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Re: Who should face Cesaro for the US championship next?

Derrick Bateman (which won't happen)
Jack Swagger (as I guess he'll be returning as a face)
Zack Ryder

I do not think they should take the US Title off of him for quite awhile. It's not that I particularly think he's all that good but it's generally stupid to flip flop belts as much as they do.
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Re: Who should face Cesaro for the US championship next?

My vote goes to Jack Swagger, but only after he is repackaged. This would include various vignettes of him with a new look, attitude, and All-American feel to him. Possibly videos of him talking about how much he failed, and literally allowed all the fame to go to his head. Have him drop the ankle lock, and give him a whole new finisher. Why not let him do 3 "Belly to Belly Suplex", as opposed to the commonly used 3 "German Suplex". Change his attire because it is still a clear reminder of Kurt Angle. May I add that he shouldn't just be thrown in to a feud with Cesaro. Have him "Tap Out" his opponents. Put him up against Mahal, Drew, and Slater.

The issue with Cesaro shouldn't be about what country he is from. Swagger should tell Cesaro that he was born to wear that title. Cesaro disagree, and tells Swagger that the United States title represents the most powerful nation on the planet. Antonio says he is a physical representation of that type of power this country holds over the rest of the world. Cesaro tells Swagger he is way out of his league, and should consider finding the tag team division. Insults back, and forth perhaps Cesaro sends Jack the finest "Swiss" chocolates just to play mind games with him, and taunt him.

Antonio would tells Jack to not get things twisted because he loves American pay checks, and has no problem representing a country that defines dominance, and global power. He says he came to the WWE the most powerful, and well known wrestling organization on the planet first to prove that he was the greatest United States Champion of all time, and eventually prove that he is the greatest WWE Champion, or WHC of all time. Antonio says, but first it was essential for him to prove that he is the best "Wrestler" in the United States of America, and that means he had to win the United States title.

Cesaro tells Jack he was born to win World titles, not anything more, or anything less. Jack says he already won a World title, and part of his life today is proving to the fans that he is worth even having a title as prestigious as the United States Championship. Jack tells Cesaro that he will one day "Tap him out", and take what is rightfully his. Swagger tells Cesaro that he's never even said the "Pledge of Allegiance", and so what business does he have wearing that title. I would then have Cesaro interrupt one of Swagger's matches, and start reciting the "Pledge of Allegiance".

You just can't throw them one on one right away, and I happen to think both men can use some refining of their characters in small, but yet effective ways. The Main Event is another hour of television time that I feel can prolong, or enhance any character, or angle. Perhaps having Cesaro come out each, and every week scouting various matches just to get an idea of who he may face each week. No one really does this unless they are in a feud already. I think this is something that should just be a part of his character. He should carry that "I'm a celebrity attitude" about him.

Possibly, have him wear expensive suits, and sun glasses. Every time he is ringside he makes a point of it. Maybe have him come with something like "Cesaro's Corner" in which every night he has a designated area where he, and only he sits to watch matches. That way he can cut promos on who can't wrestle, and basically pick on certain stars (face) stars, and thus sets up matches between himself, and other wrestlers. That way we don't have these random matches each, and every week vs Tyson Kidd, or Brodus Clay. This is something that should be a part of his character, and not something brief. Let him carry this out for a few months, and then have the GM take that privilege once they see that he is costing people their matches.

Jack Swagger should have something to his character as well. I know this may sound cheap, but I think he should have his "thing" be that he gives younger fans a gold medal. Tells them they are "Champions", and he would refer to his fans as "Champions". Obviously, guys like Bret Hart, or Rey Mysterio were known for giving things to fans, and I happen to think this is something that could really go over. It's some what of a confidence booster, and who knows may be some kid would feel good after that? If a kid is willing to cry over some "bad guy" ripping his sign, then shouldn't that same kid have nothing, but tears of joy after being called a champion and given a "gold plated" medal by a "good guy"?

