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Re: WWE Is Paying for the Last 8 Years

10 years ago, top guys in the WWE, Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, Kane, Hulk Hogan, Brock Lesner, Kurt Angle (probably missing more)

Now: John Cena, Cm Punk... With Shemaus in the wings, Randy Orton in limbo...

Who else is there now

Daniel Bryan: Although he's pretty over he isn't a big star and hasn't won the big one yet, and is now in the tag division for some time.
Ryback is a possibility but it hasn't happened yet.
Dolgh Ziggler: I have no idea what the WWe are doing with him, one minute he's a upper mid card guy the next he's jobbing and wrestling on Superstars, yea I remember when Shawn Michaels did that (sarcasm.) Ziggler isnt a top guy yet.
Wade Barrett, the WWe have reset this guy's push, and for some reason WWe are starting all over again with this guy, I don't expect a main event runw ith this guy for some time yet let alone being a top guy
Big Show: the guy who is a big heel right now but a guy who is pretty much on the retirement line, sure 10 years ago they had Hogan but take him away and you still have more top stars.
Alberto Del Rio.. who really cares?
The Miz: Former main event star now in midcard...
Swagger: Former WWE Heavy Weight champion, demoted to jobbing, current whereabouts unknown.
Christian: Highly unlikley

WWE really need to work on building an upper card. an upper card who are prominant, and not upper card one minute jobbing the next type of stars either.

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Re: WWE Is Paying for the Last 8 Years

Created this on Monday for those that didn't see it. Gives a good idea on how they're doing with the numbers since the 1000th show.

"This is a lot better than lugging wrestlers around who farted in my car" - Jim Ross on starting his new podcast.
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Re: WWE Is Paying for the Last 8 Years

Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to respond to OP's excellent points one by one.

Originally Posted by chucky101 View Post
with the 2.5 rating and the overall poor numbers they have done this year, its there own fault

vince will probably rush cena back, but that is a short term fix and will not address the real problem this company has

vince should of pushed younger talent atleast 3-4 years ago and turned cena heel last year if not before that, now there screwed
Wrestling's golden years were from 97 til maybe 03. Ratings would've gone down regardless, but I see what you're saying. Worst thing is when ratings are exceptionally low (by today's standards), that's when they shove Cena down our throats even more. It happened at this time last year. Cena is WWE's comfort zone and, sadly, it isn't working anymore. He is still human and will eventually wear out or, God forbid, get seriously injured.

Originally Posted by chucky101 View Post
who have they pushed in the last 8 years, a guy who is clearly not over but dominates every week
I still cannot wrap my head around it. The man gets booed by a good percentage of the crowd, yet he's still "the man". He'll stoop as low as to exalt and complement the crowd that boos him just to try to get more people to cheer for him. Happened in Chicago and it made me sick.

Originally Posted by chucky101 View Post
when lesnar is brought in who does he face, hhh who is not a full time wrestler, if they go ahead with the rematch is does nothing except fill hunters ego
WWE made a HUGE mistake by feeding Lesnar to Cena back in April. Imo, it has been WWE's biggest booking mistake of 2012 thus far. Cena gained nothing from it, but Lesnar lost quite a bit if you ask me.

Originally Posted by chucky101 View Post
undertaker facing hhh AGAIN does nothing for the future, we saw that match twice at mania before but they go ahead with it again, 2 guys in there 40s who don't even wrestle anymore (barely)
WWE is in quite a predicament. They can't explicitely say that Attitude Era is better than current era, but they constantly lean on Attitude Era stars in order to boost ratings and PPV buys. Rock, Taker, Michaels, Stone Cold, Edge, Foley, even Hart... all Attitude Era people.

Originally Posted by chucky101 View Post
with the rock and lesnar and taker all at mania, its drawing big number anyways, so why not start pushing new younger talent and build for the future

so where does this leave the wwe right now, ryback is going to be a bust, if thats the guy there banking on i feel sorry for them
WWE is scared. Aside from Cena, they have no faith in their current roster. They are starting to put more weight on Punk's shoulders, but even now it's still difficult b/c Cena is recovering so currently Punk is solely the one with the company on his shoulders.

Originally Posted by chucky101 View Post
wwe has done nothing for the future, cena and punk are the only 2 guys on the roster who can draw, both are aging and worn out with nagging injuries
100% corrent. Cena is 35 and Punk is 33. Orton is 32, but it's a known fact that he's had enough of the terrible schedule. Again, this is why WWE relies so heavily on Attitude Era stars. They are already old, the 3 names mentioned are aging, and WWE still has no one to "pass the torch" to. They need to get to work fast.
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Re: WWE Is Paying for the Last 8 Years

Originally Posted by holt_hogan View Post
Created this on Monday for those that didn't see it. Gives a good idea on how they're doing with the numbers since the 1000th show.

The WWE is going down! They better start working on something. They are killing it.
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Re: WWE Is Paying for the Last 8 Years

WWE is trying to build stars now.

