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Re: Kofi Kingston Sucks

Watch the Jr interviews Austin, and CM Punk for WWE 13 video. You will hear Austin mention only two names, and it's Cena, and Punk. Austin, and the same has been said by Jim Ross that many of the stars right now are happy with just being on television. That may be true, but consider this. Right now the WWE is PG. Creatively I would think that there are certain limitations on many stars including Kofi Kingston. At the same time look at who is writing this shit.

Not every wrestler knows what to come up with, and that is why you hire creative help that can see the star in the wrestler before that wrestler does. Austin knew he had a strong pitch before he decided to drop the Ringmaster gimmick. The same can be said for HBK, or The Rock. These people are rare, and some stars like Hulk Hogan have to be made. Vince McMahon saw what kind of star he could turn Terry Bollea in to. The same with The Undertaker, John Cena, Diesel, Razor Ramon, and many others. Guys who come forward with ideas are rare, and even more rare are the ones that are memorable.

People seem to forget that this is show biz. Kofi may not be the best in ring performer, but he isn't average either. His work in the ring is typically good, with some spot here, and there. Kingston may not have "it", but he is worth keeping around because he is marketable. Kofi is a "face" for life, and I don't mind that. I'm tired of guys going back, and forth from "face" to "heel". This means that Kofi is a "static" character. Kingston is always perfect for a rare upset, or sever wild card character. You need "static" characters like Kofi because it keeps things consistent.
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Re: Kofi Kingston Sucks

Some hungry up and comer who has really TRIED to break out and make it and do more than just coast for 2 years should be in Kofi's spot or higher. I am thinking guys like Zack Ryder who might not be main eventer material but they really strive and push themselves and do go that extra mile should be the Mid-Card Kings. Ryder's out of ring material has been rightly lauded but he is much improved as a wrestler as well. Kofi's been on autopilot for a while now. He had a dynamite, surefire face gimmick: Loveable dope smoker with flashy offense. Worked for RVD. Hey, why be from Jamaica which gives you rich and sympathetic crowd-pleasing comedy material when you could be from GHANA?!

Piper: I'm sick of this kilt and bagpipes shit. I wanna be billed from the town where I was raised: Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I don't know if I'd outright cut the guy but somebody from Superstars who has been buried and shoved aside but makes the most of every opportunity presented to him like Tyson Kidd could be given Kofi's spot as well.

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Re: Kofi Kingston Sucks

Kofi is a good all around talent. The problem is not Kofi, the problem is WWE.

There's people on here saying he's nothing special and has done nothing memorable but that's only slightly his fault, he's not pushing enough backstage to get a push. When he did have a mini push and feud with orton briefly he was fantastic in the role.

It's his booking that's the issue.

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Re: Kofi Kingston Sucks

Trouble is, most people keep saying he is great. The more you say how great he is, the less likely he will improve. Look at the Miz who I don't like, pretty much hate his presence in WWE, but the guy has went out and improved himself as a worker and his ability to express himself on screen. Kofi is a character I just don't like, his smile is what annoys me, too babyface, but he has potential and Kofi should seek to reach it.
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Re: Kofi Kingston Sucks

Originally Posted by AthenaMark View Post
Where is Kofi's drive to excel like this? Why allow a guy like Blandy, a guy who shits in bags to be a detriment to him? If Orton would of yelled "STUPID! STUPID" to me and I felt it was off and was wrong, I would of lined him up and knocked the teeth out of his mouth on LIVE television and that's that. You gotta have a backbone. Can't be a pussy. Austin may have been wrong when he walked out but at least he had the balls and manhood to do it and take the heat for it. Fans didn't want to give him heat for it so it worked out for him but he took a stand and that's one of the reasons why he remains legendary till this very day while Kofi is suffering from being lagged down with "little Jimmy" and a guy who talks to the air.
And your career would've been over.

Not only would you've caused a scene on live television but you would've attacked a locker room leader with A LOT of influence.

There's nothing wrong with Kofi at all. He is smart enough to realize that his race will always keep him from reaching his full potential.

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Re: Kofi Kingston Sucks

The company lost any right to complain about lack of the drive in the wrestlers the minute they decided to make the disastorus move to make RAW three hours. You don't knowingly march off to war with a horribly underequipped and poorly trained army if you have any sense whatsoever. Whether the lack of drive in the roster is the fault of WWE or the wrestlers, its WWE that ultimately has the responsibility to fix the problem whatever the solution is.
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Re: Kofi Kingston Sucks

OP what are you smoking???

Kofi is awesome hes a really good performer and he should be pushed to the main event scene. He is being held back being stuck in the tag team division
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Re: Kofi Kingston Sucks

Originally Posted by TheGreatBanana View Post
Trouble is, most people keep saying he is great. The more you say how great he is, the less likely he will improve.
It is because the bar has been lowered so much over the years that the majority of the fans of today don't even know what great is. WWE tells them what great is. So if a mother-fucker jumps off a rope in WWE, suddenly he's a "high flyer~!"

