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Re: Oh Dear Ryback... [the botches]

A move like that is a two-way street, where the victim also needs to help pull it off. You people know that. Ryback did it on Smackdown, but last night it just looked like Tensai was either too tired, decided to sandbag him, or was even legit hurt from something during the match.

Maybe Tensai got pissed that Vince has a new favorite toy and his return from this past spring has amounted to jack shit.

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Re: Oh Dear Ryback... [the botches]

Goldberg is a beast
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Re: Oh Dear Ryback... [the botches]

gotta say it looked kinda lame...

Sheeee looks good to meee
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Re: Oh Dear Ryback... [the botches]

He did it with ease on Smackdown. Albert failed.

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Re: Oh Dear Ryback... [the botches]

Originally Posted by Kalashnikov View Post
No, it's not a shame, actually. Ryback has charisma and is over as shit. The other two are bland as all hell.
If by Ryback you mean the machine. Because if they did what he is doing then...yeah....it'd work. Aside from food.

WWE is filled with 'Good Ol' Boys' in power positions. It is just how it is, and I will keep calling WWE, Pro Wrestling in USA, as well as some of it's fans out on this because it is bollox. I do notice an apparent effort being made to mitigate this somewhat, but time will ultimately tell.

Originally Posted by max314 View Post
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Re: Oh Dear Ryback... [the botches]

People please. He barely was able to pick him up on SmackDown. Watch the replay. His limit is 340-350 pounds.

And i quote!

"In both cases Tensai does nothing... From what i can see there is nothing on his part for him to do with this move. On Raw, the first attempt Ryback simply just failed. The 2nd attempt on Raw Ryback wasn't even setting the move up the same way he normally does and thus failed worse.

Yeh, totally Tensai's fault... Why do people around here so easily join some ridiculous theory. You think a seasoned veteran like Tensai is going to randomly be a jerk in the middle of a match because he's a bit angry? Absurd."

This guy is right. Ryback missed roid breakfast.
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Re: Oh Dear Ryback... [the botches]

Originally Posted by -Skullbone- View Post
Nah, I doubt the guy behind the character is the type of person to try and jeopardise another person's career.

I hate getting into discussions about people's personal lives as it shouldn't concern me one iota, but with all the mass media and so forth out there some guys make it real clear that they're only looking out for number one, as opposed to those that may be a bit more humble about things.

Looking at the incident again, it was just an untidy application all-round. Tensai should've boosted himself up more, whereas Ryback could've done a bit more to ensure the mass sitting on his shoulders would be shifted over to his right so he could properly settle. As countless people have said the setup takes a bit of coordination from both parties. We know they can do it, so maybe both got a bit complacent the second showing around.
If it was a coordination problem then why did Ryback fail to perform the move twice? Surely if they failed the first time, they would be able to do it properly the second time, especially considering Ryback's performed the move properly on Tensai before on that episode of Smackdown.

None of us know exactly what the reason was, but we can speculate and I think Tensai sandbagged him. Simple as that.
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Re: Oh Dear Ryback... [the botches]

You guys should just watch strongmen competitions. You'd get a real kick out of them.

I'll stick to wrestling though.

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Re: Oh Dear Ryback... [the botches]

Poor bastard. That's pretty humiliating. You can see him try and sort of laugh it off maniacally at the end of the match. I don't mind Ryback, pretty bland gimmick, but they're going to need some damage control now.
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Re: Oh Dear Ryback... [the botches]

Alberto clearly sandbagged. Twice! Please Vince send that fat fuck back to Japan.
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