Should've started years ago, but whatever.

All Hail the King
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Re: WWE Is Paying for the Last 8 Years

The problem with WWE is not only creative but they just don't know what to do when they have a big angle. CM Punk & Wade Barrett are the last examples of this.
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Re: WWE Is Paying for the Last 8 Years

Originally Posted by chucky101 View Post
ryback will be a bust, he went from beating slater to now jumping to main event level

WAY to soon and the guy is a goldberg rip off, he might be getting some pops now but do you really think he is the next true main event draw for years to come, i don't see it

vince pushes who he wants, not what the crowd wants, thats the difference from the attitude era

rock/austin were pushed because the fans got behind them, along with dx and others, back then they listened to the fans and gave us what we wanted

now vince just keeps pushing the likes of cena even though the crowd boo's the hell out of him

in the last 7-8 years who really got that push, atleast a attempt to go over clean on cena and giving a chance to be the guy, punk whole summer of 2011 wasn't even planned and they screwed that up(he still hasn't beat cena clean FYI)

imo cena leaving for a long time would be a great thing long term, it would force vince to push newer talents

imo its time to turn cena heel soon, that would create not only a huge spark but start putting guys over on him and change it up, time for ambrose/ziggler to take that next step and keep pushing the likes of bryan/punk
Just because it "could happen" doesn't mean it will. Broken logic bro. What could also happen, more easily mind you, is that he won't end up being a bust. He's already over this quickly. Not looking like a bust.

"main event draw for years to come"? What? So it's "top guy or bust"? wtf? Lower your expectations. No wonder you're always disappointed. With that thinking, you will always be disappointed in 98% of the roster. And your maximum level of being happy with how people turn out is maybe 3% overall at best.

I also posted over a dozen new guys who have been getting big pushes, so I'm not sure why you're talking about people not getting pushed. Just some crap about Cena being on top.

As I suspected though, your comments about that were just anti-Cena ones. A wrestler doesn't need to be put over Cena cleanly over and over then repleace him to be considered having gotten a push. You're obviously a Punk fan, so what did you want? Multiple people to beat Punk and Punk to not have the title for very long? You'd complain about that too. Which is it? You want a guy pushed well or you want multiple guys pushed? Multiple guys got pushed and one of your favorites got pushed hard. . .but everything sucks because Cena still wins matches? :\

Your expectations are very skewed, and it seems like you just want Cena gone or buried and don't really give a shit about the rest of it.
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Re: WWE Is Paying for the Last 8 Years

They don't have the balls to do it, but say they did, current creative/ Vince would even f*ck up turning Cena heel (plus they've probably left it too late). They need a complete overhaul behind the scenes. The product is forever shadowed by Linda's political campaign and it's all just so very crap.

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Re: WWE Is Paying for the Last 8 Years

Originally Posted by Dustin13 View Post
What else is there to say? They tried to kid themselves into thinking they were giving someone else a chance by having the belt on CM Punk for that long, but they were only cheating themselves. They only really handed over the reigns to Punk shortly after his heel turn, moreso after and in part because of the bone chips in Cena's arm and leg. It's a very good thing, but it's really fucked up the structure of stars in WWE.

IMO, the Cena model serves for bad business and bad entertainment. "Don't put your eggs in one basket", yet there they went.

To be fair, people have often mentioned that inaways WWE were unfortunate to have a) the "lost generation" in Ken Kennedy, MVP, Bobby Lashley etc that were meant to carry the company for a time but never did, and it left the load on the people of Cena's generation and before, and b) that not only did they not get top stars out of the aforementioned people, they also LOST stars, and quite a significant amount from Jeff Hardy in 2009 to Edge in 2011.

Now we're in a super, super weird situation where WWE as we know it can only function because of part timers, and I don't think we've ever been in that situation before.
It seems that at some point in the past 10 year, WWE has drifted from formulas that worked for over 20 years.

-A bad ass is now a funny guy.
-A muscular build is now an average joe build.
-In-ring skills are now more important than charisma.
-Looking tough is now replaced with lookin like a pretty boy.

Why don't they go back to what was successful in the past?
Actually, they do, and I hate it. You see the pushes that Sheamus and Ryback are currently receiving? Tried and tested; as much as we may hate it it's proven to work so that's why they're persisting. Those things you listed are partly to do with the shift to "family friendly entertainment"

Heaven is a place on earth.

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Re: WWE Is Paying for the Last 8 Years

Originally Posted by chucky101 View Post
raw once drew a rating over 8.0, not they draw a 2.5, think about that
Now compare what a share of WWE stock sells for today versus 2008. That is why I think WWE is out of business in 10 years unless drastic changes take place sooner rather than later.

"If anyone asks you if you've paid your dues, you tell 'em the check is in the mail."

Not removing until:

[ ] Hulk Hogan vs Hawk Hogan
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