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Re: Kofi Kingston Sucks

Look: How can anybody say he's not generic? He's another guy in trunks, wristbands and kickpads, just like half of the roster. Where's the uniqueness? In his dreadlocks? Isn't he generic because his attire is yellow? Man, the guy is almost as generic-looking as a McGillicutty, a Bateman or a Tyson Kidd.

Charisma: Since the crowd care, I guess he has.

Athleticism: Ok, he flips and jumps. Has that something to do with being a good wrestler?

Strength: I don't remember him doing a body slam or anything so I cannot have an opinion.

Getting the crowd to care: Yeah, that's true. The guy knows how to make the crowd to love him. I don't know why because I found his taunts and moveset incredibly lame, but still the casuals love a guy who's always jumping and "being dynamic".

Being exciting: Where's exactly the excitement? Making a weak jumping clothesline or putting retarded faces while performing is exciting?

Ring work: I cannot undertand why people say he's a good worker. Ok, he jumps in his entrance, he jumps when tagged, he jumps when doing any move. So what? His moveset is absolutely weak: jumping clothesline, knife chop, boom boom legdrop(looks totally harmless), the botching jump on the corner move, the move he stealed from Christian and making dropkicks and crossbodys... The only convincing maneuver he has is the Ranhei. Also WWE tell us he's a highflyer when he is not(compare his moveset with the moveset of Rey Mysterio, Trent Barreta or Evan Bourne: They are highflyers).

Mic skills: He can talk. I find him average.

Gimmick or character: For the umpteenth time; Being an African jumping guy is a gimmick? What's the unique thing he brings? He has no gimmick, he's only that, an African jumping guy. When he ceased to be a Jamaican stereotype I thought they would give him any good gimmick, but not. Since then, Kofi is simply a guy from Ghana. But hey, he jumps and flips and slides.

In fact I want to like Kofi, because I think he would be pushed in the future and I would like to understand why people find him entertaining and funny while I only see a gimmickless fake highflyer doing stupid paraphernalia while performing weaking-look moves.
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Re: Kofi Kingston Sucks

He deserves a chance to go heel and see if he can get it over. Hes been playing the same character for almost 5 years and that just unfair for a guy who is in mid card hell.
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Re: Kofi Kingston Sucks

I really hate Kofi Kingston

he won a lot of midcard titles and dragged those titles downhill all the time with his boring character, personality and terrible mic works.

he's a PG character that nobody likes except for children. he's annoying in the ring. being a fake high flyer, all he does is crossbody and dropkick. how could he a high flyer?

and the shit he does with his hands... boom boom boom fuck!! annoying!

I hate him!! I hate him!! you hear me!?
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Re: Kofi Kingston Sucks

Oh. This is that thing where nobody on the internet likes the good guys, and everybody on the internet prefers the bad guys. Okay. I was confused. Consider me clarified!
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Re: Kofi Kingston Sucks

Originally Posted by Walk-In View Post
Let's just get this out there because me saying it in another thread was apparently oh so controversial. I rarely ever make threads but this is apparently something that people are passionate about if my rep from that other thread is any indication. I would LOVE to hear logical reasons as to why Kofi is anything other than terrible.

For anyone that missed it, this was the post:

Kofi Kingston is a terrible professional wrestler. I don't know him personally, he might be a great guy, but as far as being a wrestler/entertainer, he is terrible. He is a good athlete, he can jump high, but he's a terrible WRESTLER. He specifically lacks all the things that you would want from a good wrestler, like having good offense, or believable defense. His facial expressions are bad, his comebacks are worse, his selling is lackluster to say the least. He might have the worst timing in the entire company & he can't talk. What exactly does he bring to the table? He gets a reaction? A lot of people get reactions, that doesn't translate into ticket sales, PPV buys or TV ratings for them all.

When I think of the WWE as a whole & why it is in a slump, I think of the roster & how everyone is just phoning it in, half-assing it & just coasting along just to get a paycheck. To me, Kofi Kingston is the poster boy of that mentality. Just because he does the basic paint-by-the-numbers Kofi match, complete with a high cross body & maybe a springboard chop, that doesn't mean he's doing anything! He is not memorable whatsoever, unless he is in a gimmick match featuring a ladder. What is even the highlight of his career, taking a superkick from Shawn Michaels? Blowing the finish of a match with Randy Orton leading to Orton breaking character due to being pissed on live TV?

