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Learning to break kayfabe
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doesn't the legendry punk deserves respect yet ?!

I don't know if you read brandon stround's "best and worst of raw with leather" weekly articles ... but I'm qouting the following from him :-

JR Appreciation Night Actually Turned Out Pretty Well, Considering

I actually had a lot of problems with this segment, but the promo work was so good between Punk and Ross I ended up barely caring what they were saying. Nobody showed up (besides Punk, which didn’t warrant a WHO COULD APPEAR teaser), Punk continued to regurgitate the same couple of facts he’d like us to consider (he’s the WWE Champion, he deserves respect) and JR continued that weird story of Punk needed to beat John Cena in 500 different ways in 501 different towns to prove he’s the Best In The World. The two biggest problems of course being

1. They are pretty directly saying JOHN CENA IS THE BEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD, but if they said it out-loud they know people would boo, and

2. FOLKS LIKE STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN AND TRIPLE H AND MICK FOLEY EARNED RESPECT! Austin earned it by shoving a celebrity guest, being sacrilegious in a wrestling promo and selling t-shirts with a bunch of slogans on them about how tough he is. He didn’t have to tell you how tough he was, even though he did and had a vest with SOB on it in sparkles, because he EARNED IT! Triple H earned it by being Shawn Michaels’ friend, not bailing when the rest of the Kliq bailed and eventually marrying the daughter of the guy who owns the company so he could get his ex-girlfriend fired and spend the next 10 years being the toughest and coolest and smartest guy in the room. He didn’t TELL you he was the King Of Kings or That Damn Good, he earned it! Mick Foley became WWE Champion when Stone Cold Steve Austin ran in and beat Foley’s opponent with a chair. Then he won it again using a forklift with a camera on it. He earned it!

Think about it, Punk. All you’ve done is win the ECW Championship, the tag team championships, the Intercontinental Championship, two Money In The Bank ladder matches, three World Heavyweight Championships, last year’s Slammy Award for Superstar Of The Year and two WWE Championships, including one that changed the direction of WWE and another that you’ve held for almost an entire year. You’ve got to EARN the title of Best In The World, like John Cena did when he lost to a retired actor at WrestleMania and wore a pink shirt because “cancer”.

Read more:
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Re: doesn't the legendry punk deserves respect yet ?!

Punk = legendary? DAFUQ are u smoking? That shit is good!
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The Man
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Re: doesn't the legendry punk deserves respect yet ?!

CM Punk needs some new material
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Re: doesn't the legendry punk deserves respect yet ?!

I lol'ed
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Re: doesn't the legendry punk deserves respect yet ?!

Can't believe you took time into writing this.
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Avoiding THE LIST!
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Re: doesn't the legendry punk deserves respect yet ?!

Legend? he's slowly becoming the Triple H of 2012 with him talking about respect and how great he is every single damn promo he does.

Originally Posted by new_guy View Post
People complain about newer talent not getting over, but what they mean is that their favourite isn't getting over, everyone else can go to hell. I'm for as many people getting over as possible, it would improve the show and the more over people there are, the more avenues there are to push new talent, yes, your favourites are more likely to get pushed if there are more over people to feud with.
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The Irish Rapist
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Re: doesn't the legendry punk deserves respect yet ?!

As much as I love the guy, he is not a legend. YET

If you can't accept the fact that I may like a particular wrestler you don't and aren't ready to have a proper discussion about different opinions: get a job, grow up and put me on your ignore list.

Stop linking, start repping

List of kids who talk shit on here, refuse the existence of other opinions, but don't have the brains to defend or justify their opinions with actual arguments other than "because everybody says so" or "it is because it is":
  1. Bestiswaswillbe

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Re: doesn't the legendry punk deserves respect yet ?!

No, and after Hell in a Cell expect 3 Stages of Hell Match: 1st Stage a Taipei Death Match, 2nd Stage an Inferno Match and finally a 1 hour Iron Man Style I-Quit match, special guest referee, John Cena.

These things will continue until John Cena wins one match thus rendering all previous matches void and CM Punk inferior for all eternity as he doesn't get a rematch because John Cena is just better.

Polly fucking Anna...
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Making James Ellsworth GET MY BAGS
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Re: doesn't the legendry punk deserves respect yet ?!

glorified indy schmuck that doesn't know how to be a professional...

no respect, sorry.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: doesn't the legendry punk deserves respect yet ?!

I find the hate for punk so big !
which can only mean that punk has achieved what he was asked to do which is successfully turning into the most hated man in the wwe after being one of their top faces ! he used every damn trick in the book until he did so !
skipping matches ... like when he walked out of his match against sheamus (even though he had a great reason for it which was that a champion vs champion match shouldn't be on the mid-card of raw ! and then again he faced sheamus at wednesday's night main event and won !!)
aligning himself with heyman !
talking shit about the cities they go to ... (he even wore the rival city's team colors when he fought cena in night of champions)
attacking legends .. A LOT OF THEM ! (lawler, hart, foley, JR ...)
winning by cheap ways ... like at raw 1000 he retained by DQ (even though he had nothing to do with it) and at summerslam he took cena out of the ring after delievering the AA to big show and pinned show to retain (even so that's totally legal in a fucking triple threat match !) and at night of champions he retained via draw (even though cena is the stupid one that pinned himself performing a new 6th move !)
and most of all ... the biggest heel action ever ! yeah bigger than being a coward (even though in the very end he always fought and won so he didn't actully be a coward) or being disrespetful (even though most of the time he was only defending his good name against people who started disrespecting him first) !!
the biggest heel action he did is ... BEING ANNOYING !!!
I mean we all know that punk is one of the best on the mic of all time ! so why would he keep repeating one thing (RESPECT !) over and over and over again and again ? yeah you guessed it ... he knows people are waiting for him to drop a pipe bomb and own the people talking shit about him ! but he just doesn't do that ! so that his fans would turn against him ofcourse ! (similar to what jericho did when he first he returned ... he just didn't talk ! and cheers turned into boos suddenly ! punk is being annoying like vickie guerrero with the whole RESPECT! thing !! he's just being a heel)
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