debut then before he was fired? Barrett was the star as he was the best talent to lead the stable.
ANYONE that gets the platform Wade Barrett was given back in 2010 would have been relevent. I like how people think WWE buried the guy, he was damn lucky to get that push because he's really not any good. He's a good talker but it takes a lot more to survive in this business. Lookk how The Miz turned out, sure the guy had some presence about him but theres a reason he's a midcarder again and that reason is that his matches suck and he can't wrestle.

Bryan didn''t win NXT because they wanted to run with that redemption storyline, the guy was even gonna change his name to Bryan Danielson but then they came up with The Nexus and the rest was history. I could flip this question around to you and ask "If Barrett was the star of NXT Season 1, then why was Daniel Bryan the only one who has been trusted enough to become a World Champion and become arguably the most over wrestler on the roster in the process?"

And yes, Barrett was the man to lead the stable but that's only because he was the only one who could play that specific role. You don't know what would have happened if Bryan didn't get fired, maybe Bryan would have been the man, maybe they would have all been individual equals and not "Wade Barrett and friends"....


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