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Re: Cena's promo got to me

Cena still raps right?

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Re: Cena's promo got to me

Advantage of not watching RAW live. I saw Cena come out and fast-forwarded until he was finished. Only way I'd have stopped would be if Punk had come out.

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Re: Cena's promo got to me

I thought it was an okay promo. I didn't enjoy it because I don't like Cena, but he delivered it well enough, at least up to the point where he tried to drop the pipe bomb and smacked himself in the face with it. Oh how I chuckled.

You have to hand to him, he finds original ways to fuck up. Remember that one where he pulled the serious face at the end of the speech, the face the camera was meant to zoom in on, but he had a massive glob of snot or something stuck to his face? Oh how I chuckled.

The one thing I'm liking about how they are booking the feud is that they are making Punk look really weak and Cena like the superman he has been for years. That can surely only lead to a swerve and Punk retaining at HiaC. Oh how I will chuckle if he finds a way to skank Cena again.

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Re: Cena's promo got to me

His promo was corny and cheesy and tried to bury Punk again, he is such a heel. kids, women and the mentally ill don't even have a clue how heelish cena's promo was. Punk had a great reign even though masterpoliticians cena and triple nose had to be contantly in the main event.

Punk has to define his legacy by facing that cunt, again!? jeez, everything Punk says is right. Punk defined his career with that promo and MITB match, after that he must do other stuff like facing Rock, Brock, maybe oldman Austin, who knows. I really hope the hypocrites at WWE know what they are doing and aren't just feeding Punk to that heel consuming dickface John Cena.
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Re: Cena's promo got to me

Originally Posted by Loudness View Post
Cena trying to bury Punk is ironically the most respect he has ever given to somebody not named Lesnar or Rock in the last 3 years or so simply by taking him seriously. Whenever Cena faces another wrestler, he tries to put them "over" in the most counterproductive and dare I say sleazy manner, he gives the "I'm so far above you that I'll compliment you knowing that you won't beat me anyway" vibe off. However, whenever he seems to be threatened, either by The Rock eclipsing his popularity or CM Punk beeing just right below him, fighting for the Nr.1 spot he takes the dirty route, where he tries to make his opponents look bad, in a non kayfabe way. Tbh, he comes across as a prima donna who has been treated like a princess for too long, beeing far above anyone and everyone and it seems that he can't handle legit competition, thus turning kayfabe storylines into dirty shoots, which isn't really putting over anything in the long run, hence why his feud with The Rock lacked any intensity and substance.
Quoted for the amazing amount of TRUTH it contains . Not upset over Cena's promo b/c I'v egotte nto the point where I just don't care about Cena promos anymore, but I compeltely agree with the quoted post and to me it just screams that Punk is scheduled to go over Cena at HIAC and Cena is not happy about it. Of course though that means Cena would have to lose a match and I can;t in god faith ever predict that

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Re: Cena's promo got to me

I hate it when he shouts at the end of his promos.

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Re: Cena's promo got to me

Fucking cena -.-

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Re: Cena's promo got to me

Originally Posted by Nut Tree View Post
Here is my question? I know this is a forum and people will say what they want to say. But my whole thing is this. What can you honestly do outside of starting a thread on the internet with the same crap about how u hate cena. It doesn't matter how you try and word it, it is still a Cena bash/hate thread. People see these every day, and every week Cena will do something to piss someone off and caused the internet to explode.

My question is what in the hell are any of you doing about it? Stop watching Wrestling. Find other things to watch on monday nights. Hell, I hear there this thing called money night football. Me honestly, I haven't watched raw in months. But I go on WWE.com every tuesday just to see the results. So I can stay up to date. And I'll watch the PPV every once and awhile. But I am just realizing that getting all bent out of shape about kayfab character development, and how this person shoots on another is just too old.

Exactly, same thread, same recycled shit that people bash Cena about. I didn't care too much for his promo either, but we don't need the same people rehasing the same shit about Cena every single time he does a promo, just get off his nuts and then you will see WWE do something about it. You don't see people ragging on Punk because he's just as bad as rehashing the same shit in every single promo he does.

Originally Posted by new_guy View Post
People complain about newer talent not getting over, but what they mean is that their favourite isn't getting over, everyone else can go to hell. I'm for as many people getting over as possible, it would improve the show and the more over people there are, the more avenues there are to push new talent, yes, your favourites are more likely to get pushed if there are more over people to feud with.
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Re: Cena's promo got to me

I won't be surprised that if Cena raped a 10 year old girl, bigdog40 will be the first to defend him, you call this blind Cena hate every time, you claim that this thread has been done to death yet you post the same bs on every Cena topic

it's always the same "Cena blind hate" with you, EVEN THO in the thread I explained why this specific promo got to me, and that normally I don't mind a Cena promo nor care I just kick it, even his promos with Rock (believe it or not, I actually said all that in the thread, yes this thread .. SHOCKING right ?)

and for the record, I never said that Cena is a bad promo cutter, nor did I say BS like he has 3 or 4 moves cause I honestly don't believe that, and I had to bring in the 3 moves argument because somewhere in that pink brain of yours, you think that i'm just a random smark who hates Cena and believe that "OMG CENA CAN'T WRESTLEZ!!!11"

maybe if you'd bother to look at things from a logical perspective, you'll understand what's my gripe with that certain promo

blind Cena hate ? more like blind Cena dickriding

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Re: Cena's promo got to me

Originally Posted by Gimmicky View Post

I'm slightly bugged because there is an angle this could sort of work. Punk has never beaten Cean clean, Cean was distracted at MitB (so was Punk before hand but two stains don't make it clean) at SS HHH didn't spot the foot on the rope. This years SS Punk pinned Show rather then Cena and of course NoC was a draw. One could say that Punk had had a good reign which he had fought well but he had never DEFINITIVELY proved he was better then Cena and that there was no competition right now better then Cena. Basically Cena could say that Punk hadn't proved himself the best in the world but he was very good, rather then saying Punk was irrelevant because he wasn't Cena. The moment Foley could have been talking about was proving once and for all he was The Best in the World rather then just beating Cean again in a slightly different setting for shits and giggles.
I agree, but what does it say if Punk's one CLEAN win over Cena is in a Hell in a Cell match? If they're going to go with the "Punk finally beat Cena clean" angle, I'd rather it be in a straight wrestling match. No stipulation, no guest referee, no gimmick.

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