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Ryback still needs to be built up more

I know he's beaten every jobber, beaten Miz easily etc, but personally I don't think he's ready yet.

He's learned to crawl, but he's running without learning to walk first.

I think he needs a solid storyline up until Elimination Chamber or so. Maybe a bunch of upper midcarders try to take him out etc etc, but he ends up winning.

During this time he can work on his character, mic skills etc too.

Then he wins some sort of no#1 contender match and ends up winning a World title at WM.

So basically he ends up in a situation where he deserves to win the title.

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Re: Ryback still needs to be built up more

Chances are he won't face Punk 1v1 at HiaC. That being said, they might throw him in there as an enforcer to make sure no one interferes or something.

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Re: Ryback still needs to be built up more

I would agree, but problem is most of the roster isn't that built either. The only few that would make sense for him is Barrett, Mark Henry, & Big Show. Since Sheamus is WHC, Orton is a face, Ziggler is the MITB winner, & Del Rio is too busy trying to get his 1,000 title shot. Now I rather them hold off Ryback/Punk but under these circumstances (Cena) guess its understandable. They could have easily down Face Big Show vs Punk & Barrett vs Sheamus as their back-up plan, but guess WWE didn't want to go there yet

anyways I see a triple threat happening to help Cena take load off

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Re: Ryback still needs to be built up more

Can see him being apart of a three way WWE Title match at HIAC. If this does happen I can see Punk loosing the title to Cena due to the fact I can't see WWE having Ryback loose or have Punk beat Cena.

As for him needing to be built up more, maybe he does a little. This involvement with Punk should put him over, seems to have worked slightly already.

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Re: Ryback still needs to be built up more

I think the only reason they are putting Ryback as a contender is to have a back up. There was an article or a discussion that Cena might not of been ready for HIAC. So its just a tease and I guess a test also how people react to him. Anyhow I agree he is to green still he went from jobbers straight to main event he isnt ready just yet.
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Re: Ryback still needs to be built up more

He should have been I.C champ by now. Dominate with that for a while and then give it up to challenge for the WWE title like a boss!

His current overness doesn't seem to be an issue, thanks to CM Punk and his brilliantly heelish ways.

I wasn't sold on him for ages but he is what he is...

Feed him more I say!

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Re: Ryback still needs to be built up more

Ryback is over like gangbusters, but I also believe the trigger shouldn't be pulled on him just yet. I mean, they had him back to beating the shit out of tiny, irrelevant mid-carders again like Primo and Epico, even if that was only to reinforce his physicality following the Tensai botch last week.

Nothing wrong with teasing a Ryback/Punk showdown at all, but in the meantime I think he needs some significant pinfall wins under his belt.

I still see it being Punk/Cena at HIAC, and I could see Punk being involved in some sort of main event tag match for Survivor Series instead of actually defending the gold. I'm thinking that at TLC, they may do Punk/Ryback in some sort of gimmick match like a Table or Ladder match, where Punk can retain but Ryback doesn't lose any credibility by being pinned.

Or WWE does the right thing and grooms him all the way to WrestleMania, whether he wins the Rumble or not.

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