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Re: WWE Is Paying for the Last 8 Years

Originally Posted by RiZE View Post
Why do some always blame creative when most of their ideas don't even make it to television?

It's Vince.
Precisely. Vince is the chief obstacle to a much better product.

Originally Posted by TempestH View Post
They need to get rid of the "fuck the midcard" mentality, realize that not everyone has to be World Champion (even though the ones who prove themselves should be), and focus on trying to get the ENTIRE ROSTER over with the fans.
Positively correct. Triple H needs to lock Vince in his limo or whatever and meet up with the writers personally with Vince nowhere to be found. Tell them to focus on the undercarders to the degree that they are used to focusing on the midcarders. To focus on the midcarders to the degree that they are used to focusing on the main-eventers. And focus on the main-eventers individually and in terms of feuds and storylines more intensely and intelligently at the same time to ensure that the entire product is given a shot to hum and fully entertain and satisfy.

If you're an Alex Riley or a Curt Hawkins or a Tyson Kidd, the initial general character arc and game plan for you shuold be nearly airtight. Obviously some guys are going to sink or swim by one measure or another depending on how they perform, but guys working their way up the card from the bottom of the undercard should be given some overarching direction.

But of course I'm talking about a company where they seem to like to kick money away (Kofi Kingston three years ago, Zack Ryder in the last year, etceteras).

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Re: WWE Is Paying for the Last 8 Years

Their cynicism toward the art of professional wrestling is starting to really hurt them.
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Re: WWE Is Paying for the Last 8 Years

Originally Posted by sesshomaru View Post
I remember back in 2006 Edge's shock win over Cena at NYR pushed the ratings from ~3.5 to 4+. Now the ratings are 2.5? Holy shit that's a "downward trend" that you don't need to be a statistician to see.
WWE just always wants to push who they want when they want, and no one else can get over at that time. They were getting big ratings and attention with that title switch and dropped it because they already had a plan and didn't want to deviate from it.

Vince's ego is so big that any plan he makes he thinks will score big, and when it doesn't he blames the performer, or someone else but it's never his fault for not consulting others or responding to the audience.

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Re: WWE Is Paying for the Last 8 Years

ryback will be a bust, he went from beating slater to now jumping to main event level

WAY to soon and the guy is a goldberg rip off, he might be getting some pops now but do you really think he is the next true main event draw for years to come, i don't see it

vince pushes who he wants, not what the crowd wants, thats the difference from the attitude era

rock/austin were pushed because the fans got behind them, along with dx and others, back then they listened to the fans and gave us what we wanted

now vince just keeps pushing the likes of cena even though the crowd boo's the hell out of him

in the last 7-8 years who really got that push, atleast a attempt to go over clean on cena and giving a chance to be the guy, punk whole summer of 2011 wasn't even planned and they screwed that up(he still hasn't beat cena clean FYI)

imo cena leaving for a long time would be a great thing long term, it would force vince to push newer talents

imo its time to turn cena heel soon, that would create not only a huge spark but start putting guys over on him and change it up, time for ambrose/ziggler to take that next step and keep pushing the likes of bryan/punk
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Re: WWE Is Paying for the Last 8 Years

raw once drew a rating over 8.0, not they draw a 2.5, think about that
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Re: WWE Is Paying for the Last 8 Years

wwe is brimming with new talent. their biggest mistake has been pushing john cena despite their own wwe champion, cm punk. cena's face needs a rest from tv. put him off the road until the rumble, i'm begging you.

i will readily admit that wwe did not plan very well for the future after the attitude era and thus pushed a handful of people too early, but now those people and others are becoming legitimate stars. all of you who think wwe only has two or three credible stars are kidding yourselves.

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Re: WWE Is Paying for the Last 8 Years

It's amazing how many fans (including a lot on this site) are in denial over this too.

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Re: WWE Is Paying for the Last 8 Years

Originally Posted by chucky101 View Post
with the 2.5 rating and the overall poor numbers they have done this year, its there own fault

who have they pushed in the last 8 years, a guy who is clearly not over but dominates every week

when lesnar is brought in who does he face, hhh who is not a full time wrestler, if they go ahead with the rematch is does nothing except fill hunters ego

undertaker facing hhh AGAIN does nothing for the future, we saw that match twice at mania before but they go ahead with it again, 2 guys in there 40s who don't even wrestle anymore (barely)

with the rock and lesnar and taker all at mania, its drawing big number anyways, so why not start pushing new younger talent and build for the future

wwe has done nothing for the future, cena and punk are the only 2 guys on the roster who can draw, both are aging and worn out with nagging injuries

so where does this leave the wwe right now, ryback is going to be a bust, if thats the guy there banking on i feel sorry for them

vince will probably rush cena back, but that is a short term fix and will not address the real problem this company has

vince should of pushed younger talent atleast 3-4 years ago and turned cena heel last year if not before that, now there screwed
When you buy your competition and can't develop stars through your system(since they got rid of Cornette in OVW) then you've got problems. The only new guys who got over big have been ROH guys Punk and Bryan. I also think HHH deserves some blame since he's basically the WWE version of what Hogan did in WCW. The biggest mistake Vince ever made was letting one of the boys marry into his family.

WWE's advatage over WCW was that they pushed who was over politics be damned, but that all changed when the son in law had to protect his top spot and fragile ego.
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Re: WWE Is Paying for the Last 8 Years

Can someone answer this:

What I want to know is when did the mentality change regarding what makes a good wrestler?

It seems that at some point in the past 10 year, WWE has drifted from formulas that worked for over 20 years.

-A bad ass is now a funny guy.
-A muscular build is now an average joe build.
-In-ring skills are now more important than charisma.
-Looking tough is now replaced with lookin like a pretty boy.

Why don't they go back to what was successful in the past?


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Re: WWE Is Paying for the Last 8 Years

your 100% right with this post, thats why I watch TNA


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