If Kofi Kingston was fat, or in the main event, do you have any idea how fast the IWC would turn on him? A helluva lot faster than they turned on A.J. Lee, I can tell you that. This is just more bullshit "well he's in the midcard so he's underused!" just like people that try to sell us on Teddy Hart or Alex Riley, because they want to seem different & original.

During the Legends of Wrestling Roundtable, when Jim Ross was talking about wrestlers that just do what they're told, don't bother to ever speak up or ruffle feathers & just want to get their paycheck so they can pay their bills, I was thinking specifically of Kofi Kingston. When Carlito did the same thing, he was made an example of, on live TV, by Ric Flair cutting a promo on him & eventually released from WWE...but Kofi gets a free ride. Why? What does Kofi provide that you can't get from someone else on the roster, better? Kofi is not hungry, he doesn't seem to care at all. He's not trying to improve himself or climb up the ladder, he's sitting around waiting & hoping that it is given to him. During his off time, he's playing fucking video games instead of trying to improve. He is a great example of everything that is wrong with not just this generation of professional wrestlers but the fans too when they buy into the bland bullshit.

So, what are you thoughts on Kofi Kingston? Positive or negative & why?
Kofi Kingston is not supposed to be some bomb-dropping, power wrestler in the ring. He's a highflyer, so the point of his moves are to be flashy and exciting to watch, not realistic. He can't talk? Clearly you've never seen his work with Orton in 09 or just his work in general, he very rarely stumbles over his words, he is always clear, and never awkward on the mic. He gets a reaction by doing fuck all, that should show you that people care about him because he has CHARISMA. You're blaming him for not drawing PPV buys or TV ratings? How about they give him something to actually do, and if he doesn't draw then come back and tell me it's his fault and I'll agree with you.

Contrary to what you believe, superstars can't just come out and say whatever they want. They can't "shoot" on the company, even CM Punk "shot" on the company by getting its permission. How the hell do you know he's "phoning it in"? He had a great match with Ziggler, oh wait, you'll just say he got carried by Ziggler. He's underused for no reason.
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Re: Kofi Kingston Sucks

He using dem high flying moves he not a real rassler
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Re: Kofi Kingston Sucks

Oh, to go into vague specifics from my earlier post: I love me my high fliers so I like Kofi, I acknowledge he doesn't really have a gimmick or whatever, that's WWE's fault not his, but I still enjoy his matches and the remnants of his Jamaican gimmick, plus he's just a cool guy.

So the answer to this thread is Kofi needs a big push to re-tool his gimmick and win a World Title to get lots more attention and improve.

Polly fucking Anna...
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Re: Kofi Kingston Sucks

Originally Posted by Apex Rattlesnake View Post
I wouldnt say he sucks, he is just not World/WWE Championship material.
Swagger isn't World Champion material but that didn't stop him.

Thank you Edge.

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Re: Kofi Kingston Sucks

Originally Posted by Interceptor88 View Post
Look: How can anybody say he's not generic? He's another guy in trunks, wristbands and kickpads, just like half of the roster. Where's the uniqueness? In his dreadlocks?

Gimmick or character: For the umpteenth time; Being an African jumping guy is a gimmick?
I agree with this fully. Saying you're awesome is not a character. Saying 'yes' does not make a character as well. With exception to like 5 people on the WWE roster,everyone is either generic good guy or generic bad girl.

You are definitely entitled to your opinion, but I disagree that he is the one of the worst. In fact, when he had a gimmick he was awesome, when they were really pushing he was Jaimaican (and the video packages) and when he was in ECW I was a big fan. But then again, let's remember who, from a storyline sense, got rid of the "Jamaican gimmick" and he has not been the same since.

In regards to WWE, we are not in the PG Era. We are in the Watered Down Era!

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Triple H fans are the worst!
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Re: Kofi Kingston Sucks

Well at the OP actually has reasons for his hate unlike most of these threads. Kofi I find very good in the ring and when he is in the ring with a good wrestler he can put on a great chance. The reason Kofi has not been in a memorable feud? Because they have never given him a chance since the Orton feud. In that feud he showed good mic skills and was massively over. I am a massive Orton fan but what Orton did to Kofi was wrong. Since then Kofi has managed to stay over and get a good pop from the crowd from doing nothing but floating around the mid-card. Kofi would a good main event babyface and should get a push. At worst keep him in the mid-card but give him actually story lines. Firing someone who is good in the ring and massively over with the crowd makes no sense. Plently of people the should get rid of long before Kofi imo.

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