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Re: Cena's promo got to me

Cena is SUCH a Horrible Promo guy its sad, rinse repeat for years and years

there is literally no skill or anything in the way he does promos, its shouting and more shouting
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Re: Cena's promo got to me

yes, you are taking at too seriously. Punk forces fans to respect him, Cena lets them have their opinion, which is why Cena said 'Punk isn't the voice of the voiceless anymore'. Plus, their at a point where they hate each other and are about to compete in HIAC, don't expect Cena to show respect towards Punk at this point. Cena is supposed to be agitated at all these losses with interference, it makes no sense for him to praise Punk for beating him.

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Originally Posted by Smoogle View Post
little does everyone know cena actually has been a heel for years.
And has been doing a bang up job.

Mic Check

WWE is filled with 'Good Ol' Boys' in power positions. It is just how it is, and I will keep calling WWE, Pro Wrestling in USA, as well as some of it's fans out on this because it is bollox. I do notice an apparent effort being made to mitigate this somewhat, but time will ultimately tell.

Originally Posted by max314 View Post
I'm sick of anything that's been around longer than two weeks.
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Re: Cena's promo got to me

Originally Posted by DesolationRow View Post
I was glad they got Cena out of the way because nothing made me more lifeless than him and his promo.

But it didn't irritate me much, I've become too indifferent toward him for that anymore.
Pretty much this, he's akin to a internet troll, he comes up with something all the time which im sure he knows will irritate. I just don't care.

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Re: Cena's promo got to me

i hope cena gets injured. he needs to gtfo for atleast half a year. i never had more hate for a tv personality than himson
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Re: Cena's promo got to me

I find it perturbing that he focuses on his co-wrestlers nipples.

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Re: Cena's promo got to me

He came out, talked about how some fans hate him and some love him, pandered to the crowd a little bit and then said CM Punk should face him. Same old Cena crap if you ask me, it was pretty much the same as 90% of his other promos. Didn't annoy me any more than the usual ones.

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Re: Cena's promo got to me

it was one of the low points of the entire show for me and i loved raw overall this week. it was down there with the divas match. typical horrible cena promo. holy christ when he tries to be funny it's fucking horrible! it was basically the same garbage promo he always does with nothing new or innovative in it. just another page in his overrated career. if he ever goes on the shelf with an injury for a long time, i will be as a happy as a little girl.

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Re: Cena's promo got to me

Here is my question? I know this is a forum and people will say what they want to say. But my whole thing is this. What can you honestly do outside of starting a thread on the internet with the same crap about how u hate cena. It doesn't matter how you try and word it, it is still a Cena bash/hate thread. People see these every day, and every week Cena will do something to piss someone off and caused the internet to explode.

My question is what in the hell are any of you doing about it? Stop watching Wrestling. Find other things to watch on monday nights. Hell, I hear there this thing called money night football. Me honestly, I haven't watched raw in months. But I go on WWE.com every tuesday just to see the results. So I can stay up to date. And I'll watch the PPV every once and awhile. But I am just realizing that getting all bent out of shape about kayfab character development, and how this person shoots on another is just too old.

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Re: Cena's promo got to me

like someone else said - he's trolling he knows exactly what he's doing and who he's angering and he doesn't give a fuck, lol.
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