Generally I just feel that every superstar should have "their thing" what ever that may be. For Swagger in my case it should be handing out "gold-plated medals" to kids ringside similar to the Bret Hart, and the sun glasses bit. Cesaro's would be to work the arrogant, and powerful Swiss Monster that watches every match ringside in "Cesaro's Corner" live on Raw, or even taped on Smackdown. This is seriously missing from the WWE where the stars don't really have "their thing". Million Dollar shoved money down your mouth, and had a fake belt to help satisfy his ego of having a title. Jake The Snake Roberts had a fucking Burmese Python.

I'm not suggesting bringing reptiles, or animals ringside, but at least these people had characters, and ideas to go along with them. The Road Warriors had the football pads with spikes, or Raven was the disturbed man who spoke his pain through what sounded like poetry at times. There are plenty of stars on the roster that just have no character, and it's a shame because there is plenty of talent waiting with no real direction, or true leadership.

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Re: Who should face Cesaro for the US championship next?

Christian, I think beating a former world champion would really help solidify him as a champion.
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Re: Who should face Cesaro for the US championship next?

I heard Jack Swagger was coming back as a face a couple of weeks ago and I though that would have been a good feud. Then he didn't. Also when Ted DiBiase made his return at the Battle Royal at NoC I thought they'd make something of that cause of their similar gimmicks. Then he was eliminated.

So yeah, go with Christian, he should be coming back in about a week or two, so maybe he wont be his HiaC opponent but he can be do SS. It would be a great match and really solify his reign which hasn't had a proper feud yet (Santino isn't a proper wrestler and Ryder and Clay were at best mini-things)

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Re: Who should face Cesaro for the US championship next?

The Swagger Vs Cesaro USA vs evil foreginer does sound a bit 80s for today but i think it coud still be an entertaining feud as it would be nice to see what Swagger can do as a face and also the match quality they can put on. Do it WWE!


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Re: Who should face Cesaro for the US championship next?

Potential challengers

Tyson Kidd [needs a push badly]
Christian [beat him on SD]
Jack Swagger [All-American AMERICAN]
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Re: Who should face Cesaro for the US championship next?

I am for pulling a "Milano Miracle".

Kassius Ohno could be one balaclava wearing american wrestling fan, angry about the desecrating of the US title and furious against the anti-american insults of Cesaro. Ohno will come out of the audience and attack Cesaro after one of his victory before to get arrested and expelled out of the arena.

Later he will stalk Cesaro and knock him out in the street and put a video of this attack on youtube, video which will be erased and quickly put on another website.

Some weeks later, it will be revealed that he signed into WWE universe. Kassius reveals his face and explains that his former partner crossed the borders of respect that his adoptive country deserves.

A friendly feud will take place until they find themselves back and decide to be friends again (and one occasionnal tag team).

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Re: Who should face Cesaro for the US championship next?

Christian, Tyson Kid, Jack Swagger, Rey Mysterio, some face jobber.

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Re: Who should face Cesaro for the US championship next?

In terms of match quality I'd like to see Christian take on Cesaro but the US title seems way below him at this point. I don't even know what realistic reason creative could come up with for making him want to challenge for that lowly belt aside from never winning it.

My pick would be Kidd but he and Cesaro are on completely different levels right now. Maybe build Kidd for a few months before putting the two in a prolonged feud where Tyson eventually goes over.
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Re: Who should face Cesaro for the US championship next?

I would have to say Christian. It would help build him back up if Christian wins. I would like to see that happen. What I think would be good for Christian holding that title for at least 4-8 months before going back into the world/WWE title picture again.

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5. Orton
4. Undertaker
3. Sheamus
2. CM Punk
1. Jeff Hardy
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[] Morrison returns to the WWE
[x] Santino Marella loses US Title(Summerslam 8/19/2012)
[] Orton wins the WWE/World title
[x] Ziggler loses the US title (TLC 12/18/2011)
[] Kharma Returns to WWE
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