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Vince McMahon to appear on RAW

Quote: has learned that Mr. McMahon will be at Monday’s Raw in Sacramento, Calif., to deliver a State of WWE Address.

What will The Chairman have to say? Will he address the performance of Raw General Manager AJ Lee? Could her job be in jeopardy?

In addition to addressing the current state of affairs within WWE, does Mr. McMahon have anything to say regarding its future? Could The Chairman have a message directly from WWE's Board of Directors?

The entire WWE Universe is buzzing about this surprise appearance. Tune in Monday at 8/7 CT on USA Network to find out what Mr. McMahon has to say.

Share what you think Mr. McMahon may discuss this Monday night. Post your comments below, Tout your ideas or sound off now on Facebook and Twitter using #StateofWWE.

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Re: Vince McMahon to appear on RAW

the bad ratings u knew this was coming! Should boost the ratings and maybe start something interesting
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Re: Vince McMahon to appear on RAW

poor ratings = here comes Vince to television.
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Re: Vince McMahon to appear on RAW

Lowest ratings in 15 years? Mr. McMahon coming to save the day!


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Re: Vince McMahon to appear on RAW

im enjoying vinces appearances every couple of months, they tend to be more fun then when the rock comes back, i have nothing against the rock whatsoever just my honest opinion, before i get slaughtered by the millions

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Re: Vince McMahon to appear on RAW

I haven't watched RAW live in about 3 weeks. This intrigues me I'll probably tune in now.
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Re: Vince McMahon to appear on RAW

it would be so awesome if he fired AJ right there, in front of everyone in a non-kayfabe way.... nah that's never gonna happen things that awesome never happen

Originally Posted by Brodus Clay View Post
Probably Bray would slap you for saying that, fans this days have no fucking respect for the Undertaker.
Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
As they shouldn't, he hasn't earned it. He took a dump on the face of the best talent on the roster and said "fuck you, I don't have to do SHIT but show up and pin you after you carry the entire program". Disrespect begets disrespect. Undertaker is a selfish, arrogant, broken down old has been who can't give it up, who doesn't give one shit about the next generation of stars and helping the company that made him thrive. It's always all about him.
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Re: Vince McMahon to appear on RAW

Look at the company's pushed main star of Raw as spouted in said article: AJ Lee. No wonder they get their lowest ratings in 15 years. Them 18-30 year olds realizing Raw has become a tween Nickolodeon show starring the appropriate mediocre female performer for said role. Maybe they can bring in the cast of iCarly or some other bullshit to play Team Steph's ultimate vision of WWE. Idiots.

I do have one question for anyone who might feel that Dwayne Johnson "owes" the business. Is it just him, or is it anyone who moved on to other things? Should Luna Vachon get heat for running a towing company instead of working on RAW? Should Maven be critiqued on his Home Shopping Network bits instead of wrestling?

Or is it only the ones who go on to highly visible careers in movies that owe something? Why do Johnson (who left after putting people over, doing the traditionally "right thing") and Lesnar (who did not; except for making Eddie a legitimate star) get called sell-outs who "forgot where they came from" when someone who retires to do some regular job get credit (as they should) for moving on and making it without falling into a sea of addiction?
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Re: Vince McMahon to appear on RAW


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Re: Vince McMahon to appear on RAW

Vince knows why he's doing this. RATINGS!

Looking forward to seeing the character Mr. McMahon, just don't care much for Vince McMahon.
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