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Re: Can someone tell me how you can actually watch RAW?

Originally Posted by Jingoro View Post
fixed it for you. you were so close to be exactly right. i liked raw a lot obviously cuz there was a lot of aj. i think she should be the ref of every match. i swear i'd never pay attention to the actual wrestling and probably would have wet spill in my pants before raw ended. she gets down on all fours, arches her back, sticks her butt out, counts, and then flips back her hair. god damn that's hot!

You can see much more beautiful females doing a lot more...provocative things by a simple Internet search for whatever knocks your socks off. Professional wrestling is professional wrestling, not an AJ voyeurism fantasy.
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Re: Can someone tell me how you can actually watch RAW?

Taped. With a remote control and my beloved fast forward button.

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I'm cooking, playing minecraft, chatting, and normally prepping to crash. Few devote full focus to wwe anymore.

Mic Check

WWE is filled with 'Good Ol' Boys' in power positions. It is just how it is, and I will keep calling WWE, Pro Wrestling in USA, as well as some of it's fans out on this because it is bollox. I do notice an apparent effort being made to mitigate this somewhat, but time will ultimately tell.

Originally Posted by max314 View Post
I'm sick of anything that's been around longer than two weeks.
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Re: Can someone tell me how you can actually watch RAW?

Typically, I walk in to my living room, grab the remote, proceed to turn on the television, and then turn on USA at roughly 8 pm. Does that make sense? Let me know if that works for you.
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Re: Can someone tell me how you can actually watch RAW?

For the first time in ages i streamed RAW live and by the second set of advertsw I was done. So instead of watching it at 1am till 4am or whatever.

Just watch what you want the next day. You can still avoid spoilers for 24 hours.

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Re: Can someone tell me how you can actually watch RAW?

The real question here is how can you not enjoy all these Punk promos and his alliance with Paul Heyman? Raw right now is way more interesting due to this storyline alone than it has been in months.

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I believe our anger for the current product stems from the idea that it has so much potential and it's not living up to it. The reason we keep watching is to one day see if it will reach that potential or a level near it. We don't necessarily want the Attitude Era to return, but we want the excitement and the crave to watch more and the need to see what happens next which the Attitude Era brought us.
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Re: Can someone tell me how you can actually watch RAW?

i only watch the segments never the actual wrestling. so i watch maybe hour worth thats it.

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Re: Can someone tell me how you can actually watch RAW?

The show is terrible. Since RAW went 3 hours I've never watched RAW from start to finish, I mainly tune in for the opening segment, check back in the middle and watch the end and the rest is just bullshit.

Anyone who says RAW and Smackdown is a quality show is lying.
The fact RAW was 2.5 speaks volumes there's no excuse for it wrestling fans can bring up "football" all they want. Last week it was 2.7 now it's down to 2.5.. I'm wondering if it'll eventually go to 2.0 or something. Not to be an asshole but I find it funny and apart of me is intrigued about the low ratings.. I keep hoping maybe this will shock Vince into actually making the product interesting again but I doubt it..

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Re: Can someone tell me how you can actually watch RAW?

Ratings mean nowhere near as much as they used to. I'm a wrestling fan, not a ratings fan.

I love the feud between Punk and Cena. I think matching Punk and Heyman together is fantastic. I like how they've been consistant with pushing Ryback, it's great to see somebody new given a chance- just listen to how over he is. I like the Rey/Sin Cara tag team. Daniel Bryan is a genius, and his team with Kane has lead to hilarious moments, and they've made the Tag Team Titles relevant for the first time in ages. AJ, although very annoying, is incredibly hot. There have been plenty of very good matches since Raw went to 3 hours (Bryan vs Sheamus Street Fight, Jericho vs Ziggler, Cena vs Bryan, Sandow vs Sheamus).

Those are enough reasons for me.
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