A lot of the roster is coasting on past merits, the same shit that guys like Hall & Nash were lambasted for in WCW. But Kofi gets a free pass for some reason, despite never doing anything. He's been in WWE for how long now, six years? And he's had what, maybe two memorable matches & a couple memorable spots in gimmick matches? That's it.

One of the big problems is that guys on the IWC are never able to look outside of the gang mentality that is formed off first impressions. They will sour on someone once they get used at the top or become babyface, but if a guy, like Kofi or Lance Storm gets a reputation online for being a "good worker" it's never questioned, even when they don't do anything for ten years.

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Re: Kofi Kingston Sucks

Originally Posted by Marty Vibe View Post
I agree with Walk-In. Bear in mind here people, he's not badmouthing or slating Kofi Kingston himself, but rather using him as just a representative of what is turgid, stale and stagnant about the WWE midcard today. Everyday you hear someone say 'push the mid-card, make them more interesting!'. Well, we all know that the writing team are slightly incompetent in their jobs, but at the same time they're not really given much help when the midcard displays about as much charisma as a can of fog. They might be great athletes, good wrestlers, so what, doesn't mean shit in this day and age.

Another argument of course is that these guys don't want to risk getting fired, which is perfectly fine. However, this brings me to the point that with a little tweaking in their backstage behaviour, maybe they can kind of display a 'persona' they would like to display on camera, to the guys backstage. Basically, give the guys themselves more input, but they'll only give more input if the guys on the roster are willing to fight for the right to do so. You want the roster to stay bland? Well, it's going to stay this way if these problems don't get sorted out. Or until Vince dies. Hmph.
Then WWE should do something about it other than complain and do nothing. Nothing's stopping them from firing the guys they think suck and putting forth an actual effort to bring in fresh blood that they are willing to utilize other than their own stupidity.

The reality is that whether or not the roster does or doesn't suck, the overall show sucking is ultimately on the company. I can understand, if not sympathize with, the mediocre talent not putting themselves on the spot; the company has no excuse for not doing anything about it.
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Re: Kofi Kingston Sucks

Originally Posted by Walk-In View Post
Let's just get this out there because me saying it in another thread was apparently oh so controversial. I rarely ever make threads but this is apparently something that people are passionate about if my rep from that other thread is any indication. I would LOVE to hear logical reasons as to why Kofi is anything other than terrible.

For anyone that missed it, this was the post:

Kofi Kingston is a terrible professional wrestler. I don't know him personally, he might be a great guy, but as far as being a wrestler/entertainer, he is terrible. He is a good athlete, he can jump high, but he's a terrible WRESTLER. He specifically lacks all the things that you would want from a good wrestler, like having good offense, or believable defense. His facial expressions are bad, his comebacks are worse, his selling is lackluster to say the least. He might have the worst timing in the entire company & he can't talk. What exactly does he bring to the table? He gets a reaction? A lot of people get reactions, that doesn't translate into ticket sales, PPV buys or TV ratings for them all.

When I think of the WWE as a whole & why it is in a slump, I think of the roster & how everyone is just phoning it in, half-assing it & just coasting along just to get a paycheck. To me, Kofi Kingston is the poster boy of that mentality. Just because he does the basic paint-by-the-numbers Kofi match, complete with a high cross body & maybe a springboard chop, that doesn't mean he's doing anything! He is not memorable whatsoever, unless he is in a gimmick match featuring a ladder. What is even the highlight of his career, taking a superkick from Shawn Michaels? Blowing the finish of a match with Randy Orton leading to Orton breaking character due to being pissed on live TV?

If Kofi Kingston was fat, or in the main event, do you have any idea how fast the IWC would turn on him? A helluva lot faster than they turned on A.J. Lee, I can tell you that. This is just more bullshit "well he's in the midcard so he's underused!" just like people that try to sell us on Teddy Hart or Alex Riley, because they want to seem different & original.

During the Legends of Wrestling Roundtable, when Jim Ross was talking about wrestlers that just do what they're told, don't bother to ever speak up or ruffle feathers & just want to get their paycheck so they can pay their bills, I was thinking specifically of Kofi Kingston. When Carlito did the same thing, he was made an example of, on live TV, by Ric Flair cutting a promo on him & eventually released from WWE...but Kofi gets a free ride. Why? What does Kofi provide that you can't get from someone else on the roster, better? Kofi is not hungry, he doesn't seem to care at all. He's not trying to improve himself or climb up the ladder, he's sitting around waiting & hoping that it is given to him. During his off time, he's playing fucking video games instead of trying to improve. He is a great example of everything that is wrong with not just this generation of professional wrestlers but the fans too when they buy into the bland bullshit.

So, what are you thoughts on Kofi Kingston? Positive or negative & why?
i like kofi....

man that sig is extremely hot and kinda creepy at the same time. i wanna stare at her tits but her eyes keep drawing me away from them....lol

I am in LOVE...
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