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Re: How long can a Ziggler WHC reign be?

It'll last a month maximum because they job him out EVERY FUCKING WEEK and he has no credibility at all. So if they even put the belt on him (which I'm doubting atm), I expect them to complain that he's 'not over', which is 100% their fault, and then send him back to the midcard. It's a massive shame because he's one of the most talented guys on the roster and deserves much better. If booked right he could be a star but they don't seem to be willing to go through with a proper push, it's so half-hearted.

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Re: How long can a Ziggler WHC reign be?

2 months tops



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Re: How long can a Ziggler WHC reign be?

If Ziggler wins the title at HiaC, I could see him potentially carrying it until the Elimination Chamber, but I can't see a scenario where it goes longer than that.
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Re: How long can a Ziggler WHC reign be?

I would say about 3 months for his first real reign. Any shorter than that would be a waste of the MITB but I don't believe his current gimmick has the legs to remain fresh as a champion for much longer than that.
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Re: How long can a Ziggler WHC reign be?

2 months tops
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Re: How long can a Ziggler WHC reign be?

Ideally I'd like to see him hold it till WM29 where Jericho wins the Royal Rumble and beats him in a Summerslam rematch. Would be a good WM feud and a great match.

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Re: How long can a Ziggler WHC reign be?

It all depends on how well they build him up. He has great ring skills and has good mic skills for the most part. He also has Vickie. With her, he can maintain a WHC reign for quite a while.

He has beaten most of whom you have named. Sometimes with help from Vickie, and other times without. With Vickie at his side, he can hold the title for quite a while.

Top Five!
5. Orton
4. Undertaker
3. Sheamus
2. CM Punk
1. Jeff Hardy
Not removing until
[x] Del Rio loses WWE title (NOC 9/18/2011)
[x] Mark Henry gets his ass kicked (Friday Night Smackdown 10/7/2011)
[X] CM Punk wins WWE Title again (Survivor Series 11/20/2011)
[] Morrison returns to the WWE
[x] Santino Marella loses US Title(Summerslam 8/19/2012)
[] Orton wins the WWE/World title
[x] Ziggler loses the US title (TLC 12/18/2011)
[] Kharma Returns to WWE
[x] Sheamus wins the world/WWE title (Wrestlemania 28 4/1/2012)
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Re: How long can a Ziggler WHC reign be?

a couple months

Top 5:

1) Bray Wyatt
2) Seth Rollins
3) AJ Styles
4) Kevin Owens
5) Roman Reigns
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Re: How long can a Ziggler WHC reign be?

At the very most, a few months, like Bryan's reign. With the likes of Sheamus, Del Rio, Orton on Smackdown, he'll likely only hold it a month or two. Guys like Ziggler and Bryan will never be the top stars, they'll only be the filler main-eventers. Guys like Sheamus, Cena, Punk, Orton, Del Rio, are the talent that WWE truly value, and they're the ones who get the long, established reigns with the belt.

Originally Posted by DoubleDeckerBar View Post
If they build him up to be a credible Champion there's no reason he can't hold it for 6+ months in my opinion, it's only the Smackdown belt after all.
So no then.
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Re: How long can a Ziggler WHC reign be?

My bet is that he wins the belt at TLC, Ryback wins the Rumble and kicks the shit out of Ziggler at Mania in about 5 minutes. So I'll say December 16'th to April 7'th, roughly 4 months, just a little under, which is WAY too long for somebody as horrible as him. He certainly won't be booked any better than he is now, and he'll lose every time that the title isn't on the line, because like Bryan, he's merely the placeholder for the pet project.

Given Ziggler's booking under normal circumstances I'd say a week to a month, tops, but with WrestleMania around the corner, they'll want people like Sheamus and Orton in bigger programs and Ryback needs a jobber he can steamroll over, they won't want him beating Sheamus.

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